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Notable Public Figures in CHC

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Famous Metahumans

Class AA Metahumans

There are only a handful of Class AA metahumans in the world. They are feared, revered, hated, or beloved, but everyone dreads being the focus of their wrath.


Probably the most famous metahuman on Earth. Paladin was one of the first metahumans to appear. His flight over San Francisco one morning in 1995 was the first widely broadcast appearance of a metahuman in public, and some people consider that the unofficial beginning of the Metahuman Era.

No one knows Paladin's birth name, or who he was before he first appeared as a metahuman. "Paladin" is the only name he has ever used. He has no known family, and while he has sometimes had short-term relationships with metahumans or other celebrities, he never seems to develop enough of an attachment to any woman to call her his "girlfriend."

For the first few years of his career, Paladin was a mercenary, charging millions of dollars for services like toxic waste disposal, launching satellites, and retrieving ships and aircraft from the ocean floor. He was always good-natured, albeit somewhat belligerent, but at first he was an arrogant and insensitive wiseguy who simply seemed to enjoy his powers, and the wealth they brought him.

It was his battle with X in 2001 that changed him. He felt enormous guilt over the 160,000 Japanese who died before he could put X down. After that, he continued doing the jobs he'd done before, but he donated over 99% of his earnings to charity, and soon founded a charitable organization of his own, the Paladin Foundation. The Paladin Foundation remains one of the largest charities in the world.

Paladin is a handsome blond "Superman." He possesses unmatched super-strength, able to lift or move or break anything. His invulnerability is the standard against which all other metas are compared; he has survived atomic blasts, antimatter particles, molecular disruptors, meson beams, and even exposure to singularities (pocket black holes). He is also immune to telepathic attacks, and no Neutralizer yet has been able to affect him. He can fly faster than any Terran air or spacecraft, and has made trips to the Moon in less than an hour. (His first such trip taught him that he is not completely immune to the laws of physics -- he was accelerating all the way there, and buried himself five miles beneath the lunar surface before he was able to stop.)

An American, Paladin is usually available when the U.S. government needs him, but he has often told the Administration off, and particularly since the Counterevolution Conspiracy, often has an antagonistic relationship with government officials.

Paladin wears one of the only technological gifts any Earthling has ever received from the Galactics -- a black suit made of woven monomolecular filaments. Being virtually indestructible, it survives even Paladin's hypersonic atmospheric reentries. The Sebth gave it to him after the Intervention War.


Like Paladin, Pulsar showed up in the early days of the Metahuman Era, and remains anonymous to this day. He (it's assumed Pulsar is male, since he always uses a male voice) manifests as a being of pure energy. Whether or not he has a human form, or is permanently trapped in his energy state, is unknown. He can control the electromagnetic spectrum, generating lightning bolts, lasers, radiation bursts, or intense magnetic fields, and has gone so far as to take over the U.S. airwaves to broadcast mocking "announcements." He was able to penetrate the shields of several Galactic ships during the Intervention War, destroying two Shabaali vessels and damaging many others.

Pulsar's attitude is one of indifference towards most of the world, though he did intervene to defend the Earth against the Galactics. He frequently "visits" space stations, colonies, and ships out in the solar system -- he is something of a prankster with an occasionally cruel sense of humor, though he's not known to have killed anyone as part of his pranks. Rumor has it that Pulsar is a frequent visitor to Fasalt and Mons Aries. Though his attitude is not precisely friendly towards normals, he has never openly affiliated himself with the Teragens.


Several metahumans have gravity control powers, but none of them are remotely as powerful as Graviton. He can generate gravity fields many times stronger than the Earth's gravity over many square miles and maintain them even while asleep, and can manipulate objects with "microgravity" fields with a degree of control that rivals that of a skilled telekinetic. His gravitic force fields can stop any physical impact. He has also raised gravity over the entire lunar surface for brief time periods.

A German soldier before he became a metahuman, Graviton is one of the richest metas in the world, thanks to his contracts with the U.N. and most space-faring nations. Without him, much of the space construction that has taken place in the last couple of decades would have been vastly more difficult, expensive, and dangerous. There is also some concern among several space agencies that they have become entirely too dependent on Graviton to deliver payloads into orbit, or provide gravity for space construction. He also provides "grav therapy" to many space colonists, periodically generating Earth-like gravity on space stations and the Lunar and Martian colonies so that the residents do not suffer from muscular and skeletal deterioration. Scientists working with Graviton recently succeeded in generating the first "artificial gravity," which will transform space colonization once the technology is perfected and widely available.


"Archmage" is simply a codename for the (presumably) Philippino metahuman who kept the Philippines out of the Southeast Asian War, and ended the Australian-Philippine War. No one outside the Philippines knows who he or she is, and if anyone in the Philippines knows, they aren't talking.

"Archmage" has demonstrated the ability to turn fighter squadrons around in mid-flight, vaporize missiles, put large stretches of the ocean in stasis, neutralize radio waves, and selectively shut down power to hundreds of vehicles -- all apparently at a range of hundreds of miles.

Other Famous Metas


The author of the famous Null Manifesto, and unofficial leader of the Teragens movement. Proteus is a mysterious individual, rarely seen in public. Even in Teragens enclaves such as Mons Aries, he is usually seen only by a small circle of friends. No one knows his true name or appearance, as Proteus is a shapechanger. His rumored powers include superstrength, superspeed, some degree of invulnerability, and the ability to mimic the powers of other metahumans.

The only country that has actually charged Proteus with any crime is China, accusing him of being a "Conspirator" in several incidents committed by Teragens. Many other countries want him for "questioning" regarding crimes committed by other Teragens that he may have knowledge of.

While clearly arrogant and not well-disposed towards normals, Proteus has commented on several occasions that he intends no malice towards mankind, considering it "beneath" him to hurt humans except in self defense. He is a polarizing figure in the metahuman community -- many Teragens idolize him, even some non-Teragens respect him, while many other metas consider him a malicious idealogue, and have even compared him to Hitler.


A Bulgarian meta with superhuman strength and speed and invulnerability. Quarxon can fly and is immune to vacuum, and is capable of warping time around himself, effectively giving him the power of FTL flight. He has flown to Alpha Centauri and back in less than two weeks. Currently Quarxon works for various governments delivering supplies and messages between outposts and space stations in the solar system, but there are plans for him to accompany the first FTL ships out into space next year.

Bonnie Hartwick, aka "Gravity Girl"

Bonnie Hartwick (b. 1984) is the oldest daughter of Nancy Hartwick, who was killed during the Intervention War in 1997. Like her mother, she possesses gravity powers, though she is nowhere near as powerful as Graviton. She is one of America's most popular metahumans, as for many years she acted as a public "superhero," using her powers for charitable causes or volunteer crimefighting, and not receiving any monetary compensation for it. The fact that she was very pretty and personable got her dubbed "America's sweetheart" for many years. Now semi-retired, she remains a frequent public spokeswoman for cooperation between metas and normals.

Bonnie has a younger sister, Stephanie Reilly, who also possesses gravity powers. Stephanie also does charity work, but eventually became uncomfortable with being in the public eye and went into private industry. Their middle brother, Jeremy, is a "normal," but as an author, also speaks out along with his sisters for solidarity between humans and metas.

Bonnie has two children and Stephanie has three; reportedly all five grandchildren of Nancy Hartwick have inherited her gravity control powers.

Count Felipe Juan Pablo de Borbon

The grandson of the hereditary King of Spain, Count Felipe is one of the most telegenic spokesmen for the Teragens philosophy. While he lives much like most European royalty, jetting around the world and hopping from party to party, and apparently enjoys the company of his entourage of glamorous "normals," Count Felipe is quite open about his belief that metahumans are a superior race and that ultimately, metas and normals will evolve in different directions and no longer be able to coexist.

Besides being inhumanly handsome and charming, Count Felipe is believed to possess superhuman strength, speed, and toughness, though he avoids displaying his powers, not being interested in getting in fights with other metas.

Kim Brenner

Born in 1978, Kim Brenner is one of the most famous "anti-Teragens" spokespersons, who along with Bonnie Hartwick has been crusading for cooperation and coexistence between metas and "normals" ever since she became a public figure.

The Brenners, like the Hartwicks/Reilly's, are now a wealthy and famous family who keep getting referred to as a metahuman "dynasty." Kim married a normal, but her two children Mikki and Michael both became metahumans, and her eldest granddaughter Naomi just manifested herself, at age 17.

Kim is a telepath and a teleporter, and also possesses superhuman speed and endurance. She seems to be unaging as well -- at age 67, she still looks 24. Her children also stopped aging in their prime; it remains to be seen whether her grandchildren will also inherit all of her abilities.

Falling Star

Falling Star was a child metahuman in 1995, when metas became public. About 8 at the time, she used her powers to fight drug dealers and gangs in Chicago, and later helped defeat the Galactics during the Intervention War. She can transform into a ball of plasma energy, and is practically invincible in that state. She was, however, severely hurt during a battle in space when she had to transform back into her human form to evade a pair of antimatter missiles that were tracking her. She suffered brain hemmorhaging that left her partially paralyzed for many years. Eventually the damage was repaired by a metahuman healer, but Falling Star retired from public activities and now reportedly lives a fairly anonymous life in Chicago.


One of the earliest metahuman geniuses, "Daedalus" is actually Deha Hasirci, a Turkish civil servant before his metahuman genius "erupted" in 2004, when he was 24. Daedalus gained a superhuman talent for invention, able to produce advanced engineering designs as easily as most people can draw stick figures. He designed the first interstellar spaceship, the Icarus II, and was instrumental in many of the technological advances made in the last 40 years.

In 2031, he married Celia Blue, another metahuman genius. Their wedding was a major media event attended by many of the world's metahumans, and shortly thereafer they set off for the Moon on a ship the two of them had designed. They never arrived, but there are persistent rumors that the two of them both now live (possibly held prisoner) in the Teragens enclave Mons Aries.

Celia Blue

Born in 2011 in England, Celia Blue's real name is Celia Morgan, but she was dubbed "Celia Blue" after her skin began turning blue as a bizarre side effect of her metahumanity. She was already a child prodigy, having learned to speak before she was a year old, and able to play six instruments virtuoso by the time she was six. At age 8, her skin began turning blue, and it became apparent that she was not merely a child genius, but a metahuman genius. She attended Oxford and acquired a Ph.D. in Computer Science at age 10, having designed a supercomputer that is still used by the British government and is still considered one of the most advanced on Earth. (Rumors that she actually created, and then destroyed, an Artificial Intelligence have been denied by the government.) She then turned her attention to psychology and administration, and published a number of books on organizational theory that revolutionized the management field, all before she was 18. She began studying game theory and published "Practical Strategic Thinking" in 2030, a book that is now required reading for military officers worldwide, as well as professional chess and go players, and aspiring game designers.

In 2031, she married Deha Hasirci, aka "Daedalus," another metahuman genius 31 years her senior. Their current whereabouts are unknown (see above).

Lisa Chang, aka Tien Lung ("Heavenly Dragon")

Born in 1975, Lisa Chang manifested in 1995. She is a "Class A" metahuman with superhuman strength and invulnerability, weather control powers, and the ability to project a psychokinetic "dragon" aura around herself. Like a few other metas, she is seemingly unaging, and her family is another of the media-famous metahuman "dynasties." She married another Chinese-American metahuman (Charles Pei) in 2000, but was unable to have children until after 2008, when the Counterevolution Conspiracy was revealed. She has had four children, all of whom are metahumans. Her eldest son David Pei, born in 2010, married another metahuman child of two metahumans in 2035, and their daughter, Lisa Pei (named after her grandmother) was born in 2037. The first "third-generation pure metahuman," the 8 year-old Lisa Pei is being carefully shielded from the media and the rest of the world by her family, especially her protective grandmother.

Allison Yoshida

Born in 1992, Allison Yoshida's mother Connie was one of the first lawyers specializing in metahuman law. Allison is a telepath, but she is more famous as the leading expert on metahuman rights and legal issues -- she became a lawyer like her mother, and took over the San Francisco law firm Yoshida & Kirsch when her mother retired. Yoshida & Kirsch has many of the world's most famous metahumans as its clients, including Paladin.

Early Metahumans, current status Deceased or Unknown

The Puppet Master

The "Puppet Master" was one of the earliest metahman threats, as he succeeded in mind-controlling a large number of metas at the beginning of the metahuman era. Although his true name has never been absolutely confirmed, historians are now fairly sure that the Puppet Master was Vasiliy Sergeiyovich Kersta, born in 1933, formerly a KGB Colonel who went rogue after the Soviet Union collapsed. There is quite a bit of evidence that Kersta was an "early awakening" metahuman, possibly possessed of powers as early as the 1950s, though presumably they were not as strong as they later became, or he would likely have had a much more powerful position within the Soviet government.

In the 90s, the Puppet Master organized a worldwide terrorist organization made up largely of ex-Spetznaz troops, and went about tracking down and attempting to enslave all the metahumans he could. His ring was broken up by 2000, by the combined activities of several metahumans, including Kim Brenner, but the Puppet Master escaped. Like so many "villains" of that era, he was never captured or confirmed dead.

The Puppet Master had powerful telepathic abilities, including mind control and detection of other metahumans. He also had superhuman speed and durability, evidenced by the fact that he was able to outfight other metahumans even though he was presumably in his 60s.


One of the most feared metahumans in the early days, Legion was able to possess people, and somehow switch between the bodies of the people he possessed, "storing" the others in some pocket dimension. In this manner, Legion "collected" over a dozen metahumans, making them his puppets in his quest to accumulate more and more thralls. No one knows Legion's true identity; the evidence suggests that he was completely insane, possibly suffering from identity problems as the minds of his victims fused with his own. Legion was last seen when he attempted to possess "the Beast" using the body of one of his victims, Lucy Golden, aka "Lucretia." The Beast disrupted Legion's powers and freed Lucretia, and Legion was never seen after that. The fate of his other victims is unknown to this day.

Lucy Golden, aka "Lucretia"

A madwoman who possessed superhuman strength, invulnerability, regeneration powers, flight, and the ability to sense other metahumans. Born in 1977, Lucy Golden turned into a meta sometime around age 16 or 17, and shortly thereafter began hunting down and killing other metahumans. She was badly injured in a fight in New York City in 1995, but her body was later stolen from government custody by Legion. As one of Legion's thralls, she attacked the Beast in 2005, resulting in a battle that freed her from Legion's control but left both her and the Beast badly mauled. The government took custody of both of them, and reportedly she died of her injuries soon thereafter.

The Beast

"The Beast" had powers reminiscient of lycanthropy -- he was a normal human who transformed uncontrollably into a superhuman, bestial killing machine. As "the Beast," he was apparently able to track other metahumans, and hunted them across North America, killing many metas and dozens of other people during a career that lasted over 10 years, before his final battle with Legion/Lucretia in 2005.