Demon of Atheism
Balseraph Knight of Factions

Corporeal Forces -- 3Strength 8Agility 4
Ethereal Forces -- 4Intelligence 10Precision 6
Celestial Forces -- 4Will 10Perception 6
Word Forces: 15
Vessel: Human/3 (portly, bearded male)
Role: Bartholomew Godfrey (activist and stage magician)/4, Status/3
Skills: Emote/4, Knowledge (Atheism/6, Debunking/4, Stage Magic/4, Theology/3), Languages (English/4, Russian/3), Savoir-Faire/1
Songs: Charm (Ethereal/3, Celestial/5), Distortion/3, Healing (Corporeal/4, Celestial/1), Light (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/4), Motion (Ethereal/6), Nimbus (Corporeal/1, Ethereal/4), Self (Ethereal/3), Shadows (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2, Celestial/3), Shields (Celestial/5)

Attunements: Balseraph of Factions, Habbalite of Factions, Impudite of Factions, Knight of Deception, Demon of Atheism

Special Attunement: Tchort has so successfully blocked God out of his personal Symphony that no Divine Intervention ever affects him directly. Whether this is because of the strength of his faith in his own Word, or because God chooses not to touch him, is a matter for theologians, but he is personally immune to '111' rolls (treat them as a normal d666 result for him), and the GM should have Divine Interventions rolled by others manifest in some way that doesn't directly impact Tchort.

Special Rites: Cause a pious person to question his faith in God (without using diabolical powers to affect his mind); recruit a new atheist

Though famous throughout Hell, Tchort is quite weak for holding such an important Word. He's not very adept politically, and his crusade isn't very popular. Most demons don't believe God is anything like the deity angels and humans worship, but they do believe He exists, and that He's a rotten bastard out to get them all. Tchort rails against superstition and religion in Hell, and he can neither hold his tongue nor express himself in a non-belligerent manner. Malphas loves the fights Tchort stirs up, but because the Balseraph is so clumsily argumentative, he hasn't risen very far, and in fact has lost Forces in more than one theological "debate."

Tchort not only believes that there is no God, but that Heaven and angels are also nonexistent. It's easy enough to disbelieve in a place he can never visit, but angels become a little harder to dismiss when they're trying to carve up his vessel. He is particularly anathema to Servitors of Khalid, the Archangel of Faith. Tchort insists they are either ethereal spirits run amok or demons trying to suppress the truth, and with his resonance and Band attunements, he can be quite a potent threat to angels, especially angels of Faith, if they fail to strike him down before he can open his mouth.

Despite his frequent setbacks, Tchort has formed a small infernal cult of atheism, with chapters in several Principalities. Most Princes consider atheism a benign and sometimes useful delusion for their Servitors, and thus don't do much to suppress it. Lucifer has said that Tchort isn't really wrong, after all -- God isn't a real being, as others understand the term. Baal, however, does not tolerate Tchort's followers, as they are trying to ruin the "Holy War" experiment (Heaven and Hell, p. 91). Atheism has been officially forbidden as heresy in Gehanna and Hades.

On Earth, Tchort has a Role as a frequent speaker and provocateur at atheist rallies. He is also a stage magician and debunker of all sorts of mysticism, psychic phenomena and miracles, some of them genuine. In this capacity, he is one of Malphas' most effective "Men In Black"; he often leads a clean-up team (mostly composed of other Balseraphs) to cover up botched diabolical interventions that went public, or sometimes to hide angel sightings. Not all demons are pleased with Tchort's discrediting of magic and miracles, since this is a lucrative venue for bilking and deceiving mortals and luring them to the dark side.

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