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Archives -- Original CHC

These are text files collecting most of the public threads from the original CHC game, when it ran on CompuServe's Role Playing Games Forum.

Many thanks to Zebekia, who provided most of these archives after I lost mine!

I have tried to put them in order, but the organization is not perfect (and some files have multiple threads mixed together).

The summaries are very brief, based on my memory from glancing at the files (it has been a long time and I couldn't possibly reread all of them -- at one time I printed out all my threads, and they filled three large three-ring binders!). The summaries in the Lurker's Log are more complete and descriptive.

General Information

Tyler Sterritt, aka "Handygirl"

Played by Nicki Jett. Tyler Sterritt is a cowgirl from Celina Texas who becomes able to summon objects and even living creatures from some other dimension.

Christine Tallin, aka "Crystal"

Played by The Ghoul. Christine is a beautiful Los Angeles model who gains the power to transform her body into crystal, and generate laser light.

Mitchell Langstrom, aka "Mystery Desire"

Played by Star Fire. Teenager Mitchell Langstrom turns into a gender-bending shapechanger.

Meeting in New York

Mitchell, Tyler, and Christine meet in New York City.


Connie Yoshida

Played by Lakespur Roca. Connie Yoshida is a single mother of three children (with a cop for an ex-husband), and a San Francisco attorney. She discovers one of her children is a metahuman. (Lake was a player in the original FTF version of CHC I GM'ed, and Connie was her original character.)

Kim Brenner

Played by Zebekia. Kimberly Brenner is a teenager from Oakland, California, who meets an alien telepath named Ashiya.

Nancy Hartwick

Played by Captain Micro. Nancy is an Illinois schoolteacher with a husband and two children, who suddenly acquires gravity powers.

Meeting in Illinois

Kim comes to Illinois with Ashiya, and meets Nancy. (Never mind that in the thread titles, I kept confusing Illinois and Ohio....) The three of them set off in pursuit of Chad Reiter.


Kim Brenner, Nancy Hartwick, and Ashiya confront the Puppet Master in Chicago.

Nancy -- Return to Crystal Lake

Kim in California

Kim -- Returns to California

Michael Gideon

Played by Mark Hyacinth. Gideon is a NYC private detective.

Gordon Fancher

Played by Ozymandias/Gordon Fancher (playing a superhero version of himself). In Seattle, he gains the power to fly and project energy blasts.

Dr. Kevin Spencer

Played by Michael Curry. A Connecticut pediatrician discovers his superpowers.

Thomas Hardenberg

Played by ???. A German scientist gets to see his invention taken into space by Paladin.

Steven/Stephy Chase, ala "Chaos"

Played by karma kid. Steven Chase is a college kid who drops acid at a party, triggering his powers, and causing him to keep changing bodies and personalities, including into that of his dead sister, Stephy.

Jacqueline "Jackie" Carlysle, aka "Iron Maiden"

Played by Killjoy. An ex-con/cat burglar finds out she is a metahuman.

The Quantum Cats

Jackie, SFX, and Chaos join forces.

Lisa Chang, aka "Tien Lung"

Played by Russell Weeks. A college student becomes Tien Lung -- "Heavenly Dragon."

Finn Shawn Colvin

Played by Dazzler. A folk singer becomes a psychic healer.

Holocaust in Boston

Finn and Lisa confront a psychotic metahuman at Logan International Airport.

Chuck Abraham, aka "Supraman"

Played by John ???. An ultra-conservative superhero from Georgia.

Harvey Jones

Played by Rogue Chip. Harvey Jones survives what should have been a fatal motorcyle accident, and becomes a metahuman.

Walter Shindell

Played by B'aeyr. A truck driver faces Legion in Dallas.

Legion and Lucretia

The government's new metahuman recruits fly to New York to fight Lucretia and Legion.

The Virginia Metahuman Facility

Harvey, Walter, and Chuck arrive at the government's new special facility for metahumans in Virginia.

Threads By Date

These are simply collections of public CHC posts archived by date. They are unsorted and unformatted, unlike the files above, so different threads are mixed together, and OOC posts are not filtered out. Most of what is in the files below is also contained in a more organized format in the files above.