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Nossie-Brujah Smackdown

This deck is similar to the Nossie Beat-Down deck, but adds Brujah to make it a much more dangerous Celerity-Potence-with-a-little-bit-of-stealth rush-combat deck. I haven't had a chance to test it much yet. The emphasis is on close combat (4 vampires in the crypt have inherent +1 hand damage; adding one or more multiples of the Beast would probably be a good idea, but I only have one of him), so bleed when it's convenient, and kill other vampires the rest of the time.

(I know one thing this deck could use is some more Immortal Grapples, but I only have three.)


Size: 12

Duck (Nos: 3) -- obf, pot
Dre, Leader of the Cold Dawn (Bruj: 3) -- cel, pot
Agrippina (Nos: 4) -- pot, OBF
Yuri, The Talon (Bruj: 4) -- cel, pot, pre
Tiberius, The Scandalmonger (Nos: 5) -- ani, cel, obf, pot
Tusk, The Talebearer (Nos: 6) -- ani, pot, OBF
Bianca (Bruj: 6) -- pot, pre, CEL
Anvil (Bruj. Primogen: 6) -- dom, pre, tha, CEL, POT
Sebastian Marley (Nos: 7) -- aus, obf, pot, ANI
Beast, The Leatherface of Detroit (!Nos: 7) -- ani, cel, OBF, POT
Calebos (!Nos. Bishop: 8) -- cel, ANI, OBF, POT
Miranda Sanova (Bruj. Primogen: 8) -- aus, obf, pot, CEL, PRE

Average Crypt Size: 5.5833
Smallest Initial Crypt: 14
Largest Initial Crypt: 30

Disciplines (inf/sup/total)
Celerity: 5/3/8
Obfuscate: 4/4/8
Potence: 9/3/12
Animalism*: 3/1/4
Presence*: 3/1/4

* These two Disciplines aren't used in this deck, but they're included here for analytical purposes (i.e., evaluating whether it would be worth it to add a few cards that make use of them)


Size: 90


The Labyrinth
The Barrens
Slum Hunting Ground
Warzone Hunting Ground
Storm Sewers
Short-Term Investment
Blood Doll ×2
Minion Tap ×2
Effective Management
Sudden Reversal
Haven Uncovered


Bum's Rush ×4
Hidden Lurker ×2
Computer Hacking ×4
Night Moves ×4
Kindred Intelligence


Cloak the Gathering ×4
Spying Mission ×3
Mask of 1,000 Faces ×2


Wake with Evening's Freshness ×4


Disguised Weapon ×2
Taste of Vitae ×5
Acrobatics ×2
Blur ×2
Flash ×3
Nimble Feet
Fast Hands
Mighty Grapple ×2
Growing Fury
Undead Strength ×2
Pushing the Limit
Burning Wrath ×2
Immortal Grapple ×3
Fists of Death ×2
Increased Strength ×3
Shattering Blow
Thrown Sewer Lid
Well-aimed Car


Gas-Powered Chainsaw
Sawed-Off Shotgun
Laptop Computer
Sport Bike


Mr. Winthrop
Tasha Morgan