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"Big & Ugly"

This deck basically consists of all the titled Nosferatu, plus Beast (because he's cool, though you could probably replace him with Calebos). Expect to get 2-3 out. The idea is to do occasional stealth bleeds enhanced with Spying Mission, and have enough combat potence to make blocking you dangerous. Lots of untaps lets you tap out your minions and still be able to react to bleeds. Fortitude keeps your precious minions from going into torpor when facing aggravated damage. I haven't tested this deck much; it seems to do OK, but would probably be killed quickly by a stealth-bleed or weenie bomber deck.


Size: 12

2× Beast (!Nos: 7) -- ani, cel, OBF, POT
2× Nikolaus Vermeulen (Nos Prince: 7) -- ani, for, obf, POT
1× Murat (Nos Prince: 7) -- ser, OBF, POT
1× Ebanezer Roush (Nos: 8) -- pro, ANI, OBF, POT
1× Selma (Nos Prince: 8) -- ani, for, OBF, POT
1× Marty Lechtansi (Nos Primogen: 9) -- ani, for, DOM, OBF, POT
2× Sheldon (Nos Justicar: 9) -- for, ANI, AUS, OBF, POT
1× Lucretia (Nos Primogen: 10) -- aus, cel, for, pot, ANI, OBF
1× Harrod (Nos Inner Circle: 11) -- aus, pre, ANI, CEL, OBF, POT

Average Crypt Size: 8.25
Smallest Initial Crypt: 28
Largest Initial Crypt: 39

Disciplines (inf/sup/total)
Animalism: 6/5/11
Fortitude: 7/0/7
Obfuscate: 2/10/12
Potence: 1/11/12


Size: 90


Fortitude ×2
The Barrens
The Labyrinth
Spawning Pool
Storm Sewers
Information Highway ×2
Slum Hunting Ground
Legendary Vampire
Fragment of the Book of Nod
Sudden Reversal ×2
Haven Uncovered
Short-Term Investment
Minion Tap ×3
Blood Doll ×3


4th Tradition ×2
5th Tradition ×4
Army of Rats ×2
Sacrificial Lamb
Rapid Healing
Ancient Influence


Freak Drive ×2
Lost in Crowds ×3
Swallowed by the Night ×2
Faceless Night ×2
Spying Mission ×6


2nd Tradition ×4
Cats' Guidance ×3
Guard Dogs ×2
Rats' Warning


Skin of Steel ×4
Growing Fury
Immortal Grapple ×2
Carrion Crows ×3
Thrown Sewer Lid ×3
Behind You! ×2
Vanish from Mind's Eye
Taste of Vitae ×3
Death of My Conscience
Terror Frenzy ×2
Song of Serenity ×2
Well-Aimed Car


Tasha Morgan
Mr. Winthrop


Laptop Computer
Palatial Estate
Sport Bike