Djinn of Lucifer

Corporeal Forces -- 5Strength 11Agility 9
Ethereal Forces -- 4Intelligence 10Precision 6
Celestial Forces -- 5Will 10Perception 10
Vessels: Human/6, Fly/2
Skills: Dodge/4, Fighting/5, Knowledge (Area: Hell/4, Infernal Politics/5), Large Weapon (Sword/5), Lying/4, Seduction/4, Survival (Desert/2), Tactics/1, Throwing/6
Songs: Calling (Corporeal/6, Celestial/6), Charm (Corporeal/6), Feet/4, Form (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/2), Horns/5, Light (all/3), Location (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/2, Celestial/3), Motion (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/5), Projection (all/6), Tongues (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/4, Celestial/3), Wings/3
Artifacts: Twain Sword/6 (Liber Reliquarum, p. 45), with the Summonable Feature

Attunements: None

Special Attunement: Azazel is permanently attuned to Lucifer (by Lucifer's choice, of course). He is rumored to be able to attune himself to other Superiors, without their knowledge or consent! Azazel can also "invoke" Lucifer, though there is no roll -- if he decides Lucifer's presence is required, Lucifer will appear. He's never (so far as anyone knows) made the mistake of summoning the Lightbringer needlessly.

Special Rites: Azazel has no Rites, but regains all his Essence every sunset, and whenever he rolls an Infernal Intervention.

A Djinn with no attunements, no Distinctions, and no Word would appear to be pretty low in the infernal hierarchy. In fact, Azazel occupies a very privileged position in Hell: he is Lucifer's personal secretary.

Azazel was one of Lucifer's first followers, and he carried the Morningstar's banner when the Rebellion began. Since the Fall, he has been Lucifer's constant and faithful servant, as loyal now as when he was a Cherub. For his loyalty, he has never been awarded a Principality, nor has he been gifted with unique and powerful attunements or secret Songs. If appearances are to be believed, he is simply Lucifer's best friend, a servant who serves of his own free will, who never expects rewards, and who has never used his position for his own advantage.

Such an appearance is virtually impossible to believe in Hell, of course, so rumors abound of Azazel's true nature. He is often sent as an emissary to speak for the Dark Lord, and has taken the guise of Satan as Lucifer's stand-in on Earth, so some demons believe Azazel really is Lucifer. Others say he is Lucifer's son. Others say he's actually an unFallen Cherub, a former Servitor of Light who simply could not abandon his master no matter what. Azazel greets all speculation with a disdainful smile.

Though technically he has no rank, Azazel is recognized by everyone, and being Lucifer's personal secretary gives him the equivalent of diplomatic immunity and a free pass anywhere in Hell. No one, not even a Prince, would dare to hinder or threaten him. Of course such privileges could be abused, and presumably Lucifer would have a word with Azazel if that happened, but as far as anyone knows, it never has.

Azazel keeps appointments, delivers messages, and acts as Lucifer's eyes, ears and mouthpiece. Those who wish an audience with the Darkest of Dark Lords usually seek one through his secretary. Other Princes assume Azazel is always spying for his master, and become nervous when he arrives at their gates, even though Lucifer almost never sends Azazel to deliver threats (those, he's more likely to either deliver personally or convey through far subtler means).

Of course Azazel is a prime candidate for bribery and currying of favors. The Djinn has turned down offers of attunements and Distinctions from almost every Prince, but he does enjoy a free table with unlimited drinks at any establishment in Shal-Mari. He is simultaneously unassuming and very visible, yet one of Hell's most mysterious figures. He enjoys privileges accorded to no one else, but seems content with almost nothing in the way of rewards, save the prestige of his position.

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