Ofanite of War

Martus, Ofanite of War
Corporeal Forces — 4Strength 7Agility 9
Ethereal Forces — 3Intelligence 4Precision 8
Celestial Forces — 3Will 6*Perception 7
* 1 point bought up individually
Vessels: Human/3 (male), Human/1 (male)
Role: "Matthew Clayton," minimum-wage worker/3, Status/1
Skills: Climbing/1, Computer Operation/1, Dodge/2, Driving/2, Fighting/4, Knowledge (Dallas/4), Move Silently/4, Ranged Weapon (Pistol/5), Running/3
Songs: Form (all/3), Healing (Corporeal/2), Motion (Corporeal/4)
Artifacts: Holy Pistol/3 with Concealable Feature, 6 Holy Bullets

Attunements: Ofanite of War, Malakite of War, Proficiency (Pistol)

Martus is one of Michael's favored Servitors in Dallas. He is essentially an assassin. While not as good at all-around combat as a Malakite, he is an excellent sharpshooter with his pistol, and has mastered the quick approach and the bullet-to-the-back-of-the-head. He's usually assigned to take out particular demons, and he does so quickly and quietly. An occasional hit here and there, besides the frontal assaults by Servitors of Laurence, keeps diabolicals nervous. In his Role as a somewhat shifty high-school dropout, usually working odd jobs or for minimum wage at liquor stores, Walmarts or fast-food franchises, he is able to keep an eye on a large segment of his community, and watches carefully for any signs of diabolical influence. Angels of Stone sometimes ask him to deal with a problem that they can't, and occasionally he's asked to accompany angels of the Sword as a backup gun.

Martus doesn't usually shoot mortals, even Hellsworn; too much disturbance. He has a Soldier friend who often takes care of mortal matters; otherwise, he'll use more subtle means (such as applying his resonance and finding out who is a good candidate for manipulation against his target).

In his primary vessel, Martus appears to be a lean young African-American male with dreadlocks and baggy pants, usually wearing sunglasses. He has been mistaken for a Malakite before, and usually doesn't bother to correct that misapprehension.

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