Malakite Vassal of Dreams

Serena, Malakite Vassal of Dreams
Corporeal Forces — 3Strength 6Agility 6
Ethereal Forces — 5Intelligence 10Precision 10
Celestial Forces — 3Will 7Perception 5
Vessels: Human/3 (female), Charisma +1, Human/2 (human child)
Role: "Sandra Ayers," Borders Books manager/4, Status/3
Skills: Acrobatics/1, Artistry (Drawing/3), Dodge/3, Emote/3, Fighting/6, Knowledge (Books/4, Dallas/3), Languages (English/3, Spanish/2), Meditation/4, Move Silently/3, Running/2
Songs: Dreams (Corporeal/3, Ethereal/5, Celestial/4), Forbidding (Ethereal/4), Form (Corporeal/4, Ethereal/4), Light (all/3), Might (Ethereal/3), Seals (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/3)
Servants: Mark Cheddwin, Dream Soldier/1
Artifacts: Ethereal Sword/4 (acts as Power +4 ethereal weapon)

Attunements: Malakite of Dreams, Ofanite of Dreams, Dream Walking, Vassal of Dreams

Additional Malakite Oaths: I will rescue any mortal I find trapped in nightmares, I will spend at least 1 hour per week reading stories to children

Serena is Blandine's sole outpost in Dallas, although she is assisted by a Dream Soldier named Mark Cheddwin. As an angel of Dreams in a hostile city with no support, Serena needs to be one of Blandine's toughest Servitors, and she is. As an accomplished Malakite, she has earned the grudging respect of most of David and Michael's angels, and has cordial relations with Laurence's. She's also dangerous enough that the demons in the city generally leave her alone. Since Beleth has little or no presence in Dallas, other demons don't want to make themselves a focus of Serena's attention.

Dallas has several authors, as well as an active (if acrimonious) civil rights community. While Serena can't personally guard each and every one of them, she spends a lot of time in the Marches driving away ethereals and demons of Nightmares from their dreamscapes. She also spends a lot of time during the day promoting books she considers inspiring and virtuous, especially to children.

In her Role as Sandra Ayers, she once owned a small, independent bookstore and coffee shop in downtown Dallas. Nybbas mistakenly thought this was a nascent Tether of Dreams, and assigned several demons to establish a nearby "mega-bookstore" to drive Sandra out of business. Although Sandra was sad to see her old shop go, she turned the tables unexpectedly on the diabolicals by selling it and applying for a job as manager at the new chain. Then she promptly killed or scared away the demons of the Media who were involved with it, and began making the bigger store her turf. For her cleverness, Blandine awarded Serena her Vassal Distinction.


Dream Soldier
Soldier of God

Mark Cheddwin, Dream Soldier
Corporeal Forces -- 1Strength 2Agility 2
Ethereal Forces -- 3Intelligence 5Precision 7
Celestial Forces -- 3Will 5Perception 7
Advantages: Charisma +1, Status/2 (Boys Club counselor), Ethereal Connection
Skills: Acrobatics/1, Driving/2, Dreaming/4, Fighting/3, Knowledge (Sports/6), Move Silently/4, Running/4
Songs: Dreams (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/3), Might (Ethereal/2), Healing (Corporeal/1, Ethereal/2)

Attunements: Dream Walking

Mark Cheddwin always wanted to be a basketball star. Like a lot of black kids in the inner city, he idolized Magic Johnson and Dennis Rodman and other sports heroes, and dreamed of playing in the NBA.

He was, unfortunately, rail-thin and asthmatic, and never had a hope of being able to perform at that level. But his dreams were so vivid that they attracted the attention of a Servitor of Blandine, who recognized in the mortal the potential for becoming a Soldier of God.

Although he never got to play on a court, Mark has been able to play against every sports star in history in his dreams, and he's also been able to help a lot of kids overcome their fears and reach their dreams -- whether in athletics or in school or just making their way in life. Sometimes he wonders if he's achieved his destiny, but he enjoys what he does.

He's not as militant as his Malakite superior, but Mark has learned enough to defend himself in the Marches. On the corporeal plane he's not so capable, but he doesn't try to fight battles there.

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