Triad of Judgment -- Dallas

These three Servitors of Judgment have been assigned as Dallas' local triad. They operate as a roving news team for the Dallas Morning News. (The fact that they're backed up by the Terriel allows them to keep their Press IDs even though they almost never actually turn in a story.)


Seraph of Judgment

Angus, Seraph of Judgment
Corporeal Forces — 2Strength 4Agility 4
Ethereal Forces — 3Intelligence 7Precision 5
Celestial Forces — 5Will 10Perception 10
Vessels: Human/3 (male)
Role: "Angus McGruder," Photographer/3, Status/2
Skills: Detect Lies/2, Driving/2, Fighting/2, Forceprinting/3, Knowledge (Dallas/2, Photography/2), Language (English/3, Spanish/3), Ranged Weapons (Pistol/3), Singing/1
Songs: Faith (Ethereal/4), Light (Corporeal/3), Truthswearing/4
Artifacts: Forceprinter/4 (camera), Talisman (Pistol/2)

Attunements: Seraph of Judgment, Ofanite of Judgment, Incarnate Law

Angus has been on Earth for almost a century now and is an experienced triad member. He's spent much of his time in Texas, and has developed a Texas drawl and a fondness for cowboy apparel. The Seraph rarely speaks, however. He prefers his companions to ask the questions, while he simply resonates. Because Dominic is suspicious of goings-on in Dallas, particularly regarding Tethers, he has had Angus learn how to use a Forceprinter (Liber Reliquarum, p. 62), and the triad frequently spends time tracking celestials in DFW by the "prints" they leave behind.

Angus' vessel is a tall, thin man in his early 60s with long white hair and a curly mustache. He usually wears boots, jeans, a checkered shirt, and a hat. He is for the most part a noncombatant, but he's a competent brawler and a good shot with the pistol he carries. (He also has a concealed carry permit.)


Mercurian of Judgment

Rosalina, Mercurian of Judgment
Corporeal Forces -- 2Strength 3Agility 5
Ethereal Forces -- 4Intelligence 8Precision 8
Celestial Forces -- 3Will 5Perception 7
Vessels: Human/2 (female), Charisma +2
Role: "Roberta Vasquez," Reporter/3, Status/3
Skills: Computer Operation/2, Detect Lies/2, Dodge/1, Driving/2, Emote/2, Fast-Talk/4, Knowledge (Dallas/3, Mexico/3, Journalism/2), Language (English/3, Spanish/4), Lockpicking/2, Move Silently/3
Songs: Harmony (all/3), Tongues (all/2)

Attunements: Mercurian of Judgment, Elohite of Judgment

Rosalina's first triad assignment was Mexico, but she was reassigned to Dallas a few years ago. She's the only member of her triad who actually cares to do some occasional actual reporting, especially when she can expose criminals and unethical government officials or businessmen.

As "Roberta Vasquez," the Mercurian has some contacts in the Hispanic community, and is occasionally called by civil rights leaders when they want her to cover a story. She is a fairly devout Catholic, and attends Mass regularly. She's well-known and liked by angels of the Sword. Her vessel is a dark-skinned, dark-haired beauty who usually wears conservative business suits.

Rosalina gets along fairly well with the Seraph Angus, though she's been unsuccessful at giving him a fashion makeover.


Malakite of Judgment

Torveil, Malakite of Judgment
Corporeal Forces -- 4Strength 8Agility 8
Ethereal Forces -- 2Intelligence 3Precision 5
Celestial Forces -- 4Will 9Perception 7
Vessels: Dog/4, Human/2 (male)
Role: "Tor" (guard dog)/2, Status/1
Skills: Acrobatics/3, Fighting/5, Ranged Weapon (Pistol/2), Move Silently/3, Running/4, Tracking/4
Songs: Charm (Corporeal/4), Claws/4, Fangs/6, Light (Celestial/4), Shields (all/2), Wings/3

Attunements: Malakite of Judgment

Additional Malakite Oaths: Let no angel sin in my presence, Never allow sentiment to affect my actions

Torviel ("Tor" as Angus and Roberta call him in his canine form) is a grim and taciturn Virtue. He speaks little and is quite comfortable letting the Mercurian do the talking and the Seraph give the orders. He's a combat monster who gives the impression of being bored and inattentive when there's no one to bite -- but this would be a false impression. As a German Shepherd, he lolls about in Roberta's car and plays the role of a big, lazy dog . . . until the time comes to fight, and then he's a snarling engine of destruction who sinks his teeth gleefully into diabolical and Hellsworn flesh.

Dominic assigned Torviel to the Dallas triad because he wanted them to have enough "bite" to scare demons and earn the respect of the militant angels in the Metroplex. Torviel watches angels keenly and will spring into action (and demand his partners do the same) if he thinks any angel is acting inappropriately. He avoids making friends so that he'll never risk feeling compromised.

He mostly remains in his canine vessel, but will occasionally assume the form of a young, dark-haired male when the triad must go places where dogs are not allowed.

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