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Jyhad in Garland, Texas

I live in Richardson, Texas, a suburb of Dallas, and hope to organize monthly or biweekly games in my area. In the past, we have had players drive from as far away as Austin! (For more information about Jyhad/VTES in Dallas, see the Prince of Dallas' homepage.)

DEMO -- April 28, 2001

We're doing a VTES Demo in the hopes of attracting new players, on Saturday, April 28, 2001. Please come if you'd like to participate, and help teach newbies to play.

Directions and details are below. If you want more information, e-mail me.


Place: Hall of Fame Collectibles, 4750 N. Jupiter Rd, Suite 112, Garland, TX
(972) 414-7760

Click here for map

Coming from I-35E, north of DFW: Going south on I-35, take the 635 exit east. Follow the 635 loop east to the 75N Central Expressway exit (it's an exit from the left lane of the 635, shortly after the HOV lane ends). Take 75 north to Arapaho Rd (exit 25), in Richardson. See below.

Coming from I-35E, south of DFW: Going north on I-35, follow it into the heart of Dallas, to where it becomes 67, then intersects with 75, North Central Expressway. (It's hard to describe this knot of roads -- it'll probably help to look at it on a map.) Take 75 north to Arapaho Rd (exit 25), in Richardson. See below. (An easier, but longer way is to simply get off of I-35 onto the 635 loop, and follow 635 all the way around to where it circles north of Dallas and meets 75 there, then get off on 75 north as described above.)

From the Arapaho Exit: Go east (right turn) on Arapaho approximately 2.5 miles, to Jupiter Rd. Take a right at Jupiter. Immediately take the first left into the strip mall on the SE corner of Jupiter and Arapaho, behind the Jack in the Box. Hall of Fame Hobbies is on the corner of the row of stores, on the ground floor.

Hall of Fame Hobbies is a small card shop that mostly sells (and hosts) Pokemon, Magic, and Warhammer. The proprietor doesn't currently sell VTES cards, but he said that if a core group of customers develops, he'd be willing to stock it. In the meantime, if you happen to be interested in Magic, Pokemon, or Warhammer, it would be nice to show appreciation for letting us play there by spending a little money in his store. (I don't think they carry much else, other than a few AD&D books, and some old L5R cards.)

Side note: When I first asked if we could run a VTES game there, the proprietor's only concern was that it's a family store, with lots of kids coming in to play Pokemon. So he was worried that people might be showing up dressed as vampires. I assured him that we only have vampire cards. Do remember that it's a family-oriented, kid-friendly shop, though -- he doesn't have a problem with us playing and demoing a game like V:TES, but try not to act too weird ;), and watch the language.

Hope to bleed you there!