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Amelia "Mia" Collins Takahari

Amelia is an American girl whose parents divorced when she was young. Her mother remarried a Japanese man, and so Amelia has lived in Japan since she was 8. She's been at Sendai Academy since middle school.

Amelia is also the Slayer.

Mia Collins-Takahari

(She prefers for her friends to call her Mia even if her stepfather refuses to. Her mother does, however. When her mother uses her full first name it's generally a sign she's in trouble.)

Age: 16

Description: 5'4" with an athletic build. Long auburn hair. Dark green eyes and very attractive. She tends to wear it tied back. She has long bangs that she sometimes wears back with her hair down.

She was born in Aspen, Colorado, and moved to Los Angeles, California, when her parents divorced when she was 7. She's learned to speak Japanese and has gotten quite good at it.

Her mother got custody of her after the divorce and used to be the head chef at a 4-star resturant in California. Her mother is an extremely good cook and now that she's remarried, she doesn't work. Of course, the eats at Mia's are always awsome. Her mom cooks everything from Asian to American types of food. She and her mother are pretty close.

Her real father is still a mystery after all of this time. Mia gets a few emails and care packages of American items from her father on holidays and a few other occassions, but he's never come to see her. Of course he sends really cool stuff. He still lives in Aspen, Colorado running his ski resort. Mia only seems to talk about him with her closest friends and they can all almost always tell when there's been a while between his communications.

Her stepfather is Japanese. She never really talks about him and despite all this time, she doesn't seem as close to him as most daughters to their fathers. While she shows him proper respect, she doesn't show him much affection.

Mia has a 5-year-old brother, Hakura. She does love her little brother and likes being a big sister to him. Of course, this also tends to be a problem when her parents need her to babysit him. Generally, when she has to babysit she invites everyone over for pizza and movies.

She is very close to her step-father's parents. They were her first and her only grandparents. She started her martial arts training with her grandfather.

Her favorite color is purple. She also loves black leather.

She loves yellow roses, and purple orchids.

Her favorite food: Lasagna.

Her favorite music changes with her mood. She does prefer group bands over single singers.

She is a big fan of Jackie Chan movies and any martial arts movies. She likes Chuck Norris and a few other American martial artists also.

She is very close to her closest friends and cares a great deal about what happens to them.

She definately has a keen fashion sense. She wears what is appropriate for school but also likes to wear comfort clothes like jeans, sweats, etc. She likes black leather, and low heeled boots. For a night out her dress depends on the occasion; however, she definately has good taste in clothes. She seems to prefer skirts and blouses to dresses, but she does manage to find the right dress.

Those that have seen her at the dances, can tell that she can definately dance well, especially with the right partner.

She is friendly, and outgoing. She doesn't mind talking in Japanese with her friends; however, she is rather insistant that they all learn English. So she tries to encourage them to speak in English some.

She is very into martial arts. She is extremely athletic and goes jogging rain or shine every day. She likes to compete in the local tournaments and even has some trophies.

Next to martial arts, she loves to shop. Shopping for clothes is a definate plus.

In her spare time she seems to enjoy working out, martial arts training/tournaments, shopping, and spending time with her friends.

Michiko Yoshioka

Michiko is one of Mia's best friends, and something of a tomgirl. Like Mia, Michiko is very fond of martial arts. In fact, Michiko is better than Mia, which might cause jealousy if they weren't such good friends....

Michiko also tends to be more of a boy magnet than Mia, even though Mia is better-looking. This causes no jealousy because the boys that Michiko attracts tend to be ones that neither of them are interested in...

Michiko Yoshioka

Michiko is slim, attractive, athletic, and with short dark-brown hair. She's usually cheerful, and difficult to faze.

She's a natural at many sports, but the rest of her schoolwork has not been so successful. She's also a natural tomboy, completely failing to turn into the demure little schoolgirl her teachers would prefer; despite this, she tends to find boys a bit silly; the sort of boys she seems to attract has only re-inforced this view, and she isn't shy about telling them so: her riposte to Eiji's pick-up line was "Only if it's a girls-only night".

She is a good dancer, but her singing has been unfavourably compared to a cat being tortured. Never invite her to a Karaoke contest...

Her father is a junior manager; her family is not especially wealthy, but far from poor. She has two brothers: one older and already at university (Takeyuki, 19), and a little monster who enjoys annoying his sister (Koji, 12). It is a source of some annoyance and embarrassment to Michiko that, not only did Takeyuki originally go to Sendai through a scholarship because of his brains, but Koji surprised everyone (especially Michiko!) by managing it too.

Outside school, she usually wears a T-shirt and jeans or shorts, depending on the weather. She doesn't like skirts, and has never been happy that the school uniform requires her to wear a sailor suit; her penchant for using the tree outside her bedroom window as an alternative staircase may have some bearing on this! She sometimes takes (or gets given...) fashion advice from Mia.

Hoshiro Nakayama

The Nakayamas were next-door-neighbors to Mr. Takahari even before he married Mrs. Collins, and so Hoshiro and Mia have been friends since they were both 8 years old. Along with Michiko, Hoshiro is Mia's best friend. Mia has always felt like Hoshiro was almost a brother to her, and he has always felt she was like a sister to him.

(Naturally, Hoshiro has actually fallen in love with Mia, but he continues to treat her in a "brotherly/best friend" fashion as he always has.)

Age: 16
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 142 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black, worn collar length straight with bangs that hang just over the rims of his glasses.
Appearance: Hoshiro is pretty non-descript in appearance, with a trim and fit build.

Hoshiro has a somewhat serious atmosphere about him when you first meet him. This isn't because he's wound tightly or is a 'grump', but rather through the instrution he receives during kendo practice. So, he appears stuffy during first impressions - but is quite relaxed once he gets to know you and you him.

Those that have known him for a few years realize that his goal in life is to be a manga artist, hoping to get some of his drawings published by Shonen Sunday Comics. He has been known to try his hand at dancing (he doesn't make a complete fool of himself), calligraphy, and poetry (though he never signs his poems). Whenever he's not persuing his ambition, doing homework, at kendo class, or hanging out with his friends, he can be found at the local sports arena in the pool. His friends probably consider him part fish for all the time he does spend in the water.

His friends and those that follow kendo also know that Hoshiro has been studyig kendo for the past seven years and just recently achieved his 3rd ranking (sandan). It's a source of rare (and quiet) pride for him on achieving that.

He also makes weekly trips to the local bookstore to pick up copies of various manga he follows and the latest in manga artist techniques manuals and model poses. His friends know that teasing him about the fact that he gets the manual because the women in it are naked causes him no end of embarrassment (and they take great pleasure in doing it) and making him deny it, repetitively and - sometimes - loudly.

Hoshiro is a fairly good student. While he doesn't get stellar grades, he maintains a comfortable mid-level grade in all of his subjects and quite often helps those with trouble through the rough spots.

Whenever he can find a quiet time at school he's usually under a tree or on a hill sketching away on one of several drawing pads he always seems to carry in his bookbag. These are the times he's most relaxed - following his dream. He's done several anime charaicatures of Mia and Michiko as heriones in a few short pages of manga stories. He's really quite good at it.

He's quite protective of his friends, and their friends as well to a lesser degree. He has no problem dropping anything semi-important to help them. Although, if he's helping Mia, he will even drop something important and deal with the consequences later.

Andy Rook

Another American, Andy arrived in Japan 18 months ago. He is well-traveled as his mother is an English teacher (she teaches English at Sendai Academy, in fact, but at the university level). Because his mother is a faculty member, he was admitted to Sendai Academy despite his Japanese initially being pretty poor. However, he's picked up the language quickly and is now almost fluent.

Being a new American student, and one with minimal Japanese ability, Andy was initially "assigned" to Mia. The administrators asked her to look after him, help tutor him in Japanese, help him acclimate, etc.

Of course Andy also fell in love with Mia, and of course Mia doesn't realize this either.

Andy Rook No doubt about it, Andy is good at looking good.

Though only 16 years old, he has a certain maturity and can pass for several years older if he wants too. His dark hair and dark eyes would give him a brooding quality were it not for his open and friendly smile and a slightly mischievous, slightly innocent glint in his eye. His hair is currently worn brushed back from the forehead, with only an odd wisp falling stylishing over his face.

Andy stands about five and a half feet tall. His frame is slim and trim, well toned without being highly muscled. He can wear virtually anything and look good in it. He always dresses fashionably, and he seems to do it instinctively which makes it even more sickening. In the rare instance he has been seen sporting something less than de rigueur, it invariably turns out to be the height of fashion a few months later. In school, of course, he wears the statutory uniform, and though he grumbles a bit to his friends about it, even the uniform looks good on him.

Generally known facts

Being an open and personable sort, Andy makes friends fairly easily, and most of his classmates would count him as such. Yet even though he gets along well with everyone on a day to day basis, those who could count themselves as close friends are very few indeed.

Andy is an only child and his parents are divorced. His mother, Carol Rook, is a teacher of English at the Sendai Academy, teaching courses at University level. They have been in Japan for 18 months, and before that they spent the previous six years in India, Kenya and England.

Mia was one of Andy's first friends in Japan. She helped him learn Japanese language and culture, and it was largely due to Mia that he managed to survive the first few months at the academy. Now he speaks Japanese well enough to get by, but is still prone to the odd social gaff.

Andy is a good student, always studying hard and achieving good grades in all subjects, especially History and Geography. He is a member of the swim team and swimming club and makes it a point to swim daily. Swimming keeps him fit, but it is about the only althetics he takes part in.

Andy goes everywhere by skateboard, and whenever possible his skateboard goes everywhere with him. He views it mostly as a means for getting around, but has been known to turn the odd trick or two as well.

Andy also has a great love for music. He sings well, plays the guitar very well indeed, and even dabbles in writing his own songs.

Less well known facts

The few he counts as close friends know that under his flashy exterior lurks a much more serious young man. He is devoted to his mother to the extent of being overprotective, and he takes his studies very seriously indeed. Somewhat surprisingly, he hopes to make a career for himself in academia eventually. Although an excellent musician and a natural performer, he still views that very much as a hobby, and the thought of pursuing a career in entertainment has probably never entered his head.

Andy still has some problems with Japanese language and culture. He has never really settled in comfortably, though he never complains and always makes the effort to do better.

Andy is a good listener and has a good head on his shoulder. He is always happy to help his friends with any problems they might have, and usually has good advice to offer.

However when it comes to the other way round, his close friends will be aware that there is a barrier he never lets down, even to them. Although they may know a lot about him, he keeps his own emotions locked up tight and rarely lets on how he feels about the really important stuff.

The one exception is his feelings about Mia, which are unmistakable to anyone who knows him. He never speaks of it, but it is clear from his behaviour and his expression that he cares for her very deeply indeed. His close friends also understand that he is totally unaware that his feelings are so transparant in this case, and would be mortified if he found out everyone knew how he felt.

Nakahura Eiji

A rather odd student, a sports star with a reputation for being somewhat (ok, very) egostistical and not very socially adroit. Michiko has a habit of attracting all the boys she's not interested in, and so it was to Michiko that Eiji delivered his famous pick-up line: "You can come along to the movies with me if you'd like. You don't have to say now -- you can take some time to ponder your great fortune, even boast of it to your friends!"

When Michiko declined his offer (to put it mildly), it was a great blow to Eiji's ego, one that can only be assuaged by getting her to go out with him. Of course in the meantime he's been soothing his wounded ego by teasing her at every opportunity, not yet perceiving the disconnect between "I want her to go out with me" and "I will make her life miserable."

Eiji is about average in size and weight for his age, but well-built with excellent reflexes. He's the star of the soccer team, first string on the basketball team, a Major Player in Track and Field (where he excels at hurdles and high jumping), and holds serious rank in Ping-Pong. Unlike most jocks, he's also a very good student, though there are several subjects he's a bit lost in, the most prominent being advanced math.

He's kind of hard to like, though - loud, full of himself, and prone to reacting badly when he's mocked or loses face. When he's reacting badly, he can have a bit of a cruel streak as well.

On the other hand, in his own way, he's kind of hard not to like - even when he's talking himself up to the fullest, it's clear he doesn't mean to put other people down, it's like he's just convinced there is no group of people in which he's not automatically the Most Interesting and Fascinating out of. Even when delivering the infamous line, it was clear he didn't mean to imply that Michiko was undeserving of such a privilege - he was just convinced it was a given that a Date With a Major Sports God was worth noting as such. He can and does sometimes glorify himself at the expense of others, but it's usually a situation where he either goes overboard at playing to the crowd or or overreacting to someone making fun of him.

During his good times, he's the life of the party, with that whole "Zest for/High on life" thing that can be quite magnetic. He even shows a self-deprecating streak it's hard not to laugh along with. He'll make you have fun in spite of yourself or go down trying.

But woe to those around him when the laughter changes from "with" to "at". His sense of pride leads him to situations like the current status quo with Michiko, which consists primarily of alternating "playful" putdowns with consistently less-than-adroit attempts to win her over. But it's true his attempts are getting more adroit, or perhaps just less arrogant.

There are few eccentricites as well. No one seems to know much about or have seen his parents or family, and he's never hosted a party at his house - kind of a standout for such a Party Animal. It's suspected his financial status might have something to do with this - he never seems to have any money, and apparently has a limited wardrobe.

When he plays sports, he becomes almost obsessed, eyes and head tracking every movement of the ball, constantly darting about in his attempts to gain control of it, often throwing off opposing guards with his sudden, sharp moves. And it's known from the other guys on the team he's odd about hygiene - he generally doesn't smell or seem dirty, but he does duck out from practice and games without a shower more often than not. This is probably due to his being a bit of a germ freak - he sticks to the freshest, most organic stuff, though oddly, he'll try almost anything at least once foodwise.

Ms. Laurel Davies

(Miss Davies to her students)
Ms. Davies is the new English teacher at Sendai Academy for class 2-2.

She is very, very British.

Whatever would make you think there might be some significance to that?

Laurel Davies

Age: 31

(Not that she'd give her exact age, but she looks mid 20's to mid 30's. Generic "adult" age to highschool students- young enough to be accessable but old enough to require a certain amount of respect.)

Her students wouldn't know much about her outside of class. They would know that she's just recently adopted the role of English teacher, that her Japanese is fluent and her accent is nearly indetectable- though inflections and mannerisms do come across as English.

She's short and thin- not overly athletic looking, but not unhealthy looking either. She'd probably stand at about 5'3" tall, making her able to see eye to eye (literally) with some of her younger students. She's attractive enough, but she's more dignified than beautiful, and there's an academic air about her that never seems to go away. Her features are refined and distinctly English, and her skin is of the pale peaches-and-cream complexion typical of the sceptred isle. Her hair is chestnut brown, and is almost always worn back in a French Twist or an intricate bun. When worn loose, it reaches to her waist- but it's almost never worn out. Her dark golden-green eyes are deep-set, heavily lashed, and intense, with an intelligent gleam.

Even when not working, she tends to wear fairly "formal" clothes- silk blouses, tweed or linen trousers or skirts. Her sense of style isn't too bad all things considered, but there's definately an air of stodgy formality to the way she dresses. Of note, she is never seen without a small, delicately filigreed gold cross on a chain about her neck.

She has been known to wear the generic "teacher" jacket- the tweed jacket with the leather patches at the elbows. Many of her colleagues find this slightly embarassing. Generally speaking, her relationships with most of the other teachers are cordial and even friendly, but usually not very close- though she is making a name for herself in the history, literature, and language departments of the highschool and university.

Not much is known of her past or what she does in her spare time, but there are rumors (rumours. Pardon me.) that she has been seen training with a sword and is actually pretty good. She has also been seen carrying around rather large, dusty, old and impressive looking books in languages that are neither Japanese nor English (and in fact aren't in a language generally recognizable by the average person).


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