These are not the only known celestials in San Francisco, but they are the most famous. All angels and demons who live in the city know them.



A Seraph Master of Finances, and the Angel of the Pacific Rim. He is Marc's ranking Servitor in San Francisco, though he spends much of his time travelling. He manages the funding for most of the Host's activities throughout the Pacific Rim from his office in the TransAmerica Pyramid. He has two Roles, one as a San Francisco entrepreneur named Samuel Coyne, the other as an elderly Japanese named Samuru Minemata. He is effectively the Host's "leader" in San Francisco, and most angels who need help or want to create a major disturbance see him first if they want to avoid trouble. He has no authority over Novalis and Zadkiel's Servitors, though they usually communicate fairly well.


A Mercurian Master of Peace, and the Angel of Flower Power. She is one of Novalis' most favored Servitors, and Samriel's counterpart in San Francisco. Though she sometimes attends peace demonstrations elsewhere in the world, she spends most of her time in San Francisco, spreading groovy vibes. Whereas Samriel is involved with strategic planning for the city, Lovejoy mostly works the streets, dealing with individual people. Next to Samriel, she is the most influential angel in San Francisco (though she'd never claim any authority over anyone), and while everyone likes her (and she is friendly to everyone), angels who need help on the streets find it wise to cultivate a relationship with her.


A Malakite Master of the Watch, and Zadkiel's highest-ranking Servitor in San Francisco. Portia has a Role as a San Francisco city councilwoman named Paula Carlton who was a former police officer. This gives her a great deal of political power, and she is often able to divert police and emergency services to aid the angelic cause.


A Seraph Master of the Armies of God, the highest-ranking militant angel in the Bay Area. He carefully stays on good terms with Marc and Zadkiel's Servitors, while avoiding Novalis's, and does his best to keep San Francisco holy. He has a habit of telling other angels what they should be doing, and most find him annoying, but no one dares to tell him off.


A Cherub of Cities, and the Angel of the TransAmerica Pyramid; he is Word-bound to the building, though it is not a Tether. Jasper is also a Vassal of Trade, and Samriel's executive assistant. He speaks for Samriel in the Seraph's absence. He has two Roles and a vessel to go with them; one is as Jasmine, a senior Executive Assistant in the TransAmerica Corporation, the other is as Jasper, a nighttime janitor. In this way, s/he is present in the Pyramid, day and night.



An Ofanite Master of Peace, Seneschal of Golden Gate Park. He usually wanders around the park in the guise of an aging, unflappable hippie.


A Kyriotate Friend of the Guard, Seneschal of the Haight-Ashbury Free Medical Clinic.


A Malakite Friend of the Shareholders, Seneschal of Marc's Tether in Chinatown. Chinatown has always been a haven for crime and violence (often directed against the Chinese from outside, but often from within), so Lao Chin sees plenty of action despite rarely leaving the area.


A Mercurian Vassal of Dreams, Seneschal of The Lighthouse Bookstore. She rarely leaves her Tether, and is not very active in the City's politics, but she's friendly to any angel who drops by.


None of San Francisco's "known" demons hold Words or Distinctions. Habbalah are common, because they can stomach living among "fellow angels" better, while the city's angels tend to react strongly to Calabim and Shedim, so few get sent here (and fewer who are survive long).


Balseraph of the Game with a Role as a low-rent lawyer. Rumored to have screwed up a really big case for Asmodeus back east, resulting in the conviction of his client and the exposure of a federal judge who was in Asmodeus' pocket. He likes to present himself as the "spokesman" for the diabolical community in San Francisco, but most of the other demons mock him behind his back.


Free Lilim who's been living in San Francisco since about the time it became angel-controlled. Some believe Lilith (or another Prince) Geased her to stay here, others say she has her own reasons for hanging around a Host-controlled city. Annabelle says she just likes the City by the Bay. She's actually friendlier with the angels than with the demons in town, but no one on either side trusts her.


Habbalite of Lust, a true transvestite with interchangeable male/female vessels. Very active in the city's gay community. He is a broken shadow of his former self -- once, he was a Baron, and the Seneschal of Andrealphus's Tether. The Prince of Lust held him together after the Tether was destroyed, just so he could make Jesse stay in the city and have his nose rubbed in his failure.


Lilim of Lust. She works in brothels and massage parlors all over the city. No one is quite sure what she did to anger Andrealphus and get sentenced to San Francisco, but she's known to be so deeply in Geas-debt that San Francisco is probably the only safe place for her.


A Habbalite of Nightmares who preaches the word of God in fire-and-brimstone invective, often using darkly twisted versions of scripture. He's a phlegmatic deranged freak who generally disgusts people more than he terrifies them. He came to San Francisco to prepare "the new Sodom" for God's judgment, and Beleth has left him there because he's too ineffective for her to care much what he does.


Habbalite of Dark Humor, a devotee of Lenny Bruce who moved to Los Angeles hoping to hit it big mimicking Lenny Bruce's style. He failed miserably and alienated the L.A. diabolicals, who beat him up and laughed at him after he flopped on Johnny Carson. Kobal wasn't amused, and sent him back to stay in San Francisco. He's the most hated demon in the city, and for some reason Kobal thinks it's funny enough watching him regularly get beaten up that he keeps replacing Larry's vessels and sending him back for more abuse.


Djinn of Factions, a skinhead punk. Known to the angels, but he tries to stay in the shadows and not be noticed.


Habbalite of the Media. She is married to a mortal who tried to form a splinter group of the Unification Church, but their joint bid to create their own cult and gather a following failed miserably. They now eke out an existence in San Francisco's New Age underground, balked by the angels from getting much of a real following.


Impudite of the Media, newly arrived in San Francisco, with a Servant who is a late-night talk radio host.

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