Angel of Birds
Ofanite Master of Animals

Corporeal Forces -- 6Strength 12Agility 12
Ethereal Forces -- 5Intelligence 9Precision 11
Celestial Forces -- 5Will 8Perception 12
Word Forces: 14
Vessels: Phoenix/6, Swan/6, Penguin/4, Passenger Pigeon/1, Dodo/1
Skills: Acrobatics/6, Detect Lies/3, Dodge/6, Emote/4, Fighting/5, Knowledge (Birds/6, Birds in Art/3, Migration Routes/6), Singing/6, Survival/6, Swimming/6
Songs: Affinity (Ethereal/3), Beasts (all/6), Cacophony (Corporeal/6, Ethereal/3), Dreams (Corporeal/2), Feet/6, Form (all/4), Healing (Corporeal/4), Motion (all/6), Nimbus (Celestial/6), Projection (Corporeal/4), Sight (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/6, Celestial/1), Storms (all/2), Talons (a variant of Claws)/6, Thunder/4, Tongues (all/3), Wings/6

Attunements: Ofanite of Animals, Animal Magnetism, Call of the Wild, Songmaster, Master of the Creature Within, Angel of Birds

Special Attunement: As the Angel of Birds, Arael may use his Call of the Wild and Animal Magnetism attunements and the Songs of Beasts on birds (or to take avian form) for free.

Special Rites: All of Jordi's rites, but Arael gets double the Essence if the animal in question is a bird (e.g., he receives 2 Essence for living in a city for a full day as a bird, or for rescuing a bird from humanity); inspire a human with a love and appreciation of birds; inspire an artist to incorporate a bird into one of his works (granted by Eli).

Arael is not the most powerful of Jordi's Servitors, but he's almost the oldest. With a natural talent for singing, he knows a vast repertoire of Songs, and he is one of Jordi's only Songmasters. He began flying the Earth when the only other flying things were insects, and they fascinated him. When the first gliding reptiles began throwing themselves off cliffs, Arael was the first to notice. When, in the course of time, dinosaurs began hatching with feathers, he became entranced and could hardly wait the millennia it took to witness the next stage in avian evolution. He was given his Word before mammals had one.

The Angel of Birds surprised everyone, especially Jordi, when he spoke up in defense of mankind. When the hairless apes first started causing problems, most angels of Animals agreed with their master that humans were more trouble than they were worth. But Arael saw something in the way these new thinking creatures watched the birds of the air -- they gazed on Arael's kind and saw not just meals on wings, but something that inspired wonder and awe.

To this day, Arael is friendlier to mankind than most of Jordi's Servitors. This is not to say he isn't disgusted at the extermination of the dodo and the passenger pigeon, or by chicken processing plants. But he believes mankind envies birds, and he is flattered when humans use birds in their symbolism and artwork. Arael believes birds can inspire humans to dream and fill them with appreciation for God's creatures. The Archangel Eli even gave Arael a special Rite for his attention to human creation. Jordi doesn't really understand his servant's interest in human works . . . though he was perversely amused when Arael showed him what Hitchcock produced with a little inspiration from the birds. Arael has always kept his priorities straight and never earned dissonance, though, so Jordi tolerates what he sees as birdlike eccentricity.

Among other angels of Animals, Arael is known simply as "Bird." He never takes human form. When he isn't trying to better the lot of birds who cohabit with mankind, for their mutual benefit, he is usually in the air. Like any Ofanite, he enjoys the feel of wind beneath his wings, and he's spent time traveling with Janus (who taught him the Songs of Storms).

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