Soldier of God
in service to the Wind

Andy Twill, Soldier of the Wind
Corporeal Forces -- 2Strength 3Agility 3
Ethereal Forces -- 2Intelligence 2Precision 4
Celestial Forces -- 2Will 3Perception 4*
* increased independently
Advantages: Charisma +2, Status/4 (Ex-Country Music Star)
Skills: Artistry (Songwriting/2), Detect Lies/2, Emote/2, Fast-Talk/3, Fighting/3, Knowledge (Dallas/Fort Worth/4, Country Music/4), Musical Instrument (Guitar/4), Medicine/1, Ranged Weapon (Pistol/1, Rifle/2), Singing/3
Songs: Healing (Corporeal/1), Shields (Corporeal/2), Thunder/1

Andy Twill (born Andrew Meecham) was a country singer who started to get popular in the early 90s. He never became a superstar, but several of his songs did make the Country Music Top 40. Along with fame and success came drugs, booze, women, and a hard-partying lifestyle that almost killed him.

It was an Angel of the Wind who rescued him. Andy was heading towards his Fate, but an angel talked him into putting his tour on hold, and instead took him around the country to see both terrible and amazing sights, and to clear his head and make him reevaluate his life. That angel had also recognized that Andy was able to hear disturbances in the Symphony (which he had previously attributed to madness, and which his drug abuse was in part trying to silence).

Andy realized the celebrity life was not good for him and not what he wanted. He used his earnings to buy a ranch outside of Fort Worth, and ever since he has lived there in relative obscurity. However, being a servant of the Wind, angels of the Wind who pass through the Metroplex know his ranch is a good place to rest, plan, or recruit help. Andy will drive any Windies anywhere they want to go, and do whatever they need. For the most part, he'll also help any other angels who can prove to him they are angels. Celestial politics are something he is only vaguely aware of and not really interested in, so the relationship between an angel's Superior and Janus doesn't make much difference to Andy. He will give priority to angels of the Wind, though.

His ranch is middling in size, with a few horses and some fields he leases out to local farmers. It's not far from the highway. He has about half a dozen employees, but only one (a live-in housekeeper) knows about his involvement with angels. The others are used to Andy having strange visitors at all hours.

Anyone who is a fan of country music might recognize his name, but for the most part, he's been in retirement and off the charts for nearly ten years now.

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