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Cast of Immortals (PCs & NPCs) appearing in HDR

b. born
i. immortal- the year that the immortal first "died" and became immortal (thus determining their physical age for the rest of their life)
d. the year that the immortal lost his/her head

numbers in ( ) indicate the earliest or latest date the immortal is KNOWN to have been alive- since HDR encompasses threads spanning millenia, an immortal might appear in one thread, but it's yet to be determined whether s/he is still alive in a later time period. And some immortals' date of birth is unknown, thus only their first appearance in HDR, or the earliest that another immortal has mentioned knowing them, is listed.

So: John Smith [b. 1584 A.D., i. 1616 A.D., (1956 A.D.)]
means that John Smith is known to have been born in 1584, and became an immortal in 1616, and has appeared in a thread taking place in 1956....but whether he will still be alive in a thread occurring later than that has yet to be established.

Immortals are listed in alphabetical order by their most RECENT name, followed by other aliases they have used separated by slashes - "/".

Some immortals have a timeline given under their entry, which may or may not be complete.

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Nguyen [i. age 16, (1189 A.D.)-(1584 A.D.)]
means Nguyen's year of birth is unknown, but his appearance shows that he was about 16 when he became immortal; the earliest he is known to have lived (based on threads appearing in HDR so far) is 1189, and the latest appearance he has made is in 1584.

This is a complete list of all immortals mentioned by name so far in HDR. PLAYER CHARACTERS are listed in bold, off-color capital letters. (Former player characters are also listed in all caps, even if the player has become inactive and their character is now an NPC.) Immortals are listed in alphabetical order by their first name (using the name they most recently used.) If anyone finds any ommissions or inaccuracies, please bring them to my attention. This file will be periodically updated.

ABBEGAIL CUMMINGS [b. 1620 A.D., i. 1642 A.D. (1642 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

The daughter of English gentility, she emigrated to the American colonies but was captured by pirates in the mid-Atlantic, and brought as a slave to Tortuga, where the sadistic immortal Francisco De Queiroz bought her and tortured her to death. She then escaped, and was discovered by Jarvis Flint.

Achilleus [b. 220 B.C., i. 199 B.C., (60 A.D.)]

A low-born Roman gladiator, initially mentored by Persius.
220 B.C. Born in Rome
199 B.C. Killed in a private death match held at a Patrician's estate in Rome
199-178 B.C. Lives hedonistically in Rome
178 B.C. Takes his first Quickening in a duel with the Iberian, Malus
178-150 B.C. Prowls the Mediterranean as a hunter
150-146 B.C. Joins the Roman army, comes to Carthage and helps destroy it
146 B.C.-132 B.C. Deserts the army, continues traveling the Mediterranean, particularly North Africa
132 B.C. Comes to Pergamum in search of Techo, kills Danacia and Gaius
132-B.C.-45 A.D. ???
43 A.D. Having rejoined the Legions, comes to Britain during the Roman invasion
45 A.D. Fights a duel with Rhys ap-Cynned and takes his head, but forced to desert his troops, as they witnessed the Quickening
45-60 A. Remains in Britain, learning the language and hunting or allying with Celtic Immortals.
60 A.D. Travels to Ireland and steals the Lia Fail, or Stone of Destiny, from Royal Tara. Duels Ciaran, and leaves for Rome.

Adnan [(856 A.D.)]

A fledgling Mozarabic immortal Agnes met in Pamplona, who was seeking a rumored elder Mozarab.

Æthelbad / Hwuulf [i. age unknown (500 A.D.)-(827 A.D.)]

A Gaul who moved to Britain just after Rome abandoned it. He has spent almost three hundred years living in London, and now possesses tremendous wealth and influence there, despite his outward appearance of being crude, barbaric and unlettered. His physical age is hard to determine, as he is so immensely fat. He was a friend of Peter, and took over mentoring Agnes when Peter left her to duel Hygar.

AGNES SMITH [b. 770 A.D., i. 793 A.D. (857 A.D.)]
Picture] [Archived Stories]

The daughter of a blacksmith, who lived in a Northumbrian coastal village.
770 A.D. Born in Marham, near Lindesfarne 793 A.D. Vikings raid Northumbria, kill her husband and father, capture Agnes. She throws herself overboard and drowns, then washes ashore on Lindesfarne and is discovered by Peter
793-799 A.D. Peter mentors her in Mercia, then brings her to London
799-801 A.D. Living in London, learning trade under Æthelbad
801 A.D. First encounter with Gerald of Cornwall. Following this, she leaves London to travel with a mortal sea captain, Brian Westland
801-814 A.D. Marries Brian Westland, travels with him on his voyages. Meets Sancho Aristeles in Ovieda
814 A.D. Second duel with Gerald of Cornwall, in Bordeaux. Gerald loses, but escapes. Agnes fakes her own death, abandons her husband.
814-827 A.D. Wanders the Carolongian Empire as a traveling tinker
827 A.D. Meets Kemal ibn-Hakim for the first time, in Aquitaine. Defeats Marwan, but spares him. Final duel with Gerald of Cornwall, where she takes his head and gains her first Quickening
827-834 A.D. Returns to Britain, visits Æthelbad in London, then returns to Lindesfarne and works for the monastary for seven years, until Peter's ghost appears and warns her to flee
834-840 A.D. Returns to the continent and life as a traveling tinker. Meets Reynald for the first time. Near-escape from a brigand gang convinces her to settle down
840-844 A.D. Sets up a small shop in Besancon
844-846 A.D. Sancho Aristeles invites Agnes to join his merchant caravan. She does, and becomes his partner and "wife", while they travel to Paris (where she meets Guiles) and eentually Rome.
846 A.D. The Aghlabids raid Rome. Agnes is captured and enslaved, along with Antonella Gallini. They are taken to Palermo, where Kemal ibn-Hakim finds them, purchases them, and brings them with him as slaves to Tunis. He gives them their freedom, then marries both women. They accompany him on a campaign against the Berbers, where Agnes winds up taking Sheykh Naz Akharmid's head.
846-848 A.D. Lives with Kemal and Antonella in Tunis.
848 A.D. Returns to Rome with Antonella.
849 A.D. After Philip arrives in Rome and practically abducts Antonella, Agnes leaves Rome. She is diverted from returning to Britain by a narrow escape from a brigand gang, and turns south instead. Crossing the Pyrenees, she encounters Bixenta, and ends up taking her head in a duel.
849-857 A.D. Settles down as a shopkeeper and then an independent merchant in Pamplona.
857 A.D. Kemal and Techo catch up to her in Pamplona. They set off to find Antonella in Sparta. Difficulties arise after Kemal takes Ishmael's head. They travel to Sparta, Agnes learns from Philip that Antonella left years ago, and they return to Spain. Agnes then sails to Winchester, and finds Antonella there. They set off for London, meet Æthelbad, then travel with another immortal, Godfrey of Deira, to Lindesfarne.
857 A.D. From Lindesfarne to Edwin's Burgh
857 - 860 A.D. Agnes and Antonella remain in Edwin’s Burg, trading, smithing etc., enough to equip Antonella with weapons and armour. Agnes refreshes her own trading skills as well as coach Antonella in fighting.
860 A.D. Return to London / Canterbury
860 - 872 A.D. Agnes and Antonella trade in London in earnest (ready for 30 year stint) much as before, but trading likely to have been poor. Probably being the’front’ for Aethelbad if he is still there.
865 A.D. "Great Army" arrives in East Anglia
866 A.D. "Great Army" takes York.
866 A.D. Agnes and Antonella flee to Winchester for safety with little of their wealth, fearing London will be next. They renew their ties with the royal family
867 A.D.Northumbrians retake York. Thinking the tide has turned A&A return to London and working wih Aethelbad.
872 A.D. Danes capure London and return to York afterthe Northumbrian rebellion [Antonella abducted to Denmark] Agnes flees - penniless.
872 A.D. Agnes flees to take up permanent residence with Alfred - who discovers/realises her immortality.
872 - 892 A.D. Agnes in Wessex as 'advisor' to Alfred - certainly not military, but more likely diplomat, confidente and swordmistress ... lover?
886 A.D. Saxons reoccupy London
887 A.D. Antonella returns to Wessex, stays with Agnes as she helps Alfred
892 A.D. new Danish army arrives
892 A.D. Agnes makes her pilgrimage Lindesfarne leaving Antonella with Alfred. This will mark 100 years of immortality, and of the deaths of her father, her first husband and her mentor, Peter.
893 A.D. Keeping out of the Danelaw, Agnes returns via Carlisle and Lancaster
893 A.D. Agnes is abducted by norsemen from Dublin raiding Cheshire which she is passing through en route to Mercia. Much as in Rome, she fights until she is brought down. Antonella continues the tradition in Wessex of immortal advisor to the throne.
893 - 908 A.D. Slave, then wife to Halfdan Langshanks. After two years of stubborn resistance getting her absolutely no-where, she slowly changes tack to be useful, sweet and beguiling. After three more years she is actually getting somewhere, and for a slave has a lot of freedom, (in trading and metalwork) making Halfdan reasonably wealthy in the process. On his wife’s death he frees Agnes and marries her - and she knows that saying ‘no’ is not an option. She continues to trade and look after her step-children.
908 A.D. Halfdan dies. Agnes sorts out his affairs, and divides the wealth fairly between her three step-sons. She takes passage on a ship from Dublin to Cheshire and returns to Wessex where Antonella is advisor to Edward the Elder.
912 A.D. Antonella leaves - she's been in Wessex almost 25 years. Antonella passes mantle of ‘advisor’ back to Agnes. Agnes continues to advise, getting a better and better feel for court politics, diplomacy and intrigue.
924 A.D. Ethelstan succedes Edward
937 A.D. Battle of Brumanburgh - Saxons victorious.
938 A.D. Agnes passes the mantle to [....?]
938 A.D. Agnes has been in Wessex 30 years, and has had to make her foirst foray into serious amount of disguising her appearance to make her eventually look in her fifties ... she moves to Normandy.
938 - 949 A.D. Tinker/ travelling trader round Normandy, travelling as before - horse and pack-horse, buying and selling, and telling tales of brave warriors and daring deeds ... gradually moving south through France...
949 A.D. to finish in the Moorish port of Fraxinetum (Near modern Nice)
949 - 975 A.D. Agnes settles in Fraxinetum as trader, eventually getting word to Kemal. Her main skill is in as acting as intermediary between Christians and Moslems, French-speakers, and Arab-speakers, but she also trades on her own account. I presume she will have to buy a slave-woman to act as chapperone, so that she can deal with Muslim men. (Shewd and honest is what she would look for - older and world-wise). She will not hide from the moors that she is married to Kemal and trading in her husband’s name whilst awaiting his return. She will also pass the word out that he will reward news of her whereabouts.
975 A.D. Loss of Fraxinetum by Moors, Agnes gives her slave her freedom and all her non-gold wealth, and then flees to North Africa in a Moorish ship.
975 - 990 A.D. With Kemal in N Africa [978 Antonella in Ingvar's thread] She gives him all that she has earned in his name. After her fright in the fight in the night, she persuades him to bring her up from self-taught fighter, to someone who ought to be able to look after herself against real opposition, generally improving all her fighting skills - as well as her Arabic and her etiquette.
990 - 992 A.D. Agnes travels to Lindesfarne to honour the memory of family and mentor.
992 - 1001 A.D. Lindesfarne for the Millenium. Filled with piety for the coming end of the world, and the final gathering, Agnes spend the years as a (lay) nun, smithing, singing, improving her reading and writing.
1001 A.D. She travels to the spiritual home of Celtic Chrisendom: Iona
1002 A.D. Iona
1002 - 1020 A.D. For a simple and relatively quiet life she takes to barding / smithing /tinkering /trading /boatswoman in the (Norse) highlands and islands
1020 A.D. She travels to London on hearing that there is peace in England
1020 - 1035 A.D. Agnes travels Cnute's empire - Denmark and Norway - trading / tinkering and quietly looking for Antonella. (Meets en route, Ingvar (for the first time))
1035 - 1066 A.D. Trader in Christiania (Oslo). Towards the end, she cultivates a relationship with Harald Hadrada - the future King of England. (So she thought!)
1066 A.D. In Ingvar’s company, Agnes returns to York with Harald Hadrada's army
1066 A.D. Agnes flees northwards after the defeat of the Norwegian army by Harald (Saxon King of England)
1066 - 1092 A.D. A trader in Dunfermline (to where the Scottish court has moved from Scone) Meets and mentors Grainne]
1092 - 1093 A.D. Travels to Lindesfarne (300 years)
1093 - 1095 A.D. Agnes travels to Normandy planning another stint there as tinker, itinerant trader etc.
1096 - 1099 A.D. Upon hearing of the 'first' crusade, she attaches herself to it as blacksmith, tinker, and handlerof pack animals.
1099 A.D. Jerusalem falls to the Crusaders. She takes the opportunity to visit all the holy places, and then departs for the muslim lands.
1100 - 1148 A.D. In the Holy Land with Kemal - continuing to learn blind fighting and ground fighting, as well as sword skills and about quickening powers. They exchange what they know about ‘the watchers’.
1148 A.D. packed off by Kemal during second crusade - ends up in Alexandria. Despite wanting to acompany him, he was not having it. After initially digging in her heels, he persuaded her that she would be allowed no-where near the fighting - where he would be, that the crusading army was bound to have immortals in it - war hardened ones, not casual encounters - and that put her at great risk, and him too as he would be worrying about her.
1148 - 1153 A.D. Agnes trading in Alexandria in his name
1154 - 1188 A.D. The crusade over, Agnes is back in the Holy Land with Kemal, continuing to be trained by him. (Meets Ingvar in Salah-din’s entourage)
1188 A.D. With much less resistance, she packed off by Kemal again due to the third crusade.
1188 - 1192 A.D. slowly journeying to Lindesfarne, trading en route
1193 A.D. Lindesfarne (400 years)
1193 - 1236 A.D. Trading in London takes over as advisor to Richard the Lionheart (After all, she has met Salah-din, and knows the Holy Land very well) and then John, and then Henry III [Kemal in the Orient]
1236 - 1241 A.D. Moves through the Baltic to Poland - planning to settle a while in Danzig.
1241 A.D. Battle of Leignitz - Mongols victorious - fearing the worst, Agnes flees - deciding to get as far away as possible.
1243 - 1248 A.D. Since Kemal is - she assumes - still in the far East, she ends up in Moorish Spain - Seville. She settles again for a 20+ year stint.
1248 A.D. Seville falls to Castille. As the 6th Crusade is starting, the Holy Land makes a poor next destination (Kemal would only pack her off if she found him) - she moves back towards central Europe, ending up in Prague.
1250 - 1278 A.D. Bohemia. She becomes involved with politics and the court of king Przemyls Ottokar II of Bohemia, and with Winsich of Kniprode - Grand Master of the Order of Teutonic Knights. [She is advisor / lover to the King, and becomes Special Envoy of the king to the GM. Effectively being the King’s eyes and Ears on the 1267/68 crusade by the Teutonic Knights into Poland.
1278 A.D. King Przemyls Ottokar II killed, by way of battle and Imperial politics. Agnes leaves hurredly for Danzig
1278 - 91 A.D. Agnes trades initially in Danzig, then moving to Koenigsberg, the Teutonic Knight city named in honour of King Przemyls Ottokar II
1291 A.D. Agnes travels by sea to London and thence to Lindesfarne
1293 A.D. Lindesfarne (500 yrs)
1293 - 95 A.D. Agnes heads for the Holy Land via Rome
1295 A.D. She meets in Rome, Kanji, who is seeking Kemal.
1295 - 1345 A.D. She travels to and in Holy Land with Kanji, seeking Kemal. He teaches her some martial arts skills [she just views it as clever brawling]) [Again I assume she needs to buy a chapperone, in orderto just travel in the company of Konji.] Eventually they catch up with Kemal. She remains with him even after Konji leaves.
1345 - 53 A.D. The Black Death arrives. After discovering the hard way that it would not kill her, she felt obliged to do what she could for the less fortunate. She travelled as a ‘sister of mercy’ in the wake of the plague through Europe , picking up on the way some medical knowledge of other ailments and their immediate treatments. She winds up near where trhe plague peters out - in Riga.
1353 -73 A.D. Anges trades in Riga,making the most of the profits to be made in a plague blighted world. When she has made enough on land, she joins the Hanse, and operates ships once more. She sets things in order in Riga, and takes passage on a variety of ships to London.
1373 - 1410 A.D. With her wealth relatively undepleated, she starts trading in London. She is Advisor to Edward III and Richard II and ummm.. (whoever succeeds him). Again, 37 years in the one place tests her ability to disguise her age. (Incl 600 yr aniversary)
1410 A.D. She returns to Prague
1410 - 1415 A.D. Agnes starts trading in Prague, again with transported wealth, and planning on the 20+ year stint
1415 - 1436 A.D. Being a former peasant herself, she is easily sucked into being an active participant in the Hussite Wars (On the peasant’s side to begin with) Her ability to sway the crowd to the popular cause - to bend it to her will improves greatly. Ultimately, it is to no avail. Obviously the stories of her death in the fighting, as the peasant rebellion was crushed must have been wild exagerations, as she turns up again - this time on the victorious noble’s side defending Bohemia against outside intervention.
1436 - 85 A.D. Continuing in Bohemian, Austrian and Hungarian politics and skirmishes with each other and with the Ottomans - general lawlessness. She enmeshes herself in the politics, especially as an orator, but not afraid to fight for her cause. This politiking, fighting, and inciting continues to 1492.
1485 A.D. Hungary seizes Vienna
1490 A.D. Relief of Vienna
1492 A.D. Inheritance treaty Austria, Hungary, Bohemia
1493 A.D. Agnes returns to Lindesfarne (700yrs)
1493 -1520 A.D. To London - advisor to Henry VII (to 1509) then Henry VIII. She really takes a dislike to Henry VIII and his attitude to women. Knowing that the royal method of execution is beheading, she decides to just leave, unannounced before she gets herself into trouble.
1520 A.D. She slowly makes her way back to central Europe, via Swabia - trading, tinkering etc
1525 A.D. She gets embroiled in the the politics in Swabia - almost back to Bohemia, and becames a very active (oratory and bardic) participant in the Great Peasant War in Swabia. Once that has been crushed, she has by then been swayed against the corruption of the Catholic church, effectively becoming Protestant. She then ends up with the Imperial Army as smith, tinker and pack animal controller (and bard).
1527 A.D. She travels with the Imperial Army as it moves into Italy and sacks Rome. [Meets (rescues?) Ingvar? post-Inquisition]
1527 A.D. The return to the Mediterranean brings back that loving feeling and she returns to North Africa and thence Kemal
1527 - 1553 A.D. She travels with Kemal in Balkans - continuing her training - whilst he continues with the moslem army that eventually takes part in the first seige of Vienna 1529
1553 A.D. Bored with the tedium of being a part of an army, and yet not allowed to be a real part of an army, with Kemal and yet not with him, and with her soft spot for women, she says her ‘temporary’ farewells when she hears of the crowning of a Queen in England, and returns to England for succession of Mary Tudor. (This is the last time she sees Kemal.)
1553 - 1593 A.D. In England trading, politiking and advisor to Mary, and from 1558 Elizabeth - she has to stay on for another woman on the throne. Forty years again taxes her ability to disguise her age.
[1578 - Kemal in Morrocco, mentors Sebastian] [1584 - Kemal killed] [1571 - stock exchange founded ... Agnes starts to invest as it seems like a method of keeping money across time.] 1593 A.D. Lindesfarne (600 years)
1593 - 1618 A.D. Trading and politicking in Prague. As an aside to her trading, she had got involved in the politics, and oratory, such that :
1618 - 1627 A.D. With Count von Mansfield in Bohemia in 30 yrs war - despite being a woman, she was such a vital part of his force that she played an active part in his wars in Bohemia. (Met up with Ingvar?) Once the war leaves Bohemia, she loses interest.
1627 -1644 A.D. She spends the time travelling the Balkans, Levant and N Africa seeking Kemal, stopping to trade in his name in Cairo for the final 10 years, and expecting him to eventually turn up.
1644 - 1649 A.D. On hearing word of it- she returns to England for the civil war, actively fighting on the Royalists side.
1649 A.D. The King executed and she returns to Cairo via North Africa
1650 - 1658 A.D. Having has no luck finding Kemal as she passes through North Africa, she returns to Cairo, then, decideing that he may have gone East again - to Constantinople by sea then overland to Jerusalem - Bagdhad - Persia - India
1658 - 1678 A.D. Shestops in Surat - dealing as an intermediary with the East India Company and local muslim traders, and also on trading her own account.
1664/1670 A.D. Surat Pillaged - Agnes involded in the fighting and rebuilding the city afterwards.
1678 1683 A.D. Twenty years in India, andno word of Kemal, she travels back through Persia - Baghdad - Jerusalem - Constantinople
1683 - 91 A.D. In Balkans for 2nd turkish War ... Running a part of the supply chain- pack animals, buying victuals, etc. it is the obvious place for Kemal to be...
1692 - 93 A.D. Lindesfarne
1693 - 1730 A.D. Court politics, trading, stock exchange, and Lloyds and advisor to William and Mary (to 1702), Anne (to 1714), Geroge I (to 1727), then George II ... 37 years again
1730 A.D. to Prague for politicking and trading
1733 - 35 A.D. She gets involved in the Polish war of succession, politics, oration, bard, fighting, administration
1735 - 40 A.D. Prague
1740 - 48 A.D. She gets involved in the War of Austrian Succession ...
1748 - 56 A.D. Prague
1756 - 63 A.D. She gets involved in the War over Silesia .... Luckily there have been so many wars, that it is relatively easy for her to fade away and come back as her own daughter to cover up her 49 years in Prague
1763 - 78 A.D. Prague
1778 - 79 A.D. She gets involved in the War of Bavarian Succession - Prussia invades Bohemia ...
1780 - 92 A.D. Normany trading and politicking ... but nothing exciting in the grand scheme of things
1792 - 1830 A.D. Britain, trading, politicking, investing in industry and advisor to George III then George IV
1830 - 1845 A.D. Cairo trading in Kemal’s name.... it is almost 300 years since she last saw Kemal, and she is beginning to worry... (unless someone has told her of his death by this time.)
1845 - 1859 A.D. Again she goes East to India and Delhi, to trade with and for the East india Company again -
1857-8 A.D. Indian Mutiny.
1858 A.D. Dissolution of E India Co. With her contacts gone and new ones to have to be made with the imperial administration, she decides to leave India
1859 - 1862 A.D. She travels overland to Riga via Tehran - then sails to Britain
1862 - 1893 A.D. Maritime mercantile trading and share dealing in Britain advisor to Queen Victoria - Lindesfarne - a thousand years an immortal. She trades just to keep wealth ticking over. She spends a serious amount of time training and training and training, partly becoming the Mistress at Arms for swordsmanship in the Household Brigade, and improving her ability to handle multiple attackers. The increasing burocracy of empire leads her to start to investigate the needs and means of creating false papers - false identities, permits to travel etc to let her travel the empire without her youth being at odds with her documentation. Her stint as advisor done ...
1893 - 1914 A.D. She returns to Cairo to trade, and wait and hope and train. The continued absence of Kemal has seriously shaken her belief in the continued longevity of her immortality. The only solution would appear to be to get as good as he was and better. Her commercial activities all go to fund her training - whichpartly funds itself as she gets the British Army to pay her to train officers in swordsmanship on foot and on horseback. In the souk you can get anything ... to combat burocracy she takes lessons in forgery and gets examples of all the forms she might need in the Empire.
1914 - 1918 A.D. Interpreter with Allenby’s forces - after all she is known by most of the staff officers - and on occassion, Lawrence ... It is the obvious theatre of war for Kemal to be found ... She learns the rudiments of using a pistol.
1919 A.D. In the aftermath of the war, determined not to brood on what might be, she returns to central Europe, and becomes involved in Soviets in Bavaria, Slovakia, Hungary.
1920 - 1938 A.D. Prague, trading, getting involved in politics, etc
1938 - 40 A.D. With the occupation of Czechoslovakia, she heads for Riga to set up shop there. With the occupation of the Baltic States, she flees overland through East Prussia, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Switzerland, then France
1940 A.D. She stops in Paris, awaiting events and expecting a re-run of WW1
1940 A.D. She has hardly been in Paris a couple of months before she has to flee to London via Normandy
1941 - 45 A.D. Agnes joins ENSA - rather than be stuck in Britain for however long, and tours the forces in the Middle East, with trip to India and Burmah once the war has left North Africa.
1945 - 1965 A.D. The war ends and she returns to London to become advisor to the King and then the Queen. She uses the time to update her investments and to profit from the post war effects of rationing, black market etc. With Lloyds moving from maritime insurance to all sorts of things she does not understand, she gets her money out. She creates accounts and investments that will not be time or individual dependant, like Swiss and off-shore bank accounts, trust funds etc. She realises that just turning upas the daughter to take over a business no longer works.. She starts to create 10-year rolling identities for herself, so that at any point she can become someone else, 10, 20 or 30 years younger than her current papers show. The difficulties of walking around and travelling on public transport with a big sword have become pretty much insurmountable, which forces her to learn to drive, and to refresh her skills in fighting with a large knife in each hand, and with her sling. It causes her to research scholastic works on weaponry - much of which she thought was bunkum - so that she could pass herself off as a historian and justify the ironmongry in the back of her car.
1965 - 1985 A.D. With the advent of jet travel, the ever present fear she has lived with - or rather avoided - when sailing out of sight of land and that has prevented her from sailing the oceans is at last overcome. She flies to the Americas. She sets up accounts in the Caymans,and continues to deal in shares and commodities through a broker in London. Touring the Americas, and being at times an obvious tourist, she has been mugged a couple of times - but given muggers a serious fright more often. She continues with the pretended academia to justify the iron in the trunk of her hire car. She travels the whole of the Americas, with trips back to London every other year or so to refresh identities or portfolios if necessary.
1985 A.D. - present She returns to pass herself off as an accademic, and with the patronage of the Queen takes a job as one of the historians at the historic armouries in Leeds in order to continue to justify having the sword with her - and the two rather wicked long knifes in her handbag. She buys an unassuming house in York. With the advent of the internet she is an early convert. It is another means by which her longevity can be concealed from those she deals with. Anonymity, passwords and anonymous accounts should allow her to manage her portfolio without the need to frequently change identity. She uses the web to search for the others she has met, and also to search for herself, so that she can cover her own tracks.

AKIKO INOUE [b. 1594 A.D., i. 1615 A.D. (2000 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

The wife of a hatamoto who supported a Daimyo opposed to Tokugawa Ieyasu, she killed her adopted children and committed seppuku when she learned her husband had been killed in battle
1615-1634 A.D. Wanders the hills of her home province, mad. The local peasants worship her as a kami.
1634-1637 A.D. She is discovered by a European immortal (who had washed up on Japan's shores and been forced to go into hiding.) This immortal helps her regain her sanity, and becomes her lover and mentor.
1637-1640 A.D. Her mentor returns to Europe. Akiko wanders Japan as a ronin.
1640 A.D. Meets the legendary Miyamoto Musashi, and survives a duel with him. Musashi teaches her for a short time.
1640-1854 A.D. Remains in Japan, sometimes a wandering ronin, sometimes settling down with one court or estate or another.
1854 A.D. Admiral Perry comes to Japan, and Akiko meets John Smith, who is serving in Perry's fleet. Smith tells her that her mentor was slain by an evil immortal.
1854-1856 A.D. Travels with John Smith to Europe, hunting the man who killed her mentor. She eventually catches up to him and takes his head, and Smith then brings her back to Japan.
1856-1899 A.D. Remains a loner, serving the Emperor in various capacities.
1899-1901 A.D. John Smith returns to Japan, bringing the fledgling Eleanor Yee. Akiko agrees to train her. Eleanor stays with Akiko for two years.
1901-1915 A.D. Decides to create a permanent "clan" for herself, and contrives to reestablish the Inoue family. Calling on many favors from the Emperor, some of them centuries old, the Inoue family becomes wealthy and prominent almost overnight.
1915-1945 A.D. Establishes the Inoue Corporation, which is a major industrial supporter of the Japanese war effort (though Akiko feels the war is unwise.)
1945-1956 A.D. After the war, uses her resources to help rebuild the country. Begins having problems remaining undiscovered.
1956 A.D. Responds to a plea for help from Eleanor, and comes to Cincinnati, to help her and her new student, Mamie Connors, deal with the evil Aman.
1956-2000 A.D. After resolving the crisis with Aman, returns to Japan and continues running the Inoue zaibatsu.

Akioka Morindo [b. 912 A.D., i. 930 A.D., d. 936 A.D.]

One of Kazumaru's pupils, slain by a fellow student, Nanri Shigeya.

Alastair Stewart (Sir) [b. 979 A.D., i. 1009 A.D. (2000 A.D.)]

"The Gallowglass." A Scotsman with an English knighthood title, working for the British "Office of Special Investigations".
1009 A.D. Killed in battle at Nairn, defending Scotland from Sven Forkbeard's invasion.
1045 A.D. Discovers the fledgling Grainne.
1917 A.D. Encounters Geoffrey in London; they do not part on good terms.

Alexander [(199 B.C.) - (537 A.D.)]

An ancient Greek immortal who claimed to know the real Heracles; believed by his peers to have been born approximately 1000 B.C. A master of armed and unarmed combat who trained many gladiators, and immortals. He swore vengeance against Philip and Casca when they betrayed him.

Ali ibn-Jaffar [(846 A.D.)]

A Saracen immortal mentioned by Kemal ibn-Hakim, as residing in Palermo, Sicily.

Amon Ra [(60 A.D.) - (1956 A.D.)]

An Egyptian immortal who served Aman. Possesses powers of illusion and/or shapechanging, frequently takes the guise of a hawk-headed deity.
60 A.D. Discovers the fledgling Menaten while digging in Akhenaten's tomb, and takes charge of him. 1594 A.D. In service to Aman, meets Sebastian. 1956 A.D. Sent by Aman to terrorize Mamie O'Connors and Eleanor Yee in Cincinatti.

Annabelle Adams [b. 1838 A.D., i. 1862 A.D., (2000 A.D.)]

A civilian caught in the fighting at Antietam and bayoneted to death by Confederate soldiers. She was discovered and trained by John Smith.

Annafyn [apparent age 17, (1917 A.D.)]

A mysterious Welsh immortal, encountered briefly by Geoffrey and Elainne in Gloucester. Said to have an ancient, dangerous mentor, also a Welsh woman.

Arawn [b. approx. 2000 B.C., (60 A.D.)]

The legendary Celtic lord of the underworld, actually an ancient and powerful immortal with magical powers.

ARGHUN [b. 1215 A.D., i. 1238 A.D. (1238 A.D.)]
Picture] [Archived Stories]

A Mongol warrior who joined Ogadai's campaign in Russia, and was killed during the early stages of the siege of Moscow.
1215 Born
1232-1236 Campaigns in N. China
1238 Dies in battle of Moscow
1238 Meets mysterious immortal on the steppes (doesn't know about immortality)
1238 Participates in seige of Vladimir
1238 Meets the self-title 'Prince of Kiev' (still doesn’t know about immortality), receives ‘curse of Prince of Kiev’ 1239 Arghun meets Katsumi, who is traveling with the Mongol army. They become comrades, campaigning together until 1260
1239-1241 Mongol invasion of Europe, culminating in the defeat of the northern and central European armies
1241 Death of Ogadai results in recall of armies
1242 Arghun parts amicably with his comrades, who largely join Batu's Golden Horde
1244 After a homecoming -- and no children - he joins with forces of Hulegu on campaigns in Persia. Ultimately they conquer all the lands from the Persian Gulf to the Black Sea to the Mediterranean
1258 Fall of Baghdad
1259 News of the death of Mangu Khan reaches the Ilkhanate; Arghun accompanies his leader east, finally returning to the homeland once more
1259 First notice (by his kin) that Arghun is "remarkably youthful"
1260 Battle of Ain Jalut (in absence of Mangu) results in repulse of Mongols and ascendancy of Mamelukes; Egypt and Arabia are saved from Mongols
1260 Kublai Khan declared Khan by his army; his brother contest his claim and civil war engulfs the Mongols in the following years
1262 Arghun -- a traditionalist -- sides with Arig Boke against Kublai, who promises to bring change to the Mongols
1260-1264 Political jockeying leads to civil war, including many nations
1264 Kublai becomes Great Khan
In accordance with the Mongol tradition, the leaders of the losing faction are executed, but the soldiers themselves are once more accepted into the armies of the Great Khan
Arghun does not return to his original family, letting them believe that he died in the fighting - he spends next 2+ decades in service to Kublai
1271 Arghun meets Ingvar; they eventually become friends.
1271-4 Arghun serves in various battles against southern China and Korea
1274 Arghun participates in first invasion of Japan; he meets Katsumi again briefly
1275-80 Arghun participates in subjugation of Sung Chinese Empire
1280 Kublai founds the Yuan dynasty
1281 Arghun declines to take part in the second invasion of Japan, and sends secret warnings to Katsumi
1281-1284 Arghun, by now a warrior of some renown and importance remains in the court of Kublai, receiving his first experience in administration and organization (and solidifying his opinion that the Chinese are culturally inferior, except for the arts)
1284-5 Arghun takes the field in the (failed) invasion of Vietnam, receiving his first exposure to guerrilla warfare
1287-8 Arghun takes the field in the invasion of Burma, with greater success
1288-1294 Arghun takes part in miscellaneous battles and generally explores China 1294 Death of Kublai Khan
1295-1300 Arghun travels, staying for a time in the lands of the Chagatids before heading to the Il-Khanate, but becomes frustrated with the now-sedentary lifestyle of the Mongols. They are becoming integrated and losing their ethnic identity in the Mideast.
1300 Arghun rejoins descendants of some of his comrades in the Golden Horde, posing as his own descendant
1300-1320 Arghun lives with the Golden Horde, following the nomadic lifestyle along the lower Volga and Don, the Crimea, Caucuses and part of Ukraine. His life is largely made up of riding, herding and raiding. This period is his first real break from campaigning. It comes to an end as he becomes restless and wants to see more of the world, coupled with the beginning notice of his lack of aging..
1320 Arghun journeys west, witnessing the crowning of the new Polish King, Vladislav I Lokietek in Cracow
1321-1349 Arghun travels through Europe, spending time in Poland, Germany, and Austria.
1322-1347 Arghun, pressed for employment, hires on with the forces of Louis IV of Germany, and participates in the Battle of Muhldorf (9/28) which results in the capture of Frederick of Austria.
He continues to serve in the armies of Louis of Bavaria through his crowning as Holy Roman Emperor in 1328 and until his death in a ‘hunting accident’ in 1347
1365-1369 After a stay with the Golden Horde, Arghun returns to the Chagatai Khanate, roaming parts of Asia
1369 At Samarkand, Arghun finds a kindred spirit in a young leader, and therefore Arghun joins cause of Timur, advising on creation of new Mongol Empire, joining in the battles - he brings many young Mongol/Tatars to Timur’s banner, spreading the word of Mongol resurgence
1375 Turkestan (Afghanistan) conquered by Timur
1380 Persia conquered by Timur
1391 Sarai falls
1393 Baghdad falls
1395 Tabriz falls
1397 Advance of Timur’s forces indirectly saves Constantinople from the Ottomans
1398 Timur invades India; Delhi falls
1399 Meerut falls; kingdom of Delhi ravaged
1401 Baghdad sacked
1402 Timur defeats Sultan Bayazid I, capturing him and smashing Ottomans
1403 Jerusalem falls
1405 Timur dies while preparing invasion of China
1406 Without the strong guiding presence of Timur, his Empire begins to weaken and fall to his quarrelsome relatives. Arghun is discouraged, especially since the younger warriors do not have a true Mongol ethic. They are consumed with personal power and leisure.
1409 Arghun abandons his hopes for a long-lasting Timurid dynasty
1410-1450 Arghun travels through India, exploring many of the diverse kingdoms of the sub-continent. He also engages in solo Hunting, as distinct from the killing he has done as part of the various campaigns he has been on.
1450-1500 Arghun falls in with Aman (?), and engages in many activities for the elder Immortal
1508-1530 Afghanistan, India -- Arghun becomes a follower of Babur, assisting in the foundation of the Mughal Empire
1530-1610 Arghun continues to serve the Mughal Empire, killing other immortals if they cross his path
1556-1605 Arghun is the active follower of Akbar the Great
1599-1600 Arghun answers Katsumi’s call and joins her cause in Japan; Battle of Sekigahara
mid-1600’s to 1700 Arghun travels Asia, Hunting other immortals
1720-1776 Arghun roams India, but no longer supports the Mughals due to their religious excesses; clashes with British and meets Ingvar once more. He assists Ingvar and his mentor in their efforts for a time.
Arghun becomes discouraged at lack of success against British. He develops deep hatred for foreign oppression.
1777-1781 Arghun travels to America, where the colonies are rebelling - here he endeavors to learn how to defeat the guns of the British, how to employ firearms in warfare. He joins the South Carolina irregulars, and fights on until the evacuation of Charleston
1781 Arghun is never really accepted into the society of the new country, so he departs South Carolina - but he realizes that the East Indians do not have what is necessary to throw of the British, now that he has an idea of the extent of the resources of the British Empire
1782-1794 Arghun travels in the wilds of North America, encountering the native tribes and killing other immortals only if the opportunity presents. But his interest in Hunting has waned, as his interest in driving out foreign occupation has increased. He does some trapping and traveling, actually meeting and interacting with other immortals in non-violent ways on occasion.
1795-1807 Arghun makes his way west and south, finally coming to Mexico and the lands of the Spanish Crown. Here he learns of this other empire that controls native peoples. Arghun takes an interest in throwing off the yoke of the conceited Europeans.
1808-1830 Arghun travels to South America and becomes active on behalf of San Martin and later Bolivar in their wars
1857-1859 India. Arghun participates in Sepoy Mutiny, along with his old Indian freedom-fighting companion, Ingvar
1861-1897 Arghun travels to the United States. He becomes a railroad worker, a trapper, a ranch-hand, and (for more than 20+ years of his stay) as a bounty-killer. When he hears of troubles in China, he abandons this career and heads east.
1898-1900 Boxer Rebellion. Arghun is frustrated by the Boxer’s inability to see the necessity of firearms. After the suppression of the uprising, Arghun becomes a freelance thorn in the side of the foreign devils, acting as a bandit
1900-1910 Arghun active in opposing foreign interests, and finally the Manchus themselves, who he comes to view as the ‘foreign’ masters of Mongolia
1910-1922 Arghun fights in Mongolia to throw off the yoke of Chinese oppression
1911 Outer Mongolia is wrested from China, but recaptured
1921 Outer Mongolia is freed with the help of the Red Army
1927 Mao forms the Chinese Red Army, and Arghun joins him in 1931, attracted by Mao’s charisma and philosophy as well as desire to overthrow the Chinese government
1934-35 Arghun takes part in the Long March
1936 News arrives that Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Kazakhstan have “joined” the Soviet Union. Arghun is angry at this (that former Mongol states should submit to the USSR) and the less than fair treatment of Outer Mongolia
1937-1939 Arghun becomes involved in the war against the Japanese
1939 Arghun departs China headed west at the outbreak of WW2, looking to give some pay back to Soviet Russia, he arrives in Europe too late to do anything in Poland, and heads to Finland
1939-1941 Russo-Finnish War, Arghun’s tolerance for harsh environments stands him in good stead as he takes part in the massive destruction of the Russian military. Toward the end of the war, he meets Ingvar once more.
1941 Arghun captured as the Russians withdraw, and he is placed in a Soviet POW camp
1946 Arghun returns to China and rejoins Mao’s cause
1946-1949 Struggle against the Koumintang
1950-1953 Korean War (Arghun fights with the North)
1954 Dienbienphu - Arghun acts as an observer (advisor) to the Vietnamese
1955 China promises aid to N. Vietnam, and Arghun becomes heavily involved
1960 Establishment of Vietcong
1955-75 Vietnam War
1976 After death of Mao, Arghun leaves China and the Far East, disillusioned in the outcome of the actions of his latest Cult Leader
1976-82 Afghanistan. Arghun fights against the Russians once more
1982 Lebanon
1989-1991 Joins Uzbeks in agitating for independence
1991-1998 Arghun spends a lot of time traveling the First and Second Worlds, doing ‘business’ (often as an enforcer) and working for the stable existence/freedom of the former Soviet Republics free from Russian domination
1998-1999 Chechnya
2000 Arghun is resting in Ukraine after his latest revolution, in the time of the Gathering. Hassan tries to recruit Arghun into Aman's following again, but they quarrel, and Arghun takes Hassan's head.

Armand / Aman [(~4000 B.C.)-(2000 A.D.)]

Born somewhere in Africa, Armand (as he calls himself in 1956) is a malevolent empire-builder who is determined to be The One. He claims to have watched the pyramids being built, but his true age is unknown. He is one of the only immortals to gather other immortals around himself.

Arthur [??-??]

An immortal Æthelbad mentioned briefly as someone he tutored; a "no-brained twit".

(Sir) Arthur Harold Cumberland [b. 1610 A.D., i. 1645 A.D. (1917 A.D.)]

Major-General Cumberland (not his original name) of the British Expeditionary Force in Europe, has been an English soldier for almost 300 years. He first died during the English Civil War, while fighting in Cromwell's army. Now he is obsessed with eliminating all non-English immortals.

Astrid the Fair / Antonella Gallini. [b. 829 A.D., i. 849 A.D., (997 A.D.)]

An Italian nobleman's daughter who was captured by Muslim raiders during the attack on Rome in 846. She was bought by Kemal ibn-Hakim, who sensed her as a pre-immortal, and brought her and Agnes Smith to Tunisia to be trained. She became a co-wife of Kemal's with Agnes, lived in Tunisia for two years, then returned to Rome with Agnes. In 849, she and Agnes leave Rome, but Philip abducts her and takes her to Sparta.
849 A.D. Philip kills her, after barely a year of training. 851 A.D. Antonella leaves Philip and Sparta, traveling to Winchester, looking for Agnes. 851-857 A.D. She becomes a favorite at King Æthelwulf's court, then becomes King Æthelbald's mistress when Æthelwulf leaves for Europe.
857 A.D. Agnes finds her at Winchester.
978 A.D. Appears in Birka, Sweden, as "Astrid the Fair", teaches the fledling immortal Ingvar, helps him rescue his family, then leaves.
997 A.D. Returns to Birka to find Ingvar. They go to Denmark to hunt for Grendel, and Astrid is overpowered by the monster and dragged underwater.

Ayodiji Dijai [(1594 A.D.)]

An African immortal from Yoruba (modern Nigeria), a servant of Aman.

Belrung [(972 A.D.), (1642 A.D.)]

Mentioned by Astrid, a former German tribesman who was at one point hunting Loki in Hamburg, and showed up in Tortuga still hunting him.

Bixenta [b. 621 A.D., i. 644 A.D., d. 849 A.D.]

A Basque immortal living in the Pyrenees, the widow of Unai, another Basque immortal who slew Roland, and was in turn slain by Kemal ibn-Hakim. Bixenta challenged Agnes to a duel when she learned Agnes was Kemal's wife, and Agnes took her head.

Briaru [b. 217 B.C., i. 193 B.C., d. 135 B.C.]

A Numantian Celt who tried to assassinate the Roman general Publius Scipio Aemilianus during the Numantian Uprising, and was slain by Gaius.

Brude [(200 B.C.)-(60 A.D.)]

A Pictish immortal, said by Scathach to be the last, and a supernaturally-skilled tracker and expert at hiding.

Camlan [b. 25 A.D., i. 55 A.D., d. 60 A.D.]

A Celtic bard, mentored by Tanethlon on the island of Anglesy, even before he became immortal. Camlan died during his initiation to become a druid. Tanethlon sent him to Ciaran to find the Stone of Destiny, just before the Romans attacked the holy isle, but Ieuan intercepted him en route and killed him.

Canad [(100 B.C.) (?)]

A British Celt, mentioned by Scathach and said to be a druid, last seen around 100 B.C.

CASCA LUCIUS PETRONIUS [b. 30 A.D., i. 64 A.D. (2000 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

A wealthy Roman merchant, and secretly a convert to Christianity.
30 A.D. Born in Naples
64 A.D. Assassinated in Rome, just after the Great Fire. Imprisoned by Tigellinus, then set free but assassinated again. Escapes to Ostia
64-65 A.D After making a small fortune in Ostia, travels to Alexandria, meets Semoch and Aman at the Library. Semoch sends him to Sparta to meet Alexander.
65-71 A.D. Trained by Alexander in Sparta. Made to kill Philip, a pre-immortal. Casca converts Philip to Christianity, both flee Sparta and Alexander.
72-126 A.D. Casca lives in Jerusalem, after the rebellion, rebuilding his fortune, and shuffles between there, Damascus and Alexandria
126-285 A.D. Casca returns to Rome, aiding the Christian community as best he can, despite growing disenchantment over the gutting of Christianity Jewish origins, killed several times in anti-Christian persecutions
285 A.D. moves more or less permanenly to Byzantium, building a fortune on the silk trade with China
313 A.D. Casca helps shape the Edict of Milan
325 A.D. Casca's support for Arianism results in collosal set-back after Council of Nicaea
401 A.D. after Visigoths invade Italy, Casca begins secreting wealth in the Turkish mountains, where he secretly builds a retreat
414 A.D. After rising to becoming a cardinal, Casca's papal ambitions are demolished by St. Augustine, who circulates brilliant tracts arguing against Casca's theological positions
489 A.D. another setback, when Zeno destroys the Nestorian school at Edessa, which Casca had been supporting
527 A.D. Casca's support for Justinian returns him to prominence
529 A.D. Casca reluctantly supports Justinian as he closes Plato's Academy, in exchange for some influence on the Codex Vetus
532 A.D. Casca acts as a diplomatic intermediary between Justinian and Belisarius to ensure the latter's support for the former during the Nika Revolt; much of Casca's wealth is sunk into rebuilding Constantiople, destroyed during the Nika Revolt; in particular, Casca supports the construction of St. Sophia's
535 A.D. While on a covertly diplomatic "trade mission" to the Franks, Casca courts Artorius of the Britons, but decides that he is irrelevant (although he does acquire some nice British silverware)
538 A.D. Introduced to Valerius by Techo.
630: hiding his portable wealth in his Turkish retreat, Casca poses as an itinerant merchant and checks out a charismatic religious leader in Mecca.
635: converting to Islam, "Ibrahim al-Hajj" joins the various military campaigns against his old religious enemies in the Middle East, finally acquiring some semblance of fighting skill.
775: relocates to Baghdad, where he resumes his business career, trading mostly with the Chinese and the Vikings in Russia.
1187: relocates to Jerusalem after its capture by Saladin, begins offering finanicial help to the Assassin sect.
1250: after funding Muslim resistance to numerous crusades, relocates to Egypt to support the Mamluks.
1453: returns to Istanbul with its capture by the Ottomans.
1512: sensing political weakness in the Catholic Church, relocates to Florence as Cassio Longinia with the restoration of the Medici, where he funds factions vying for the papacy with the aim of weakening the Church as Islam moves up the Balkans.
1517: meets Martin Luther secretly and promises to ensure that his views will lead to substantial Church reforms, if only he would make them public.
1604: sponsors Galileo's research.
1680: a series of political setbacks (and executions) leads Casca to flee to Amsterdam, posing as Dutch merchant Cassius Vanderhoven.
1688: arrives in England with William and Mary, his Orange patrons, starts cutting deals in the Lloyd's coffeehouse.
1770s: exchange of letters with Rousseau and Voltaire leads to a crisis of faith, which Casca finally abandons.
1790: arrives in Paris to support the French Revolution.
1795: after being saved from a certain head-chopping device by Percy Blakeney, flees to New Orleans.
1803: helps broker sale of Louisiana to the United States, becomes involved in the slave trade.
1808: with the end of the US slave trade, moves to Boston as Pierre-Marc Langevin.
1812: supports Federalist opposition to the War of 1812.
1850: commercial interests lead Casca to back abolition movements that would cripple rivals in the South.
1860: declines to pay a substitutes, participates in the US Civil War, becomes a radical Republican.
1865: in attendence when Lincoln is shot, moves to New York City with the end of the war, where he helps freeman reestablish themselves.
1890: accumulates new fortunes in shipping, railways and banking, but avoids the high profile of the robber barons.
1929: ruined in stock market crash, takes up career as a piano player.
1939: volunteers with the Canadian army and spends next six years in administrative role in London.
1945: returns to New York as jazz piano player in Minton's, becomes a minor celebrity in New York arts world.
1964: becomes a studio musician for various rock acts, gradually becomes addicted to drugs.
1980: born again as a Christian, takes a desk job in Seattle with Boeing.
1986: leaves Boeing to head New Edge Enterprises, a venture capital company specializing in high tech.
2000: with high-tech stocks skyrocketing, Paul-Etienne Casca is an Internet mogul with extensive biotech and aerospace interests.

Cassandra Blackenmoor [(1956 A.D.)]

A tall, beautiful blonde immortal who owns an exclusive New York restaurant known for serving as a meeting place for immortals.

CIARAN MAC RORY [b. 45 B.C., i. 20 B.C. (2000 A.D.)]
Picture 1] [Picture 2] [Archived Stories]

An Irish Celt, once a warrior of the Red Branch knights of Ulster.
45 B.C. Born in Ulster
20 B.C. Dies at Murthemny Plain, the same battle where his friend Cuculainn lost his head. Meets Morrigan, who summons Scathach to train him
20 B.C.- 4 A.D. Tutored by Scathach on her island
4-8 A.D. Leaves Scathach, wanders Ireland, then builds his retreat in the Blackstairs Mountains, until Morrigan warns him that Medb's men are hunting him again
8 A.D. Ciaran travels to Tara, planning for a confrontation with Medb, but is captured by Medb's knights, brought to Cruachain, where he meets Medb and her "protege", Caitlyn. After being imprisoned, he escapes with Caitlyn's help, only to discover Caitlyn IS Medb. They fight and he kills her, taking his first Quickening
8-45 A.D. Wanders Ireland again, working as a bard, a fisherman, and a mercenary, periodically returns to his home in the Blackstairs.
45 A.D. Scathach finds him at his sanctuary, and entices him to come to Prydain to help fight the Roman invaders. He joins an alliance of Celtic immortals, which disband after a losing battle between the Silures and the Romans.
45-60 A.D. Wanders Britain, learning about the Romans, and also serving in the court of Prasutagus and Boadicea, King and Queen of the Iceni.
60 A.D. Embarks on a quest with Camlan (actually Ieuan in disguise) to recover the Stone of Destiny, stolen by Achilleus. Camlan dies, Ciaran loses a duel with Achilleus but survives. He searches for Scathach, meets Brude, who takes him to her island. He and Scathach travel to Rome.
60AD-63AD Rome and then to Egypt, kills Achilleus, meets Menaten, Aman and other Immortals. Takes Stone with him. Travelled between Eriu and Prydain- fought Romans. Then to Gaul 63AD-90AD Travelled in Roman Empire- met Casca, Paul the Apostle, John the Apostle and other notables.
90AD to 200AD Travelling between Eriu and Prydain to battle Romans again.
200AD to 300AD in Eriu/Eire- The birth of the Fianna, fought Fomorians, Romans and kept peace in land
300AD to 600AD Travelled in early Europe with Goths, Visigoths Ostrogoths Franks and Huns... fought against Romans... fought for Romans. A growing darkness building in him. Rome falls in 476 Returned home and to Britannia. Met Patrick church bishop of Ireland... set out thru holy lands towards India and China... walk to see where he could go...
600AD to 750AD in the Orient. A lot of time in Silla (Korea) to see birth of Hwarang/Sulsas Married woman, first one he really loved since Caitlyn/Medb. Found peace in the darkness. he became a Hunter of Hunters
750AD to 795AD Travelled slowly back to Eriu after mortal wife died. He began to make name and rep for self, though he didn't care. he kept to himself.
795AD to 1100AD Viking/Norse incursions. Fought mostly in Eire but did travel to Alba/Pictland and Britannia/Britain to fight them there too. May have met Antonella, Ingvar, Agnes.... any others?
1000 A.D. Met the Morrigan for the last time on Murthemny Plain, and slew her. 1100ad to 1500AD end of the high kings of Eire- era of Normans and feudalism and the beginning of many years of foreign rule. Ciaran travelled extensively in the beginnings of the great age of exploration. Europe, Asia, the oceans.... Open to meet any number of people in here... Sebastian, Agnes, Aman... just about anyone... Crusades here.... in the area, may have met Techo, Kemal... Nguyen.... so on and so forth
1600AD to 1700AD to Eire again, Fenian rising.... he trained the warriors... fought at Boyne, lost and thuse ended the Jacobite wars for all intents and purposes. Fought against Cromwell. By end of century he was travelling again.... Japan... the Caribbean.... as far as Peru. Again open to meet anyone.
1700AD to 1740AD some time in Eire, during penal laws era.... spent time in new Americas... Canada and among natives and French and into colonial areas of England
1740AD to 1800AD fought in French Indian war against Brits but avoided fighting colonials. Joined revolutionaries to fight the brits.... then in the last decade... back to Eire, new political unrest and uprisings.
1800AD to 1900AD set up chartering ships to see Irish immigrate to America. Didn't get too involved in American Civil War. wandered the "wild west"... mostly hunting. always kept a hand and tabs in Irish politics and helped Fenians get money from America to Ireland.
1900 Ad to 1922AD The Easter rising....1916 Of course he was there. WWI he observed and travelled... but did little to interact.
1917 A.D. Meets Payal and Elainne in Ireland (as "Connaire").
1922-1930 helped Micheal Collins and Eamon Devalera set up new Irish government. then left to travel again.
1930 to 1936 travelling Europe and Asia... hunting.
1936 to 45 WW2- not directly involved, but travelled around... Immortals seemd to gather around conflict... new ones born... and there were always hunters.
1949... saw Irish Republic born... stepped back from politics and settled in to observe the world.
1960s new era in Irish rebellion tactics... Ciaran disapproves of terrorist elements... believes in guerilla warfare... but not terrorism. But Ciaran had been too long out of it to really step in and take control as he had in early 20th century. he did dole out punishment to those he found to be too fanatical and evil in pursuit of goals.
to the present.... travelling... never in one place for too long... Hunting those who need it

Critias [b. 190 B.C., i. 169 B.C., d. 147 B.C.]

A Greek immortal killed during the third Macedonian War, who came to Rome as one of the 1000 hostages the Achean League was forced to provide. Gaius Fabius Pontio left him behind when he sailed to Carthage for the Third Punic War, and in Gaius' absence, Achilleus came by and killed him.

Danacia [b. 181 B.C., i. 146 B.C., d. 130 B.C.]

The wife of a Carthaginian senator, she poisoned herself during the Roman siege of Carthage, but woke up immortal. She was rescued by Gaius, who turned her over to Techo to train her. Years later, she was killed by Achilleus in Pergamum.

Dannell [d. 1642 A.D.]

A Scandinavian immortal, student of Belrung. Jarvis killed him in a duel on Tortuga.

Donner [(1806 A.D.)]

A large, sinister immortal carrying an iron sword, who has been chasing Titania and Roche through the streets and sewers of London.

ELAINNE DUNAWAY [b. 1893 A.D., i. 1917 A.D. (2000 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

An American doctor who came to England intending to treat the wounded in France, but was killed and became immortal during a zeppelin raid on London. She was discovered by Geoffrey Stone, but Payal took her away to mentor her.
2000 A.D. Elainne mysteriously bumps into Geoffrey again at JFK airport in New York City, fleeing from a hunter.

Eleanor Yee [b. 1863 A.D., i. 1882 A.D., (2000 A.D.)]

A Chinese-American, born just as her parents immigrated to the U.S. to work on the railroads. She was beaten to death by her abusive husband. She wandered the American west and later the Deep South for many years, not knowing what had happened to her. In 1899, she had made her way to New York City, and was rescued from an evil immortal by John Smith, who took her to Akiko to be mentored. She now runs an orphanage in the U.S., but periodically visits China to immerse herself in her cultural heritage. She trained Mademoiselle Connors.

Francisco De Queiroz [(1642 A.D.)]

A Portuguese immortal of refined manner, living as a buccaneer in Tortuga. He is also a sadist who enjoys torturing women, and he bought and killed (several times) Abbegail Cummings before she escaped.

GAIUS FABIUS PONTIO [b. 239 B.C., i. 216 B.C., d. 130 B.C.]
Archived Stories]

239 B.C. Born in Rome.
216 B.C. Killed and becomes immortal at the Battle of Cannae. Sent back to Rome, bringing terms from Hannibal of Carthage...terms which are refused by the Senate. Before being sent back to a life of slavery, meets the elder immortal, Persius Romulus Solus, who explains what he is.
216-199 B.C. Spends seventeen years in Bithynia as a slave.
199 B.C. Freed, returns to Rome, meets Achilleus for the first time. Persius leaves on a quest for vengeance, and never returns.
199 B.C.-183 B.C. Becomes a merchant, meets other immortals in the Mediterranean world, such as Hadrius of Sardinia, Alexander of Sparta, and Semoch of Rhodes.
183 B.C. Meets Hannibal in exile in Bithynia, just before Hannibal commits suicide.
183-149 B.C. Continues to travel the Mediterranean as a merchant
149-146 B.C. Rejoins army, participates in destruction of Carthage during the Third Punic War. Re-encounters Achilleus, meets Techo and the fledgling Danacia.
146 B.C.-135 B.C. Continues serving in the Roman army as a scout.
135 B.C. Joins Numantian campaign in Spain, first Quickening in a duel with an Iberian Celt
135 B.C.-132 B.C. Continues serving in the army.
132-130 B.C. Joins campaign in Asia Minor to pacify Aristonicus' revolt in the former kingdom of Pergamum. Meets Danacia and Techo once again.
130 B.C. Killed by Achilleus in Pergamum.

GEOFFREY STONE [b. 1895 A.D., i. 1917 A.D. (2000 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

An English soldier serving in the Royal Engineers during WWI, Geoffrey was killed in Belgium, at Passchendaele. The immortal Major-General Cumberland has taken him on as a student. He met Elainne Dunaway after she died her first death during a bombing in London.
1918 A.D. He meets the elder immortal Reynald on the Front, and Marie-Ange, and then the treacherous Frenchman Laurent.
Just before the war ends, he transfers to the RAF.
1918-1925 A.D. Performs as a pilot in Cobb's Flying Circus, until his lack of aging first becomes a problem, and he fakes his own death over the Sahara.
1926-1928 A.D. Performs odd piloting jobs in North Africa, until he is attacked by an immortal bandit, whom he kills.
1929-1938 A.D. Continues flying around Africa and Asia, until events in Europe bring him back home, where he rejoins the RAF under the name "Geoffrey Black." He serves in a bomber squadron.
1940 A.D. His plane is shot down over France. Geoffrey crashes into the sea, and pinned by his harness, he drowns and remains submerged for the next three years, until the harness finally rots and frees him.
1943 A.D. Geoffrey washes ashore and is promptly taken prisoner by the Germans. In the POW camp, he kills an immortal collaborator who threatens to expose him, then escapes the camp.
1943-1955 A.D. Changing identities again, he travels to Canada and works for an airline company, until a former inmate at the POW camp where he was imprisoned during WWII recognizes him, and mistakenly identifies him as a Nazi collaborator. Geoffrey goes on the run.
1955-1960 A.D. Serves as a mercenary in Africa, until he kills another immortal by chance in South Africa, and recovers his slain opponent's suitcase of gold Krugerrands.
1960-2000 A.D. Geoffrey changes identities again, moves to Australia, and parlays his treasure into a growing fortune. By 2000 A.D., he is extremely rich. Tiring of Australia (and wanted by the Australian police due to a botched attempt to change identies yet again), he travels to New York, where he meets Elainne Dunaway for the first time in 83 years.

Gerald of Cornwall [b. 750 A.D., i. 774 A.D., d. 827 A.D.]

An Anglian warrior who came to London seeking Æthelbad and Agnes' head. He fought Agnes twice more, once in 814 in Bordeaux, and a final time 13 years later in a village in southern Aquitaine, where Agnes took his head.

Godfrey of Deira [b. 792 A.D., i. 820 A.D. (857 A.D.)]

A Northumbrian warrior who became a protégé of Æthelbad, then accompanied Agnes and Antonella from London to Lindesfarne.

GRAINNE MACGILLECOLM [b. 1020 A.D., i. 1045 A.D. (1045 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

A Highland Scot, married to a clan toiseach who supported Macbeth. She was killed by her husband when he discovered her committing adultery with one of his cousins.

Guiles / Guillaume [b. approximately 200 A.D., d. 1793 A.D.]

A former Gaul who later aspired to become a nobleman in the Carolingian Empire. He eventually mentored Reynald, and was executed during the French Revolution.

Gwyn the Fleet [d. 44 A.D.]

A Cymric immortal, slain by Rhys ap-Cynned.

Hadrius of Sardinia [??-(179 B.C.)]

Briefly mentioned, someone Gaius met in his travels.

Hassan Asaif Allah [(1594 A.D.), d. 2000 A.D.]

A Muslim from Anatolia, a follower of Aman.
1594 A.D. In Aman's service, becomes a rival to Sebastian. 2000 A.D. Slain by Arghun.

Hygar [i. unknown, (600 A.D.)-(835 A.D.)]

A Viking immortal who led the raid on Lindesfarne, believed to have killed Peter.

Hywel [(100 B.C.) (?)]

A British Celt mentioned by Scathach. Last seen around 100 B.C.

Ieuan [b. 62 B.C., i. 44 B.C., d. 60 A.D.]

A British Celt, a hunter who used sorcery. He killed Camlan and assumed Camlan's appearance to engage Ciaran in a quest to retrieve the Stone of Destiny. He was slain by Rhian, after interfering in a duel between Ciaran and Achilleus.

ILYA ANASTASI SHUISKY [b. 1664 A.D., i. 1689 A.D. (1689 A.D.)]
Picture] [Archived Stories]

A Russian nobleman, he and his father were both murdered in grisly fashion by fanatical priests of the Eastern Orthodox Church, for their practice of alchemy.
1689 -- Flees Moscow, heading west for Prague.
1690 -- Settles in Prague, studies at the university.
~1700 -- Meets with an immortal who becomes his mentor and companion for the next 50 years or so (this imortal will likely put in a few more random appearances).
1752 -- Settles in Berlin, studies at the Academy of Sciences.
1760 -- Leaves Berlin as the Russian army advances.
1761 -- Settles in Vienna, studies and teaches at the university.
1767 -- Leads some of Maria Theresa and Joseph II's educational reforms.
1775 -- Leaves Vienna, wanders around the Mediterranean for a while.
1784 -- Renews studies at the Bavarian Academy of Science.
1793 -- Leaves Bavaria, intending to go to Paris. Changes his mind with the threat of war and upheaval; heads for Egypt instead.
1796 -- Settles in Alexandria to study. Stays when the French take it over in 1798. (meets Ingvar at some point.)
~1801 -- Leaves after the Turks retake the country, roams Northern Africa and perhaps part of Asia with Ingvar.
1838 -- Returns to Europe
1842 -- Settles in Budapest, studies at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences.
1849 -- Takes part in the Hungarian revolution. Leaves Hungary after the revolution is crushed by Austria.
1850 -- Rides toward Paris, with many diversions along the way.
1868 -- Studies with Louis Lartet in the French countryside.
1870 -- Settles in Paris, lays low during the Third Republic and the Paris Commune. 1871 -- Studies at the Sorbonne.
1882 - 1896 -- Wanders north, spending time in Amsterdam and Stockholm among other places.
1897 -- Sails to the British Isles, studies at Oxford at some point.
1913 -- Settles in London.
1914 -- Drafted into WWII.
1916 -- Deserts, makes his way toward Russia. Joins the revolutionary forces.
1918 -- Disillusioned with the Revolution, joins the "White" faction, takes part in the civil war.
1920 -- After the Reds defeat the Whites, he leaves Russia.
1930 -- Studies with Einstein. Rise of Nazis/WWII -- A member of the White Rose, then part of the Resistance/underground inside Germany itself.
1947 -- Settles in Philadelphia.
1947 - 1990 -- follows his previous habit of traveling, studying, and teaching. Lives only near colleges and universities with famous science schools.
1991 - present -- Living in Washington D.C., working with the Virginia-based company that is mapping human DNA.
2000 A.D. Stalked by Payal, he attempts to flee, and hastily teams up with John Smith as the Gathering arrives.

INGVAR THE STOUT [b. 947 A.D., i. 978 A.D. (997 A.D.)]
Picture] [Archived Stories]

A Swede living far inland (thus, he is not technically a "Viking"), Ingvar was killed in a feud, succeeded in killing most of his enemies, and is now trying to find his family, which was sold into slavery. His mentor is Astrid the Fair.
947 A.D. Born in Sweden.
978 A.D. Murdered and becomes an immortal. Travels to Birka, and meets Astrid the Fair, who mentors him, and helps him travel to Kolberg, in Germania, where he rescues his family and brings them back to Vyolakånd, a village on the eastern coast of Sweden. During this year he also takes his first head, the Frankish immortal Merick Talour.
983 A.D. Ingvar's son Hammer marries Gyda.
987 A.D. Hammer's daughter, Siggtrigg, is born
. 990 A.D. Ingvar's daughter Istrid is married. Hammer goes off to Russia on campaign, and drowns on the return trip the following year.
994 A.D. Ingvar's wife Helgi dies.
995 A.D. Ingvar leaves his family and heads north to find Astrid, spends the next two years in Birka as an apprentice blacksmith.
997 A.D. Astrid returns to Birka.
1009-1011 Raiding in England with Thorkell
1013 After Thorkell bought off by England, Ingvar joins up with Svein, who soon becomes king of England
1015-1016 Joins up with Cnut the Great for more raiding; Cnut becomes king of England; Ingvar stays with Cnut
1026 Travels to Rome with Cnut to attend coronation of Conrad II
1028 Returns to Denmark with Cnut; they subjugate Norway
1035 Cnut dies; Ingvar returns to Vyolakand to check on his family
1036 Ingvar uses money from raids in England to get involved in a trade deal; travels with goods to Kiev
1037 Ingvar hears of Varangian Guard; travels to Constantinople where he meets Harald Hardrada
1037-1044 Various campaigns with the Varangian Guard
1044 Returns to Sweden with Harald
1046-1064 Campaigns against Denmark
1066 Ingvar meets Agnes in Harald’s army; Battle of Stamford Bridge; Ingvar observes invasion by William
1069-1075 Joins Cnut the Holy and his father Svein for more raiding in York and around eastern England
1076 Returns to Vyolakand to check on family, then returns to Constantinople and Varangian Guard
1097 Encounters Agnes again when she passes through Constantinople with 1st Crusade
1104 Returns to Upsala region and gets involved in more trade, particularly weapons
1125 Gets involved in the defense of Upsala and the (heathen) Svear from the (Christian) Goths; Ingvar’s dislike of Christians intensifies
1147 Hears of the raiding of Svein Asleifarson and heads to the Orkneys to join in
1154 Returns to Upsala and the fighting with the Goths
1161 Joins the pagan Wends in opposing the campaigns of Denmark’s Christian King Waldemar I
1167 Returns to Upsala
1172 Unification of Svealand and Gotaland ends fighting; Ingvar returns to trading
1173 Ingvar arrives in Cairo, meets Salah-din; they become friends
1187 Ingvar is with Salah-din when he conquers Jerusalem; they hold it against the 3rd Crusade in 1191
1193 Death of Salah-din; Ingvar returns to Constantinople
1204 Constantinople falls to the Crusaders in 1204; Ingvar is killed in the fighting, returns to Sweden even more disgusted with the Christians
1208 Ingvar watches from the sidelines as various Christian factions battle for the throne of Sweden
1227 Ingvar assists the German princes in defeating Waldemar II at Lubeck, then heads to Constantinople
1243 Continues on to Cairo
1260 Assists the Mamelukes in repulsing the Mongols
1270 Hears of Marco Polo’s planned trip to China; signs up as a guard
1271 They reach China, meet Kublai Khan; Ingvar meets Arghun for the first time and they become friends.
1294 Death of Kublai Khan; Marco Polo leaves the following year; Ingvar stays in China
1303 Ingvar hears of Osman’s defeat of the Byzantine army; Ingvar returns to Constantinople
1327 Ingvar returns to Sweden and trading
1350 Black Death sweeping north and east through Europe; Ingvar heads for Cairo
1351 Hears of Ibn Battista’s planned trip through Africa; Ingvar signs on
1353 Returns to Sweden and trading
1361 Waldemar IV declares war on the Hanseatic League, of which Ingvar is a member; Ingvar joins the fighting
1370 Waldemar defeated; Ingvar returns to trading
1387 Ingvar wanders Europe and Asia, passing through China and India
1411 Ends up in Cairo
1437 Returns to Constantinople
1454 Constantinople sacked by Ottoman Turks; Ingvar encounters Katsumi, returns to Cairo
1478 Republic of Novgorod destroyed by Russians; Ingvar arrives too late
1480 The Inquisition reappears in Spain; Ingvar returns to Egypt
1516 Ingvar involved in opposing Ottoman invasion of Egypt
1517 Ottomans conquer Egypt; Ingvar travels to England
1519 Ingvar signs on with Magellan for his trip around the world
1523 Ingvar is one of few survivors of Magellan’s voyage to return
1526 Ingvar is captured, tortured and killed by the Inquisition.
1527 Ingvar discovers that his treatment by the Inquisition was orchestrated by a younger immortal who didn’t arrive in time to take his head while he was weak; Ingvar gets revenge and decides it’s time to start killing other immortals wherever he finds them; Ingvar begins wandering Europe and Asia hunting any immortals that he can locate who aren’t too strong or already friends.
1623 Ingvar temporarily sets aside his hunting to join the army of Gustavus Adolphus.
1634 After loss in battle of Nordlingen, Ingvar leaves the army of his countryman and returns to hunting immortal heads.
1688 Ingvar meets an elder immortal in India; Invar is so impressed, that he abandons his hunt and stays to learn from the immortal; the immortal teaches him much, including Hindu and Buddhist beliefs, techniques for using the Quickening, hand to hand combat (probably Kalari, though other arts are possible), and Ayurvedic healing.
1740-47 Ingvar and his teacher participate in the resistance to Nadir Shah.
1776-82 They fight with the Marathas against the English; Ingvar encounters Arghun once again.
1783 Ingvar leaves India and returns to Egypt.
1798-99 Napoleon invades Egypt and Ingvar joins in fighting to repel his army.
1800 Ingvar participates in failed attempt to assassinate Napoleon.
1811 The massacre of the Mamelukes in Cairo depresses Ingvar, so he leaves and begins to wander again.
1846-48 Ingvar returns to India and joins the Sikhs in their war with the governing British.
1852-57 Ingvar observes the Taiping Revolution in China, but doesn’t get involved.
1857 Ingvar returns to India to join the Sepoy revolution.
1861 Ingvar hears of gold rush in New Zealand and heads there. He spends time panning for gold, using his talents as a blacksmith and carpenter, and fighting the Maori.
1879 Ingvar moves to Australia and settles down to live a fairly tame life as a craftsman.
1916 Ingvar uses the chaos of World War I as an opportunity to return to Denmark and seek out Beowolf.
1941 Ingvar returns to Scandinavia, and spends most of the war killing Nazis in Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Finland. He encounters Arghun again in Finland.
1973 Ingvar travels to America, and begins working as a professional bodyguard. He meets a lot of famous people and travels much of the world.
2000 Ingvar is in Hong Kong guarding a performer when he feels ‘the call’.

Isma'il [b. 649 A.D., i. 680 A.D., d. 857 A.D.]

An Arab Muslim who died at the Battle of Karbala, where Ali's son Hussein was martyred. He thereafter became a fanatical Shiite, and eventually joined the Ismaili sect, renaming himself after the seventh Imam they revere. Kemal ibn-Hakim kills him in Cordoba.

JARVIS FLINT [b. 1615 A.D., i. 1641 A.D. (1642 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

An English sailor-turned-pirate, killed off the coast of Cuba when his ship was blown up in an exchange with a French merchant.
1642 A.D. Became involved in a feud between Lucien's band on Tortuga, and Belrung and Dannell. He kills Dannell in his first duel, and then becomes responsible for Abbegail Cummings.

Jazir Kaghlidamezzar [b. 314 A.D., i. 324 A.D., d. 846 A.D.]

The Qaid ("Chief") of the Berber tribes of the southern Tunisia desert, who formed a coalition to resist religious and political domination by the Arabs of the Aghlabid dynasty. He was slain by Kemal ibn-Hakim.

Jedd Kamridek [(1594 A.D.)]

A Berber from Tunisia, a servant of Aman.

Jeroen Swaanswijk [(1631 A.D.)-(1641 A.D.)]

A Dutchman who is one of the early colonizers of North America, and later runs smuggling vessels to the American colonies.
1631 A.D. Captures the fledgling Native American immortal, Winter Snow.
1641 A.D. Forced to jump overboard during a duel on the Atlantic with Jarvis Flint.

Jonathan Richard Smith [b. 1584 A.D., i. 1616 A.D., (2000 A.D.)]
Picture] [Character Sheet]

Born in London, later became a sailor, and one of the first American colonists.
1584 A.D. Born in London
1600 A.D. Signed onto a ship and became a sailor
1606 A.D. Sails with the Virginia Company ships to Jamestown, but remains a sailor, rather than a settler
1608 A.D. Decides to join the Jamestown settlers
1616 A.D. Killed during a brief skirmish with the Indians in Virginia.
1616-1775 A.D. Alternates between living at sea or in Virginia. Avoids the English Civil War entirely
1641 A.D. Meets Jarvis Flint in Jamestown
1775-1783 A.D. Initially opposed to the American Revolution, but eventually joins the colonial navy
1783-1812 Settles in Virginia again, helping build the new nation
1812-1815 A.D. Joins the U.S. Navy during the "War of 1812" against Britain
1815-1840 A.D. Settles down in Virginia again, until he feels a need to return to the sea
1840-1850 A.D. Starts his own company, captains his own ship, but loses everything when his ship goes down
1850-1854 A.D. Rejoins the U.S. Navy
1854 A.D. Sails with Commodore Perry to Japan, meets Akiko, tells her of her mentor's death.
1854-1856 Travels with Akiko in search of her mentor's killer. After Akiko kills him, John returns her to Japan
1856-1861 A.D. Returns to Virginia, settles down, until outbreak of the Civil War
1861-1866 A.D. Serves as Confederate officer in the Virginian Army during the Civil War
1866-1884 Following Civil War, marries a mortal, lives with her in Virginia until a Union officer who remembered killing him during the war spots him in Virginia. Smith fakes his own death and then returns to the sea, piloting his own ship again
1884-1898 A.D. Builds a small fortune as a successful merchant marine this time, returns to Virginia
1899 A.D. On a business trip to New York, discovers Eleanor Yee, saves her by killing the evil immortal who was chasing her, takes her to Japan to be mentored by Akiko
1899-1918 A.D. Continues running his own merchant shipping company, which goes bankrupt after World War I
1918-1939 A.D. Settles in Virginia again
1939-1945 A.D. Supports the Allies during World War Two
1945-1956 A.D. Returns to Virginia. Meets Mademoiselle Connors during another business trip to New York, brings her to Eleanor Yee in Cincinnati
1999 A.D. Marries another mortal, telling her about his immortality for the first time. 2000 A.D. Meets with Stasi when he feels "the Gathering."

Joshu ben Naru [(846-848 A.D.)]

A Saracen immortal residing in Palermo, Sicily. A merciless fanatic, dedicated to the concept of jihad.

Jun Shan [b. 1600 A.D., i. 1623 A.D., d. 2000 A.D.

A Chinese soldier who became immortal during the Chinese-Manchu wars. He was Victoria Yeh's mentor, before someone took his head on the streets of Hong Kong.

Katerina [?? (1584 A.D.)]

An enigmatic, pious Christian immortal who tends a small chapel that appears and disappears in the Tunisian desert.

(KATSUMI)- TAKEDA NO KATSUMI [b. 1170 A.D., i. 1189 A.D. (1221 A.D.)]
Pictures] [Archived Stories]

A samurai who joined Minamoto Yoshitsune's band, and died with him in the siege of his castle.
1189 A.D. After being resurrected, she meets Fujiwara Kazumaru, who explains her immortality. She begins wandering Japan, and meets Tomoe Gozen, who becomes her mentor.
1189-1195 A.D. Travels all over Japan with Tomoe, until her mortal mentor, dying of some terminal disease, commits seppuku.
1195 A.D. Journeys to Kamakura, plotting to seek vengeance against Minamoto Yoritomo.
1195-1203 A.D. After failing to kill Yoritomo, leaves Kamakura in disgrace, becomes a hermit in the mountains in northern Honshu.
1203-1221 A.D. Returns to the shinto shrine where she once left Tomoe's sword, and lives with the monk Takayori until his death.
1221 A.D. Travels to Nippon's western provinces, seeking passage to Korea. Fights her second duel, with Oda Koun, and takes his head. Then travels to Korea, and is captured and sold into slavery by Nguyen Ti. She escapes, duels Nguyen and takes his head, which leads to a Dark Quickening. Then she meets Konji Inson, a Korean Shaolin monk. The two of them travel to the Temple of the Immortals, where she meets Payal. The two of them plot to murder the temple's elder immortals, and slay several before Konji interferes. Payal flees, and Katsumi leaves in disgrace.
1222 A.D. After observing the fighting style of the Shaolin monks, begins to develop a two-weapon technique.
1226-1260 A.D. Rides with the Mongol hordes, traveling at first into China, and then to Eastern Europe and Asia Minor.
1260-1281 A.D. Returns to Japan. Although the first Mongol invasion of Japan ends before she receives word of it, she is heavily involved in repelling the second.
1995-1310 A.D. Turns pirate, following the path of Oda Koun. Unlike other wako of the period, her band takes to attacking ships as well as coastal villages.
1315 A.D. Apprentices herself to a legendary Japanese swordsmith.
1331-1336 A.D. Allies herself with the forces of Emperor Go-Daigo in his rebellion against the Kamakura shogunate. After the rebellion is betrayed, she once again leaves Japan.
1345-1414 A.D. Explores southeast Asia, hunting other immortals and serving as a mercenary in the numerous conflicts between the Tai, Burmese, Annamese and Khmer.
1414-1422 A.D. Sails with the Chinese treasure fleets, visiting numerous countries in maritime southeast Asia, as well as India, Aden, and the eastern coast of Africa.
1422-1453 A.D. Travels the Middle East, searching in vain for Kemal. Finally, in 1452 A.D., she reluctantly decides to seek the assistance of an ancient immortal who is rumored to live in Constantiniople, and she is present for the city's fall.
1454-1465 A.D. Loses hope of finding Kemal and decides to travel southwards, exploring Africa.
1467-1477 A.D. Returns to Japan and fights in the Onin War. As the hostilities near their end, she encounters an unusual group of warriors from the Iga province. Intrigued by their unorthodox (and underhanded) tactics, she joins their ranks, and begins to study ninjitsu.
1510 A.D. Returns to piracy for a time, using the opportunity to seek out any new immortals that might have appeared in the coastal areas of China and Korea.
1520 A.D. Studies under Tsukahara Boduken.
1538 A.D. Studies under Kamiizumi Hidetsuna.
1553-1575 A.D. Begins to lend her assistance to the cause of Takeda Shingen, a distant relative. After he is killed by a sniper in 1573 A.D., she serves his son for two years until his defeat at Sekigahara. Reluctantly sensing that the Takeda clan's chance for glory has passed, she returns to her adopted clan in Iga, giving Katsuyori cause to call upon her should he ever require her services.
1579-1581 A.D. Oda Nobunaga launches two invasions of the Iga province, the second of which comes in overwhelming force. The clans of Iga are overwhelmed and scatter. As Katsumi is attempting to deal with this disaster, she receives an urgent summons from Takeda Katsuyori.
1582 A.D. An immense force, led by Nobunaga, Ieyasu and Hojo, attack the Takeda domains, forcing Katsuyori to flee. He makes his last stand in April, committing seppuku while a handful of loyal retainers hold off the enemy. The terrible familiarity of the situation drives Katsumi to the edge of madness. She takes her revenge on Nobunaga by manipulating one of his generals into betraying him, forcing the daimyo to commit suicide in a burning temple. She then drops out of sight.
1585-1616 A.D. Reappears in Nippon, joining others of her adopted clan in the service of Tokugawa Ieyasu. During this period, she studies under Ito Ittosai and Yagyu Munenori.
1618-1650 A.D. Takes a position as a keisei (courtesan, literally "castle toppler") in the newly-opened Yoshiwara quarter of Edo.
1640-1720 A.D. Leaves Japan and travels to the Caribbean via the Philippines and Central America, where she resumes her activities as a pirate, albeit in a very different environment.
1722 A.D. Studies under a fencing master in Spain.
1740 A.D. Models for a painting by Corrado Giaquinto in Italy.
1753-1760 A.D. Perfects her English at meetings of Sir Francis Dashwood's Hell-Fire Club.
1764-1802 A.D. Returns to Asia, once again making her way as a mercenary in southeast Asia and as a pirate.
1833-1854 A.D. In Siam, holds a position in the king's elite force of female warriors.
1856-1863 A.D. Watches (and occasionally participates in) the chaos consuming China.
1863-1868 A.D. Returns to Japan to participate in the civil war raging there, siding with those who oppose the Tokugawa shogunate. Once the Emperor Meiji is placed in power, she forms close ties with the new government, reprising her former role as a shinobi.
1870-1880 A.D. Travels to the United States to study American capabilities and culture, working briefly at a San Francisco casino.
1880 A.D. Returns home and begins to work to further Japanese interests throughout Asia, working as an intelligence agent and assassin.
1882 A.D. Becomes a member of the Genyosha, or Dark Ocean society.
1900 A.D. First begins to work with the yakuza, which is being utilized to aid ultranationalist factions within Japan's government.
1901 A.D. Becomes a founding member of the Kokuryukai, or Black Dragon Society.
1913-1918 A.D. Attached to the Japanese naval delegation in England.
1931-1945 A.D. Supports the Japanese cause during World War Two, spending three years as military liaison to the German security services.
1945 A.D. Stunned by Japan's surrender and the subsequent American occupation, Katsumi shifts her primary allegiance to the zaibatsu and the yakuza, although she maintains contact with some high-ranking ex-military officials. Taking advantage of the new ease of travel, she continues to seek heads across the world.
1952 A.D. Renews her ties to the military when the Japanese Self-Defense Force is established.
1971 A.D. On a dare, plays the villainess in an obscure chambara movie.
1987 A.D. Intent on keeping her edge in a rapidly changing world, Katsumi makes arrangement through the SDF to train for an extended period with the US Navy SEALs. While she would have preferred to work with another nation's forces, the close relationship between the United States and Japan make this the only viable option. In the process, she slowly overcomes most of her anti-American bias, although she still cares little for their government.
1987-2000 A.D. Certain high-ranking officers of the Japanese intelligence service and military, along with some powerful members of the yakuza and a very few zaibatsu executives, are aware that someone who has been around for a very long time, and about whom it is unwise to inquire, exists and is sometimes willing to assist with difficult problems.
2000 A.D. A mysterious immortal claiming to be Nimrod approaches her in Japan, and persuades her to join him in taking the offensive against Aman in New York.

(Kazumaru)- Fujiwara Kazumaru [b. 303 A.D., i. 332 A.D., d. 1221 A.D.]

One of the oldest Japanese immortals; Kazumaru has mentored several other younger immortals. He has participated in campaigns in Korea and China, and is devoted to Japanese supremacy.
1189 A.D. Meets Katsumi in northern Japan.
1195 A.D. Meets Katsumi again, at the site of Yoshitsune's grave.
1196 A.D. Meets Katsumi for a third time, in Kamakura.
1221 A.D. Encounters Katsumi in Korea. He is killed by Kemal ibn-Hakim in a duel.

Kemal ibn-Hakim ibn-Daud al-Mudafi'a al-Suria Hajii [b. 601 A.D., i. 634 A.D., d. 1584 A.D.]

An Arabian immortal, born in Medina, who was converted by Mohammed, and was killed in the wars of subjugation following Mohammed's death.
634-635 A.D. After dying in battle, believes he has been chosen by God, and rejoins the army of Omar, helping to capture Damascus.
635 A.D. Discovered in Damascus by Techo, who teaches him about immortality.
635-641 A.D. Rejoins Omar's army, campaigning against the Persians.
641-670 A.D. Remains in Damascus most of the time, serving the Caliphs.
670-711 A.D. Joins the crusade to North Africa, helps conquer that land, travels back and forth between North Africa and the Middle East a great deal.
711-732 A.D. Participates in the invasion and conquest of Spain, stays in Europe for over twenty years as the Muslims spread out. Finally returns to Syria after Charles Martel defeats the Arabs at Tours and Poitiers.
732-763 A.D. Lives in Damascus for most of this time.
763-786 A.D. Moves to Baghdad when the Caliph relocates the capital to that city.
786-809 A.D. Serves Haroun al-Rashid, of "Arabian Knights" fame. Towards the end of Haroun's reign, the Caliph charges Kemal with serving the Aghlabids in Ifriqiya.
809-827 A.D. Travels back and forth between Ifriqiya and Spain. Discovers the fledgling Marwan in southern France.
827 A.D. Meets Agnes for the first time in Aquitaine, after Gerald of Cornwall kills his pupil, Marwan.
827-846 A.D. Continues serving the Aghlabids in Spain, helps conquer Sicily and Sardinia.
846 A.D. As he is preparing to return to Ifriquiya, meets Agnes in Sicily, buys her and Antonella and brings them to Tunisia. He marries both, they travel together on a campaign against the Berbers, where Kemal kills Qaid Jazir Kaghlidamezzar and Agnes kills Sheykh Naz Akharmid.
846-848 A.D. Lives in Tunis with his wives, Agnes and Antonella.
848 A.D. His mentor, Techo, finds him as Agnes and Antonella are returning to Rome.
848-857 A.D. Techo and Kemal travel to Egypt.
857 A.D. Returns to Tunisia, receives a letter from Agnes, and travels to reunite with her in Pamplona. Kills Isma'il in a duel in Cordoba. Separated again from Agnes when she returns to Britain.
909 A.D. Fights against the Shiite rebellion in Egypt.
1171 A.D. Fights with Saladin against the Shiites and Crusaders in Egypt.
1221 A.D. Travels to the Orient, hunting for Nguyen. Meets Konji Inson and Katsumi in Korea, kills Fujiwara Kazumaru in a duel.
1578 A.D. After the battle of Alcazar Kabir in Morocco, discovers the fledgling Sebastian, and takes him back to Damascus.
1578-1584 A.D. Mentors Sebastian in Damascus.
1584 A.D. Ambushed and killed by Nguyen.

Koll Ironhide [d. 842 A.D.]

A Norwegian Viking killed by Morrigan outside the new Norse settlement of Dublin.

KONJI INSON [b. 1196 A.D., i. 1221 A.D. (1221 A.D.)]
Archived Stories] [Picture]

A Korean Shaolin monk, raised in the Wutang temple in China, near the Korean peninsula. Konji was killed by soldiers sent by a local warlord to raze the Korean Buddhist temple where he was staying.
1221 A.D. Travels to Kaesông, meets Kemal ibn-Hakim, witnesses the duel in which he kills Fujiwara Kazumaru, and then begins travelling with Takeda no Katsumi. 1221 First death, meeting with Kemal and Katsumi, travel to Temple of Immortals with Katsumi.
1221 - 1276 Remains in Temple of Immortals to train and learn all that the elders can teach him
1276 - 1281 Returns to Koryo, seeks Hwarang to begin association with them as promised.
1281 Travels with 2nd invasion of Japan as a healer
1283 - 1292 Travels to court of Kublai Khan, meets the Polos, acts as advisor
1292 - 1295 Escorts Kukachin and Polos to Japan, southeast Asia and finally Persia
1295 - 1300 Arrives in Venice with Polos, lives in Italy, travels southern Europe, meets Agnes
1300 - 1310 Travels with Agnes to find Kemal, studies with him if available, wanders through middle africa
1311 - 1340 Wanders through middle east, Jerusalem, Persia, India and Siam
1341 - 1349 Travels back to Europe, studies western medicine of the time, is there during the time of the Black Death. Tries in vain to help. Disturbed by the incident.
1350 - 1352 Travels back to homeland
1352 - 1360 Teaches medical skills and philosophy, trains any young immortals he runs across
1360 - 1370 Takes name of Sin Ton, works with King Kongmin to expel mongols from Korea. Appointed National Preceptor, becomes Prime Minister Plenipotentiary and reorganizes government, redistributes lands. Is *killed* by opponents.
1371 - 1390 Travels back to Temple of Immortals to contemplate his path, train, study
1392 - 1470 Establishes temple in Korea to train and safeguard immortals, based of new Hwarang organization. Begins to build wealth to support temple and fund worthy works for peasants
1470 - 1592 Travels Koryo, Japan and China to study martial techniques of others. Works with other shao-lin to establish the O mei shan (Great White Mountain) temple, a northern library and medical temple. Returns to Wutang temple to train and teach with masters
1592 - 1598 Returns to Koryo to aid in resistance against the Japanese invasion of homeland. Uses guerrilla warefare against them with aid of group of monks from temple. Temple is razed during war.
1598 - 1600 Works on "Exemplar of Korean Medicine"
1612 Aids in flight of Christian missionaries from Japan
1625 - 1748 Travels to China to study new sciencies, medicine. Travels through Afganistan, Turkey, Greece, Italy and Europe, study martial skills and science.
1752 Is returning through Tibet when Chinese invade. Aid orphans and peasants during war
1755 - 1770 Returns to Korea and returns to Hwarang, teaching new skills and organizing group
1775 - 1800 Works with shao-lin masters to establish the Kwangtung school near Shanghai
1800 - 1830 Settles down for a time period to help raise family of woman he marries
1876 Begins to work in trading, expandingeconomy of homeland to increase standard of living for his people.
1894 China and Japan at war, Konji aids peasants trapped in fighting.
1900 Tries to prevent Boxer Rebellion, is not successful. Knows that this will bring anger of the western powers
1930 - 1945 Konji works to aid koreans caught during conflict. He raises guerilla forces and works against Japanese for duration of war.
1950 - 1953 Will not participate in war of Korean against Korean. Retreats to mountain temple to train and grieve.
1955 - 1980 Travels western world, learning and exploring. Studies modern martial arts, weapons and sciences
1980 - present Returns to Temple of Immortals to study and train fledglings

Ladimor [b. 260 B.C., i. 234 B.C., d. 179 B.C.]

Originally "Malus", an Iberian mercenary from Spain who became a hunter upon becoming an immortal. He was killed in a duel in Rome by Achilleus.

LAURENT GILLIARD [b. 1770 A.D., i. 1793 A.D. (1918 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

An aristocrat killed by a mob storming his home during the French Revolution, Laurent wandered the streets of Revolutionary Paris until he met Marie-Ange and Reynald. He eventually returned to France during World War I.

Loki / Lucien / Roche [(1641 A.D.), (1806 A.D.)]

A mysterious elder immortal, he called himself "Lucien" in Tortuga in the 17th century, and "Roche" in 19th century London, when he came upon the fledgling, Titania de Charbonneau. Those who have hunted him for a long time call him "Loki", suggesting he may be the original trickster who spawned the Norse legends.

Lourdes [(1641 A.D.)]

A mixed-race immortal buccaneer.

Lucius [(846 A.D.)- d. 848 A.D.]

An elder immortal living in Rome, hosted Techo, Agnes and Antonella in his home near St. Peter's Cathedral. He was killed by an ancient hunter who tracked him down in Rome.

MADEMOISELLE CONNORS [b. 1930 A.D., i. 1956 A.D. (1956 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

A nurse in New York City, "Mamie" and her lover were shot dead in front of their home by a mysterious gunman. Mamie has now learned that it was the immortal Armand who had them killed. She was rescued by John Smith, who brought her to Eleanor Yee to be trained.

Magnus {(1641 A.D.), d. 1642 A.D.]

An ancient Norse immortal who became a pirate, living on Tortuga. He was killed by Belrung in a duel.

Marie-Ange [b. 1771 A.D., i. 1793 A.D. (1918 A.D.)]

A French peasant girl who came to Paris looking for work. She was killed during a riot, and began hiding in the ruins of an old prison, until Laurent discovered her. Reynald led both of them to England, where she became a nun, and served as a nurse in World War I.

Marwan Rami [b. 808 A.D., i. 826 A.D., d. 827 A.D.]

A fledgling immortal from Muslim Spain, who was being tutored by Kemal ibn-Hakim. He fought a duel with Agnes Smith and lost, but Agnes spared him. However, Gerald of Cornwall discovered him immediately after that, and took his head.

MASIKA [b. 1803 A.D., i. 1822 A.D. (1822 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

A Tlokoa tribeswoman who was one of Queen 'MaNthatisi's women warriors. She was first killed in the wars ignited by Emporer Shaka and his Zulu nation.

Medb [b. approx 300 B.C., i. age 16, d. 8 A.D.]

The Dark Queen of Connacht, who started the war between Connacht and Ulster and engineered Cuculainn's death. She adopted an illusory guise when meeting others, but her true form was the one she presented to Ciaran, pretending to be the young fledgling Caitlyn. This scheme to make him vulnerable and allow her to take his head failed; Cairan took hers instead.

Merick Talour of Franconia [b. 903 A.D., i. 926 A.D., d. 978 A.D.]

A Frankish knight who bought Ingvar the Stout's son in Germany. Astrid and Ingvar pursued him almost to Hamburg, and Ingvar took his head.

MENATEN [b. 1386 B.C., i. 1362 B.C., (60 A.D.)]
Archived Stories] [Picture]

An architect-astronemer who served the pharoah Akhenaten (Amenhotep IV). When Akhenaten and his queen, Nefertiti, were killed by priests of Amon, Menaten was entombed with them in their temple, and after dying of starvation and suffocation, revived when the tomb was opened 1400 years later.

Mikatama no Genji [i. age unknown, d. 1189]

An experienced immortal samurai who challenged Takeda no Katsumi to a duel, and won. He was prevented from taking her head by the mortal Tomoe Gozen, who, unaware of the Rules of immortal combat, cut off his head herself.

Minos [approx. 2200 B.C. (?)]

The legendary King Minos, said by Techo to be an immortal, and his mentor's mentor, responsible for the rise of Minoan civilization. Killed by another immortal as he pursued Daedelus.

Monel (2000 A.D.)]

A hunter who doesn't play by the rules; first name unknown. Last seen running from Ciaran in San Francisco.

Morrigan [i. age unknown, d. 1000 A.D.]

Morrigan was perhaps the most ancient immortal of the pre-Christian era. By the time of Christ's birth, she was believed to be well over a thousand years old, possibly many thousands of years old. She appeared to be a rather old woman, but physically she was more formidable than any man in his prime. An incredibly dangerous warrior, with many unusual powers, who manipulated other immortals in Ireland to her own mysterious ends -- including Ciaran MacRory, whom she seemingly had groomed to be her own executioner.

Mustafa al-Akbar [b. 1544 A.D., i. 1571 A.D., d. 1584 A.D.]

A Turkish immortal who died for the first time at the Battle of Lepanto. He joined the Muslim pirates that preyed on the North African coast, until he was killed in a shipboard battle with Sebastian.

Nanri Shigeya [b. 915 A.D., i. 935 A.D., (1189 A.D.)]

A Japanese peasant who died during Taira Masakado's revolt, was tutored by Fujiwara Kazumaru, and subsequently killed another of Kazumaru's pupils and then became a hunter, particularly of young immortals.

Naz Akharmid [b. 722 A.D., i. 755 A.D. (846 A.D.)]

The Sheykh of the Berber Sekwasa tribe, of southern Tunisia. He was killed by Agnes Smith.

Nimrod (2000 A.D.)

A legendary immortal, rumored to be the "mighty hunter" mentioned in the Old Testament. Most immortals believe him to be a myth, but someone claiming to be the Nimrod of legend recruited Katsumi in Japan and persuaded her to come with him to New York to attack Aman and his minions.

Nodán [b. approx 2500 B.C., i. age approx. 30 (45 A.D.)]

One of the pre-Celtic inhabitants of Ireland, who fought each new wave of invaders in turn. A small man, lethal in combat, but reclusive.

Nguyen / Nguyen [i. age 16, (1188 A.D.)-(1584 A.D.)]

A Vietnamese immortal, killed as a young teen. Now a ruthless, treacherous hunter of elder immortals; he killed Techo and Kemal, among many others.
(In a so-far paradoxical timeline, he is killed by Katsumi in 1221 A.D.)

Oda Koun [b. 932 A.D., i. 961 A.D., d. 1221 A.D.]

A Japanese fisherman who drowned at sea, and was discovered by another immortal who claimed to have been taught by Susano-wo, the god of storms. Oda Koun became a warrior, but continued to live among fishing villages, sometimes becoming a fisherman and sometimes a pirate. He was killed by Takeda no Katsumi.

Otto Maximillian / Ludwig Von Kesselnau [??- d. 1918 A.D.]

A German immortal of uncertain age, a General in the Kaiser's army. He was treacherously killed after a duel with Reynald by Laurent Gilliard.

Payal Khurjekar [b. 982 A.D., i. 1002 A.D. (1917 A.D.)]

A Hindu woman from southern India, and servant of Aman. In WWI England, she met Geoffrey Stone and Elainne Dunaway, and took Elainne as her pupil.
982 A.D. Born in Madura, in southern India.
1000 A.D. Sent to Gujurat to be engaged to Prince Prithvi Rai. The journey and the subsequent preparations take two years.
1002 A.D. On the eve of her wedding, Mahmud of Ghazni raids Gujurat. Her fiancee is beheaded, and she is strangled to death after stabbing a Muslim commander in the groin.
1020-1024 A.D. Learns mysticism from a Hindu immortal at the temple to Shiva in Somnath.
1026-1029 A.D. When Mahmud of Ghazni raids Somnath and destroys the temple, she accompanies his forces back to Ghazni, disguised as a slave, and spends these years spying in his palace.
1029 A.D. Massacres Mahmud's harem, confronts the Sultan, and kills a Muslim immortal before fleeing Ghazin.
1222 A.D. Comes to the Temple of Immortals, and plots with Katsumi to slay the elders there. Konji interferes, and she flees.
1584 A.D. Meets Sebastian, as a servant of Aman in North Africa.
1917 A.D. Appears in England, meets Geoffrey, takes the fledgling immortal Elainne under her wing, blows up the Gloucester Abbey, and brings their records to Ireland to give to the ancient immortal Connaire.
2000 A.D. Accosts Stasi at his office in Virginia and attempts to steal his genetic research on immortals.

Penelope [b. 550 B.C., i. 523 B.C. (851 A.D.)]

An Athenian immortal who has survived over the centuries as a courtesan/prostitute, rarely leaving Athens.
538 A.D. Comes to Constantinople with Alexander of Sparta, seeking an audience with the Emperor and Empress, and meets the fledgling Valerius.
851 A.D. Gives Antonella Gallini money to get her from Athens to Britain.

Persius Romulus Solus [b. 600 B.C., i. 560 B.C., d. 198 B.C.]

Rome's oldest immortal until he was killed (possibly by Scathach), mentored by an immortal who was present at the founding of Rome ("Romulus"?). Persius mentored Gaius and Achilleus, among others. Persius was in fact originally a Greek.

Petres / Piotr / Peter [b. 346 A.D., i. 375 A.D., d. 799 A.D.]

346 A.D. Born on the Black Sea coast, among the Ostrogoth peoples
375 A.D. Killed during the Hun invasion that drove the Ostrogoths west
375-488 A.D. Plundered Balkan coast with the Ostrogoths, occasionally served the Romans as a mercenary
488 A.D. Joined Theodoric's campaign against Odoacer in Italy
488-536 A.D. Served as a warrior in the Ostrogothic Kingdom in Italy
536 A.D. Tried to kill Valerius during the siege of Rome
536-555 A.D. Joined brigand gangs that raided throughout Italy
555 A.D. Converted to Christianity
556-590 A.D. Joined missions to convert the Slavic tribes
620 A.D. Traveled to Britain for early missions to convert the Angles and Saxons
640 A.D. Became a monk, stayed in British monastaries for the next 153 years
793 A.D. Discovered Agnes Smith at Lindesfarne, just after Hygar raided there
793-799 A.D. Mentored Agnes in Mercia, then brought her to London
799 A.D. Returned to Lindesfarne to duel Hygar, and was killed by the Viking immortal

Philip [b. 50 A.D., i. 71 A.D. (857 A.D.)]

A Greek slave adopted by Alexander of Sparta, and trained to the peak of physical perfection, before Alexander had him killed to awaken his immortality. In 849, he met Agnes and Antonella, and abducted the younger woman to train as his own fledgling. By 857, she had left, and he was alone in Sparta again.

Reynald / Guillaume [b. 812 A.D., i. 839 A.D. (1918 A.D.)]

A Carolingian knight killed during the Norse assault on Dorestad, who continued to serve Charles the Bald after his immortality. Later took the name of his mentor, while helping Sir Percy Blakeney sneak French aristocrats out of France during the Revolution.

Rhian [b. 600 B.C., i. 563 B.C. (60 A.D.)]

A Celtic queen of Britain when she became immortal, remained a queen until the arrival of the Romans. Also a formidable hunter, though not an obsessive one.

Rhys ap Cynned [b. 190 B.C., i. 165 B.C., d. 45 A.D.]

A hot-headed British Celt, born in what is now Wales. Killed by Achilleus.

Roland [b. 440 A.D., i. 468 A.D., d. 778 A.D.]

A Frankish immortal who served in Charlemagne's army, and was slain in the valley of Roncevalles when his army was ambushed by Basques, and he was beheaded by Unai.

Sadko [(1689 A.D.)]

A Russian bear-trainer who encountered the fledgling Ilya Anastasia Shuisky in Moscow. He claimed at that time to be about 1000 years old.

Sancho Aristeles [b. 544 A.D., i. 575 A.D. (855 A.D.)]

A Spanish immortal (originally a Suevi, killed during the Visigoth invasion of the Suevi Kingdom) whom Agnes met in the Kingdom of Asturia; she later became his partner and lover as he ran a merchant caravan across Europe.

Scathach (pronounced "Ska-hah") [i. age 26 (?) (199 B.C.)-(60 A.D.)]

A Gaul who came to the Isle of Man for seclusion, possibly fleeing immortals who hunted her in Europe. She occasionally mentors Irish immortals, including Cuculainn and Ciaran. A very formidable woman warrior whose preferred weapon is the spear.

Scipio [??- d. 236 B.C.]

A Roman immortal whom Persius mentioned being a student of his, slain by a "barbarian" immortal.

SEBASTIAN AFONSO DA SERRA VASCONCELOS [b. 1547 A.D., i. 1578 A.D. (2000 A.D.)]
Picture] [Archived Stories]

A Portuguese knight who joined King Don Sebastian's crusade to Morocco, and died with him at the Battle of Alcazar Kabir.
1578-1584 A.D. Captured by Kemal ibn-Hakim, taken to Damascus to be mentored, until Kemal is killed by Nguyen
1584-1589 A.D. Travels to Malta and joins the Knights Hospitaler, until he falls overboard after a duel at sea with Mustafa al-Akbar
1589-1594 A.D. Trapped at the bottom of the Mediterannean in his plate armor, finally revives from his comatose state, as the Quickening becomes strong enough to enable him to turn water into oxygen
1594 A.D. Travels through Tunis, meets Katherine in her desert chapel, and encounters Aman's band. He joins Aman and travels with him to Abyssinia (Ethiopia).
1677 A.D. Independent again and seeking to build his own fortunes, he travels to the Portuguese colony of Brazil, and encounters the newly-immortal Zumbi. The two have a contentious mentor-student relationship.
2000 A.D. Although he has gone his own way during the intervening centuries, he has now apparently rejoined Aman, and was last seen trying (unsuccessfully) to recruit Zumbi in Brazil.

Semoch [(179 B.C.)-(65 A.D.)]

A Mediterannean immortal of uncertain origins, but probably quite old. He is primarily concerned with recording history so it's not lost, and usually works as a librarian or archivist.

Shiden [?? (1189 A.D.)]

According to Kazumaru, the oldest Japanese immortal, who has retired from the Game and is dwelling in a monastary.

SIGMUND VALISSON [b. 975 A.D., i. 999 A.D. (2000 A.D.)
Archived Stories]

A Finn who grew up on Greenland, and joined Thorfinn Karlsefni's expedition to colonize "Vinland" (Newfoundland). The Viking colony was wiped out by "Skraelings" (Native Americans); Sigmund is the only survivor.]
999 A.D. Travels south, and allies with the Makoki tribe, until they are wiped out by the Beothuk.
1000 A.D. Comes to the Appalachian mountains, where he settles with another tribe, marries a mentally retarded woman named Olina, and settles there for a three decades.
1034 A.D. Olina dies, and Sigmund prepares to move on.
2000 A.D. Having spent nearly a thousand years living in the wilds of North America, Sigmund approaches Casca in his Arizona retreat.

Swain (??, d. 1642 A.D.)]

An English immortal, a former peasant who was hung in England and moved to the island of St. Croix after returning from the dead. He was killed in 1642.

Synhyfar [b. 71 B.C., i. 55 B.C. (45 A.D.)]

A Celtic girl born in southern Britian, she was tortured, disfigured, and killed by the Romans during their first invasion of Britain. She bore a tremendous hatred for all invaders thereafter.

Tanethlon [b. 998 B.C., i. 961 B.C. (60 A.D.)]

An Achean immortal who left Greece and came to Britain approximately 500 B.C., and lived among the British Celts thereafter.

Tawanaki [(1000 A.D.)]

A Native American immortal living on the east coast of North America when the fledgling Sigmund discovers him.

Techo / Pilaetus [b. 1500 B.C., i 1472 B.C., d. 1188 A.D.]

A Phoenician immortal, a resident of Carthage for many centuries, and later native to Palestine. Techo was killed by Nguyen.
1500 B.C. Born on an Aegean island, becomes a sailor and a ship captain
1470 B.C. Drowns during a storm at sea. Washes ashore on Crete and is killed by Minoan villagers. Comes back to life again and is discovered by a Minoan immortal, who mentors him.
1470 B.C.-1425 B.C. With his mentor, resists the Mycanean invasion of the Aegean
1425 B.C.-1200 B.C. Continues living mostly as a mariner, traveling the Mediterranean
1200 B.C.-1000 B.C. Settles in Libya after the Dorian Migrations eradicate Minoan culture and that of his native people. Gradually moves east, living in Egypt, then Palestine, sometimes becoming a sailor again for a decade or two.
1000 B.C.-814 B.C. Joins the Phoenician confederation and becomes a Phoenecian sailor, traveling the Mediterranean again, and as far west as the British isles.
814 B.C. Joins an expedition to North Africa to establish the new city of Carthage
814 B.C.-146 B.C. Lives in Carthage this entire period (though he does continue making frequent sea voyages, as a Phoenician, then Carthaginian, trader)
146 B.C. After Rome destroys Carthage, leaves the city with the fledgling Danacia, taking her to Anatolia
146 B.C.-132 B.C. Lives in Pergamum with Danacia, until Achilleus arrives there and kills his pupil
132 B.C.-208 A.D. Flees the Roman sphere of influence entirely, travels to the Far East, spending time in India, Tibet, Mongolia and China. After becoming involved in a Chinese civil war, choosing the wrong side, he finally leaves China, returning to Europe through Siberia and passing down through the Slavic tribes.
208 A.D.-536 A.D. Travels all over Europe, spends a lot of time in Rome and then Constantinople, befriends Casca in the latter city.
536-538 A.D. Discovers the fledgling Valerius during the Ostrogoth siege of Rome, rescues him from Petres and becomes his mentor.
538 A.D. Takes Valerius to Constantinople to meet Casca.
635 A.D. Living in Syria, discovers the fledgling Kemal in Damascus and mentors him.
789 A.D.-848 A.D. Travelling in Africa
848-857 A.D. Reunites with Kemal in Carthage, accompanies his wives Agnes and Antonella to Rome, then returns with to Kemal in Sicily. Travels with him to Egypt, then returns with him to Tunisia, and goes from there to rejoin Agnes in Pamplona.
1188 A.D. In a fishing village in Lebanon, he is ambushed and killed by Nguyen.

TITANIA DE CHARBONNEAU [b. 1784 A.D., i. 1806 A.D. (2000 A.D.)]
Picture] [Archived Stories]

A French aristocrat who barely made it out of Paris as the Revolutionaries killed her parents, Titania was on a trip to London from her home in Devon, when she was run over by a carriage while trying to save a small boy who'd gotten in the way.
1806 A.D. Captured by Roche, a.k.a. Loki, and taken down into the sewers of London, where she is rescued by Donner, after Loki kills one of her brothers.
1840s Establishes a secret club for immortals, "La Lame," in London.
1917 A.D. Meets Geoffrey Stone at La Lame, while going by the name "Tatiana."

Tosakan [b. 202 A.D., i. 223 A.D., d. 1222 A.D.]

One of the ancients at the Temple of Immortals, originally from Siam (Thailand). He was killed by Katsumi when she and Payal went on a killing spree in the Temple.

Tyballus [(849 A.D.)]

A hunter mentioned by Philip.

Unai [b. 1400 B.C., i. 1465 B.C., d. 827 A.D.]

An ancient Basque immortal. He lurked in the Pyrenees for centuries, ambushing and killing any other immortal who came through, until he attacked Kemal ibn-Hakim, who was returning to Spain, and lost that duel.

VALERIUS ARISTARCHUS [b. 508 A.D., i. 536 A.D. (538 A.D.)]
Picture] [Archived Stories]

Former Komes of Imperial Bukellarii under Belisarius, in the Imperial Byzantine army, he was killed during the Ostrogoth siege of Rome. The ancient immortal Pilaetus (aka Techo) discovered him, saved him from a Goth immortal (Piotr/Peter), and mentored him.
538 A.D. Techo brings him to Constantinople to meet Casca. Valerius has an affair with Penelope.

Victoria (Wing-Mei) Yeh [b. 1970 A.D., i. 1998 A.D. (2000 A.D.)

A Hong Kong singer and movie actress, mentored by Jun Shan. She recently hired Ingvar as her bodyguard during the Gathering.

WINTER SNOW [b. 1605 A.D., i. 1631 A.D. (1631 A.D.)]
Archived Stories]

A member of the Pahsayung tribe of the Lenni Lenape (Unami branch), later known as the Delaware, slain during an ambush by Susquehannok warriors, who were encouraged by the Dutch.
1631 A.D. Captured after her first death by the Dutch immortal Jeroen Swaanswijk.

ZUMBI [b. 1655 A.D., i. 1677 A.D., (2000 A.D.)
Picture] [Archived Stories]

Born in the Brazilian "macaroon" colony of Palmares, leader of the escaped slaves who resisted Portuguese colonials. He was mentored (somwhat unwillingly) by Sebastian. In the centuries following, he became a tireless revolutionary, fighting bloody class warfare throughout South and Central America. By the year 2000, he has an extensive network throughout the Western hemisphere, including everyone from Marxist guerillas to peace activists to drug lords.

FAMOUS/NOTABLE MORTALS who have appeared during the game

Æthelwulf, Æthelbald, and Alfred

Agnes Smith and Antonella met King Æthelwulf of Wessex, and his young son Alfred, in Rome in 848. Years later, Antonella traveled to Britain and became the mistress of Æthelbald, Æthelwulf's son.

Boadicea (60 A.D.)

A Celtic Queen who led a revolt against the Romans. Ciaran MacRory served as an advisor in her court before leaving for Rome on his quest for the Stone of Destiny.

Caractacus (60 A.D.)

A Celtic chieftain who led an unsuccessful revolt against the Romans, and was taken back to Rome to be paraded before the Emperor. In 60 A.D., Scathach and Ciaran MacRory came to see him, seeking aid in their search for Achilleus.

Cuculainn [b. 47 B.C., d. 20 B.C.]

A student of Scathach's, the most formidable warrior Ireland had ever seen, despite being a mortal. He lost his head at the Battle of Murthemny Plain.

Kwanch'ang, Kim Yu-Sin, Sadaham (1221 A.D.)

Three famous Hwarang warriors of Korea, some of whom may have been immortal. In 1221, three mortal Hwarang bearing their names encountered Takeda no Katsumi, Kemal ibn-Hakim, and Konji Inson.

Tomoe Gozen [b. 1160 A.D., d. 1195 A.D.]

The wife of Minamoto Yoshitaka, and Katsumi's mentor. Although a mortal, she was a phenomenal swordswoman, and killed at least one elder immortal in a duel. She committed seppuku while dying of breast cancer.

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