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John Smith

John Smith

Jonathan Richard Smith was born in London in 1584 A.D. He became an immortal while a colonist in the Jamestown settlement. Since then, he has alternated between sailing the seas and living in Virginia. An affable gentleman with a tendency to use ten words to express what others would say with two (and then apologize for his garrulousness afterwards), John is well known to other immortals as a gallant, honorable soul. He has spent the vast majority of his life living in America, and is a true "Southern gentleman" (he fought with the Confederacy during the Civil War, even though he was personally opposed to slavery). However, he paradoxically regards himself as both a Virginian and an Englishman, but not an American (despite the fact that he's held U.S. citizenship since there was such a thing).

As a mainstay in the HDR universe, the character sheet below uses John as an example of a Theatrix Highlander character. John is a fairly average 400 year-old immortal -- he's competent, but not super-competent, he's well-rounded but has no exceptional abilities, and most of his skills reflect the various professions he's engaged in (however briefly) during his four centuries alternating between being a sailor and a Virginia landowner. By mortal standards, he is a swordsman par excellance; by immortal standards, he's just good enough to have survived as long as he has.


Strength: 5.5
Stamina: 4.5
Coordination: 5.5
Intellect: 4.5
Intuition: 4.0
Presence: 4.0


Primary: Southern/English Gentleman (free)
John is a classy fellow, and his noble bearing is readily apparent to anyone who meets him. He tends to get automatic positive reactions from women, Southerners, English, and Anglophiles. Spending a plot point will allow him to impress anyone who moves in those circles, and possibly call in appropriate favors.

Sailor (Simple)
John was originally a sailor, and periodically hears the call of the ocean, whenever he spends too many years living on dry land. While he hasn't kept up with all the latest nautical technology, he'll never be lost aboard a ship, and he can always find kinship with fellow men of the sea. Spending a plot point might let him ingratiate himself with a ship's captain enough to get a berth, perform an unfamiliar task aboard an unfamiliar ship competently, sense a storm coming, or get any other information that an old salt's intuition might tell him.

Immortal Reputation: Popular and Respected (Complex)
John is a stand-up guy, and nearly every immortal who knows him likes him. Except for hunters, of course, and they usually avoid him -- he's not the best swordsman around, but he's no slouch, and they prefer easier prey. Not to mention that John has a lot of friends who'd be happy to avenge him.

Immortal Allies: Akiko Inoue, Mamie Connors & Eleanor Yee (Average × 3)
While many immortals know and like John, these three feel sufficiently indebted to him that they'd willingly drop what they're doing and come running if he actually asked them for help

Somewhat Wealthy (at the upper end of Average)
John owns some land in Virginia, and a yacht, and he's saved up a fair amount over the years. Like most immortals, he's also cached gold and other valuables in a few places. He's actually been much richer in the past, but his burgeoning business empire collapsed after World War I. He could probably raise a million dollars or so if he had to, but he lives an upscale but not luxurious lifestyle.


Specialties are noted in [brackets]

Swordsmanship [Single-edged blades]: 6.5
Fencing: 4.5
Knife [as a second fencing weapon]: 5.0
Brawling: 4.0
Wrestling: 4.0
Pistols: 5.0
Rifles: 4.0
Staff & Polearms: 4.0
Throwing [Knives]: 2.5
Blackpowder Weapons: 4.0 (Note that Pistol or Rifle skill would be used to fire these weapons, but this skill is needed to properly maintain them.

Military Tactics: 3.0
Leadership: 2.5
Disguise: 2.0

Survival [Woodland]: 3.0
Swimming: 4.0
Seamanship [Sailing vessels]: 5.0
Driving: 1.5
Riding Horses: 2.0

Business Skills: 2.0
Farming [Tobacco]: 1.5
Horse-Breeding: 1.0
Writing: 2.0
Using Computers: 0.1

Knowledge of Virginia: 5.0
Knowledge of London: 3.0
Knowledge of the Seven Seas: 4.0

Quickening Powers

Quickening Sense: 3.0
Quickened Healing: 2.0
Breath Quickening 2.0

Personality Traits

Chivalrous (Extreme)
Loves the Sea (Strong)
Loves Virginia (Strong)
Verbose (Moderate)


English: Native
French: Fluent
German: Fluent
Italian: Fluent
Portuguese: Conversational
Spanish: Conversational

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