The Original CHC

CHC ("The Chiltrion Campaign") was the first online game I ever ran. I started it on CompuServe's Roleplaying Games Forum in 1994, and it ran for about two years, from approximately February of 1994 to February of 1996. It was a high-powered GURPS Supers campaign, somewhat like the Wild Cards series (superhumans spontaneously appear around the world, with the player characters being among the world's first superheroes), but at a much higher power level. All PCs' powers were a surprise -- they gave me a basic character sheet for a normal human, and I kept their superpowers secret until they manifested.

I am very fond of CHC, and many of my original players still seem to have very fond memories of it as well. Reading through the archives, I am actually a little surprised at how popular it was -- nine years later, my writing seems almost embarrassingly bad to me, and I made many new GM mistakes, including committing several cardinal sins of GMing. I frequently told players how their characters felt or what they were thinking, and sometimes even wrote dialogue for them!

Anyway, you can read the archives at the link below. Right now they are not particularly organized and they are all in plain text. Also, they are not complete, but most of the public threads I ran are posted.


CHC 2045

Now being run in Dreamlyrics.

It has been 50 years since the first metahumans appeared on Earth. The world has changed greatly, and humanity has -- in some cases grudgingly -- come to accept superhumans living among them.

Now, technology (or strong-arming by metahumans, such as Paladin), has solved many of the world's problems, and mankind is on the verge of a great leap forward..... literally, out into space, and figuratively, as bioengineering and metahuman genes offer the potential to render plain old Homo Sapiens obselete.

Yet all is not utopia.

Earthlings are beginning to colonize their own solar system, but they know they are surrounded by vastly more advanced humans occupying most of the galaxy. If and when Terrans finally develop FTL travel, how will their "space brethren" react?

Most metahumans are content to live lives of luxury and adulation, but some have greater ambitions... and some still remember the conspiracies and persecutions at the turn of the century.

Most people are content to admire metahumans from afar, sometimes with a touch of fear, usually with a touch of envy, but some are afraid that they are the last generation of "normal" humans... and some still remember the many massacres perpetrated by metahumans against a defenseless population.

What If You Had the Power of a God?

What if everyone could be a god?

What if the world thought it no longer needed heroes?