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Rules for Highlander: 2000
The Gathering


  1. Introduction
  2. Nature of the Campaign
  3. Character Sheets
  4. New Characters -- Guidelines for Submission


HDR has been running since August, 1995. It's my longest-running online game, and it's one I've never tired of. The players have been wonderful, and many of the characters, both PCs and NPCs, have become as beloved to me as any characters from favorite works of fiction. I have high standards for this game.

HDR is loosely based on the Highlander movies and TV series. The characters are all immortals, like those in the series -- however, the "real" Highlander characters do not exist in the game. You will not meet Connor or Duncan MacLeod, or the Kurgan, or Methos, or Richie, or Amanda, et al. HDR features its own cast of starring characters -- the PCs.

I also deviate from Highlander "canon" to suit the needs of my game, though I try to keep my own canon consistent. What has resulted from my attempts to integrate cinematic action with gritty realism is a game that is really more of a mythic/historical campaign than a gothic fantasy.

I archive all HDR threads -- every storyline in the game thus far can be found on my archives page. You can browse through these to get an idea of what the game is like and what has happened in the past.


Originally, HDR did not take place in the present day, like the Highlander, the TV show. It took place across many centuries. Rather than letting people create immortals who are already hundreds of years old, I made each Player Character begin at the point of his or her first death, when s/he became an immortal, and we played out the character's subsequent life.

We didn't roleplay every year of the character's life, of course, or given the nature of online games, no one would ever age significantly. Every PC's thread was divided between roleplaying time and narrative time. Roleplaying time is when we actually played out the events of a character's life, and sometimes covered a few weeks or several years in detail. Narrative time occured between roleplayed threads; I moved the character forward in the timeline, from a few years to decades or even centuries, and we resumed roleplaying the character's life at the next juncture in history. Between the player and the GM, we "backfilled" the intervening period and decided what the PC did during this time.

This means that HDR was usually a collection of solo threads. Most threads were me and the player, one-on-one. Player Character interaction was the exception, rather than the norm. I like to see PC interaction, of course, and created some multiple-player threads by bringing in other players to take over NPCs. Getting two original PCs together was difficult, though, since most everyone was in a different time period.

Highlander 2000: The Gathering

I no longer have the time to run so many independent storylines for such a long period of time. But HDR deserves a climactic finish, with closure for all characters. Thus, I am now advancing all PCs to the present day. All old characters will be permitted to write their histories from the time that our last thread left off until the year 2000. (See my new rules page.)

At long last, the Gathering has arrived.

This does not mean that HDR will be reduced to a big deathmatch, however. Some immortals take "There can be only one" very seriously, and assume that the Gathering means all remaining immortals will fight each other to the last. But PCs are not obligated to adhere to this belief (though they will have to figure out what the Gathering does signify, and contend with all the hunters who will be coming out of the woodwork....).

How long will the campaing last? I don't know -- depending on how much time I have to maintain it, we might end up running for as long in the modern day as we did in the past. I will make an effort to wrap it all up, one way or the other, before we end, though.


Of course, there are stories yet to be told about our characters' pasts. In this new incarnation of HDR, I will use the gimmick frequently seen in the movie and TV series, "Flashback" episodes. These will be threads where we run a storyline that has happened in the past. This will give both myself and my players the opportunity to cover important events in each immortal's life that we really didn't want to just skip over in narrative time.

Flashbacks present complications in an RPG, of course -- permanent changes (like death...) that occur in a flashback may be hard to reconcile with the present-day character.

In order to handle this, players will have to accept that flashback threads may involve more GM fiat than usual -- often the outcome of a duel will be predetermined, for example. There is more on how I will handle flashbacks on the Theatrix Rules page.


I used to use my own rules for GURPS Highlander. However, I am now using Theatrix. Check out the Theatrix Highlander page for an explanation of why, and how to convert a GURPS Highlander character or create a new one.


I encourage players to submit an image of their character, whether it is your own artwork or a (non-copyrighted) illustration or photograph from elsewhere. A character illustration will earn 2 Plot Points.

New Characters

At this time, I am not accepting submissions for new immortals. The game will primarily consist of existing players continuing their old characters. However, there may be opportunities for new players to take over the roles of NPCs, or former player characters that have been abandoned. If you are interested in taking on such a role, first you should know which character you want to play, which requires being somewhat familiar with the HDR storyline. Check out the list of characters, and the archived stories, and let me know if there's a character you'd like to take over.

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