Angel of Christian Rock
Ofanite Master of the Armies of God

Paulinus, Angel of Christian Rock
Corporeal Forces — 4Strength 8Agility 8
Ethereal Forces — 4Intelligence 8Precision 8
Celestial Forces — 6Will 12Perception 12
Word Forces: 5
Vessels: Human/5 (male), Charisma +2, Human/2 (male)
Role: "Paul Ridder," Christian rock singer/4, Status/4
Skills: Artistry (Songwriting/3, Guitar/4), Detect Lies/4, Dodge/5, Emote/5, Fighting/3, Knowledge (Dallas/2, Christian Music/5), Large Weapon (Sword/4), Ranged Weapon (Pistol/3), Running/5, Singing/4, Survival/2, Tactics/2
Songs: Healing (Corporeal/4), Light (all/3), Motion (all/3), Nimbus (all/3), Opening (Ethereal/5), Shields (all/4)
Artifacts: Talisman (Guitar/4), Talisman (Sword/4)

Attunements: Seraph of the Sword, Ofanite of the Sword, Scabbard, Purity of Purpose, Master of the Armies of God, Angel of Christian Rock

Special Attunement: Paulinus may use his Purity of Purpose attunement while performing, not just while speaking. He may apply his Seraph of the Sword attunement to know whether any Christian rock performers are truly dedicated to Christ, or in it for other motives (fame, money, deceit, etc.). Finally, he can use his Scabbard attunement to sheath his electric guitar as well as a weapon.

Special Rites: Convert a soul to Christianity, Perform a concert for an audience of at least 1000

Paulinus is one of Laurence's highest-ranking non-Catholics. He had already earned Laurence's Friend Distinction when he converted to Protestantism during a revival around the turn of the century. Laurence was . . . disappointed, but nothing else about Paulinus' service has displeased him. Paulinus became a passionate lover of church music from that time forward, but he favored gospel music and spirituals to more traditional hymns.

He is a fantastic proselytizer, and earned his Word in the 1980s. He deliberately "tones" down his talent except in select venues and has avoided becoming one of Christian Rock's biggest stars, to avoid having too high a profile. Behind the scenes, he's rooted out a multitude of demons and diabolical agents, and more commonly, ordinary greedy posers who tried to use contemporary Christian music for selfish purposes. He also uncovered a large Malphan conspiracy among evangelical sects, shortly after he obtained his Word, and was instrumental in destroying the ringleaders without causing a schism among evangelicals. The climax of that campaign was a celestial battle in Colorado, in which Paulinus led the angelic forces to strike down a Word-bound Baron of Factions. Laurence promoted him to Master of the Armies of God after that.

Paulinus is well-known in the Bible-believing community as Christian rocker "Paul Ridder." He tours the country a great deal, but his home base is in Dallas. He isn't the commander in charge of the angels of the Sword in Dallas, since he's not always around to give orders, but when he's in town, the other Laurencians will consult and defer to him. He mostly plays at "mega-churches" nowadays but has made sure he's not too big a star to appear at smaller congregations.

Paulinus isn't a fundamentalist, but he's deeply disappointed with the Roman Catholic Church and believes Protestantism is more dynamic and more successful at saving souls from Hell. He uses his concerts to preach as much as he can get away with without telling too much about Heaven, but he's not averse to using Songs to heighten the impact of his tours.

As the Angel of Christian Rock, he is very concerned with the image of Christian rock music, knowing that many Christians consider it blasphemous and subversive. He makes himself a role model, never performing secular music, strictly vetting any lyrics he sings, and refusing to perform with secular musicians. He is also not shy about publically condemning other Christian musicians whose morals and dedication to the Lord he feels fall short, which has caused him to be regarded as sanctimonious and judgmental among many of his peers... but makes him somewhat more accepted even by Christians who are normally mistrustful of Christian rockers. Ultimately, Paulinus would like to become the Angel of Gospel Music (a Word which is currently "vacant"), but Laurence worries that that would dilute Paulinus' dedication to the Sword.

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