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GURPS Highlander

I am a moderate Highlander fan. I used to run a GURPS campaign in the CompuServe Roleplaying Games Forum, based on Highlander. I now run it on the Dreamlyrics forum. It doesn't use any of the characters from the movies or TV series-- no Duncan or Connor Macleod, no Kurgan, etc. Each player character's story is set in a different time and place. I have done considerable historical research in the course of running this game, and it's one of my all-time favorites.

Amadán's GURPS Highlander Rules

(You can also download them as a zipped Word file or in plain ASCII text (also zipped).

There are several other sets of unofficial GURPS Highlander rules out there:

  1. GURPS Highlander, by
  2. GURPS Highlander, by Mark Chase
  3. GURPS Highlander, by Eric P. Isaacson and Travis L. Sparkman
  4. GURPS Highlander in Portuguese (I think)

As well as the famous "Highlander: The Gathering" netrules for use with White Wolf's World of Darkness.

Official Highlander Website