Here is Laurence as he might have been, Malakite Archangel of the Sword, leader of the Outcast Tsayadim.
Laurence, Outcast Archangel of the Sword
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Outcast Archangel of the Sword

The world is balanced on a razor's edge. Make sure you know on which side you stand.

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Laurence is a Malakite, following his own code of honor to the bitter end. He could not stand to leave Uriel's work unfinished -- old gods still hide in the Far Marches, and ethereal spirits still dare to intrude in the corporeal realm, tempting and corrupting humans as surely as demons do. Moreover, the Church -- the Holy Catholic Church, the only institution that can bring salvation to the world through God's only begotten Son -- is undefended. Heaven occupies itself with other battles as God's Church is corrupted by demons, weakened by pagan-sympathetic attitudes, and forced back by the godless advance of secular humanist philosophies.

Someone had to take a stand.

Laurence became an Archangel in the turmoil following Uriel's recall to the Higher Heavens, but rather than taking command of the Host, he turned his back on the petty politics of the Seraphim Council, and took the fight directly to the Enemy. He now spends most of his time on Earth, though many of his Servitors prowl the Marches -- the Purification Crusade never ended, as far as Laurence is concerned. His Cathedral in Heaven is all but abandoned, and it's rumored Laurence has set up his own domain somewhere in the Far Marches, an outpost deep in enemy territory.

His status as an "Outcast" is questionable -- who can really cast out an Archangel? But he left his sigil behind when he walked out of the Seraphim Council, and he does not follow orders from the General of the Host. He enforces his own laws, and does not recognize the Inquisition's authority . . . though he judges his own Servitors more harshly than Dominic would. Most of Heaven regards him as a dangerous loose cannon, a rebel who would have Fallen long ago if he weren't a Malakite. But his single-minded ferocity makes him a powerful, if dangerous ally, and some of the more militant Archangels occasionally lend him quiet support.

Laurence is uncompromisingly Catholic, and all his Servitors must be as well. He "excommunicates" Servitors who fail to defend the Church, or who question the authority of the Pope . . . or Laurence. Laurence tolerates other Christian denominations -- barely -- but regards every other religion as a "pagan cult."


Angels of the Sword must be good, obedient Catholics. Disobeying the letter or the spirit of Laurence's orders causes dissonance. Anything the Church regards as sinful is also dissonant, though this dissonance disappears if the Servitor confesses, either to a Catholic priest or to a higher-ranking angel of the Sword.

Choir Attunements


Seraphim of the Sword recognize devout Catholics on sight, and in battle, know whether their opponents are ultimately fighting for or against the Church or Heaven (in that order -- a Muslim Soldier of God would register as "against" . . .).

Cherubim (Restricted)

Cherubim of the Sword know the religious beliefs of anyone to whom they are attuned . . . and do not suffer dissonance for harming pagans or atheists.


Same as for the normal version of Laurence.

Elohim (Restricted)

When Elohim of the Sword apply their resonances, they automatically see any religious motivations in their subjects, in addition to other information, and they know what religious "buttons" to push to sway someone for or against a particular cause.

Malakim (Restricted)

When Laurence's Malakim apply their resonances, they see not only their subject's noble and ignoble deeds relative to his own standards, but relative to those of whatever religion he subscribes to . . . if any.

Kyriotates (Restricted)

Kyriotates of the Sword excel at tracking ethereals and their mortal followers. They suffer no penalties for operating on the corporeal and ethereal planes simultaneously, and can take a celestial action on each plane during the same turn (Angelic Player's Guide, p. 55).

Mercurians (Restricted)

Mercurians of the Sword can use their natural resonance to know what religion a mortal was baptized into, and what part religion plays in his life now.

Servitor Attunements

The Blade Blessing of Laurence

Same as for the normal version of Laurence.


Same as for the normal version of Laurence.


Vassal of the Sword

Laurence's Vassals can remain serious under any circumstances, even demonic provocation, and can judge the seriousness of others.

Friend of the Church

The angel can grant the above ability to other Servitors of the Sword, or to devout Catholics, up to a number of people equal to his Celestial Forces.

Master of the Divine Sacraments

Laurence's Masters must be both warriors and theologians, steeped in Catholic doctrines. They have the ability to hear confessions from other angels of the Sword, and assign penance -- a punishment or quest that will purge the confessee of a single point of dissonance. (Multiple points of dissonance must be dealt with separately, one at a time.)


Laurence is not a part of Heavenly society, but he does have dealings with some Archangels. Heaven's militant faction regards him as a resource, though not exactly an ally, but the more peaceful Archangels (especially Novalis and Blandine) find him abhorrent.

Allied: None
Associated: David, Michael
Hostile: Everyone else

Basic Rites

Chance of Invocation: 2

+1 A practice sword
+2 The Catholic Bible
+3 A high-quality sword
+4 A group of Catholics going into battle
+5 A fine sword engraved with the Lord's Prayer
+6 A sword blessed by the Pope

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