Malakite Friend of Fire

Iahmel, Malakite Friend of Fire
Corporeal Forces — 4Strength 8Agility 8
Ethereal Forces — 3Intelligence 5Precision 7
Celestial Forces — 5Will 10Perception 10
Vessels: Human/4 (male), Human/2 (male)
Role: "Carl Van Meter," Telephone Wire Repairman/3, Status/2
Skills: Acrobatics/1, Climbing/3, Dodge/2, Driving/2, Electronics/2, Engineering/2, Fighting/5, Knowledge (Dallas/4), Lockpicking/2, Move Silently/2, Running/3
Songs: Fire (Corporeal/4), Attraction (Celestial/3), Motion (all/2)

Attunements: Malakite of Fire, Dance of the Atoms, Smite, Friend of the Divine Spark

Special Rites: Purify a source of flame that has been corrupted by diabolicals

Additional Malakite Oaths: I will punish anyone I witness using flame cruelly, I will not be distracted from my current mission by anything but an order from Gabriel

Iahmel was once one of Gabriel's favored Servitors, a celestial hitman given assignments by the Archangel of Fire personally. About twelve years ago, he finished his last mission, in Dallas, and waited for Gabriel to come tell him his next assignment. She has yet to do so.

Rather than believe that Gabriel has forgotten about him, Iahmel believes she has a reason for leaving him in Dallas. So he has stayed in the Metroplex, looking for diabolical servants, either celestial or human. He kills any he finds. In the last dozen years, he's killed about forty humans and sent at least a dozen demons to Trauma. He also punishes any mundane cruelty he encounters, but usually he doesn't kill unless he knows the sinner to be an agent of Hell.

While Iahmel is powerful and dangerous, he's also refused to take directions from angels of War, the Sword, or (especially) Judgment. He doesn't deliberately create unnecessary disturbances, but he puts a higher priority on killing Hellsworn than on preventing disturbance, so he kills mortals regardless of the consequences. Dominic's minions want him exiled from Dallas, but Dominic has been unsuccessful in persuading Soldekai to remove him. Angels serving Michael, Laurence, and David have all tried to persuade him to be just a little more cooperative, and he sometimes is... for a few weeks. Then he discovers a new agent of Hell and kills him, creates a large disturbance, and annoys everyone all over again. The militant angels of the Metroplex regard Iahmel as a loose canon, but they don't really want him gone... because they know when the time comes for a major offensive against the forces of Hell, they'll want him there.

To fellow Angels of Fire, Iahmel will be friendly and, if he has time, helpful. Of course he's much more likely to be helpful if they are willing to help him pursue his latest target, which could drag them into trouble with the other angels in the city.

The demons in the Metroplex know a Gabrielite is hunting them and their mortal minions. They haven't figured out his identity yet, so his presence keeps them on edge, and frightened. This is another reason why other angels in Dallas are willing to put up with him.

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