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Club Archangel

800 Mission Street at 4th
San Francisco, CA 94103-3007
Contact: (415) 555-1234

Located in the constantly morphing part of SoMa, near the old warehouse district, Archangel has maintained its popularity as a trendy, stylish nightclub since 1999. Catering to young people looking to get their groove on, the club has different teams of DJs spinning dance music five nights a week, and the kitchen churns out good bar food during happy hour (Wed.-Fri., 6 pm-8 pm). From the pulse pounding techno-rave that has made this the club to be at since it opened, to ambient to old-school soul, and high-energy hip-hop, there's something for all musical tastes and styles. Archangel has managed to successfully straddle the rave and bar scenes with a varied lineup of theme nights. Fun seekers can find their niche somewhere between the chic gothic decor and the extensive dance floor. The club is dark and spacious -- cavernous enough to get lost in, if that's your goal, but intimate enough not to lose track of the cutie you've locked eyes with across the room. If you like to watch, the second-floor balcony is a great spot for spying on the crowd. Outfitted with fancy light and sound systems, this state-of-the-art club still retains a bit of its old San Francisco-warehouse flavor. (Jan Richman, special to SF Gate)

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To mortals, Club Archangel is another trendy nightclub in SoMa (the South of Market district of SF). To the Kindred, it is also an Elysium, one of two in the city.

It is run by Gabriel d'Rohan, a mysterious Caitiff of French origin whom the Prince has not only allowed to remain in San Francisco, but made his nightclub an Elysium. Prince Mendoza and his Ventrue underlings almost never come to Club Archangel themselves; they regard it as a hangout for childer and neonates. Still, all the normal rules of Elysium apply there -- violence against either Kindred or Kine is prohibited there, and vampires may not prey on the staff or patrons.

Gabriel has created a "VIP Club" for Archangel -- cardholders can bypass the line and gain admittance to the special "VIP Lounge" inside. It is available to any vampire, and only to vampires, or selected retainers. All a vampire needs to do to get a card is to ask Gabriel (and verify his Kindred status). Some vampires, of course, are too paranoid even to have their names printed on a piece of plastic (who knows whether or not Gabriel keeps a list?)... they are still welcome at the club, but they have to wait in line to get in like everyone else.

The Catacombs

The Catacombs is a gothic dance hall that used to be a warehouse, near the Mission district. It's popular with mortals, but also with Toreador -- it is well known that Jayden Montrose is the owner, and also the cellist for the club band, Stormbringer, which plays some nights. Other Kindred sometimes attend, but many consider it to be a typical, pretentious Toreador venue, and while it is not an Elysium, it's also not intended to be a hunting ground -- Jayden isn't very happy when other vampires prey on his customers.

The Catacombs is very atmospheric -- the large windows on the first and second floor have been replaced with colored glass in flowing, chaotic patterns that aren't always easy to discern at night. The floor of the first level has been almost completely removed -- you go in the door and there's about 20 feet of floor and a chainlink fence that lets you look down at the main dance floor, which is on the basement level of the warehouse. Several sets of stairs and ramps (and one elevator) lead down to the dance floor. There are also a few catwalks on this level that let patrons walk over the dance floor, and this is where some speakers, lights, lasers, fog machines and other essentials are located.

The basement level has great stone walls complete with arches that really do give it a catacomb feeling. Someone went to a lot of trouble to make it look like the Paris catacombs at the ossuary at Kutna Hora -- bones and cast iron are the only decorative motifs. There are two bars, a stage at one end, and a few raised platforms amidst the dance floor. There are some chairs and tables along the walls, but these are hard to get unless you arrive early. There are two exits on this level that lead directly outside -- they are ramps that slant up to the street level. Seemingly someone put a lot of effort into making sure everything is up to fire code standards!

The Golden Rule

A bar in the Mission District, owned by the Brujah Hell Haggerty. The interior decor is 1850's Barbary Coast. The walls are decorated with frescoes depicting violent scenes from the 50's, including the great fire of '51. The left side is dominated by a huge mahogany bar. Its center of focus is a mantle with a red velvet backdrop. Sitting on the mantle, highlighted by red spotlights, are two large specimen jars. Each is displaying perfectly preserved specimens. One is a human head with a gold plate above it inscribed with "Joaquin Carillo". The other is a human hand with only three fingers. The gold plate above it is inscribed, "Three Fingered Jack".

The right side of the bar has a stage that often features sex acts or even orgies, illuminated by lasers and with booming heavy metal soundtracks. The clientele tends to be goth posers, punk-wannabes, bikers, and vampire groupies.

The Tremere Chantry

Located in the wealthy residential neighborhood of Pacific Heights, overlooking the Bay, the Tremere's Bay Area chantry is surrounded by other mansions built after the Great Fire. It is a large, rambling, and somewhat ugly mansion lacking the spectacular architecture that has drawn attention to other manors in the area. It has few exterior windows, and there is nothing on the outside to draw attention to it or denote its importance.

Most of the Kindred in San Francisco know where the Tremere's Chantry is. They also know that non-Tremere are never invited here, and that vampires are not welcome in the neighborhood.