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"Nossie Beat-Down"

Usually the Nosferatu sneak and bleed, with a little bit of combat. I decided to make a deck where they beat people up, with a little bit of sneak and bleed. Thus, this deck concentrates primarily on Potence, secondarily on Animalism, with just enough Obfuscate to take occasional stealth actions when it counts. I've played this deck several times, and it's done very well. It would probably be creamed by a really dedicated combat deck, but it trashes others nicely, while being able to get enough minions out to bleed consistently as well.

In combat, for the most part you don't expect to press, you just try to do as much damage as possible in one blow. When you have a combo in hand like Fists of Death, Increased Strength, and Burning Wrath, you can easily burn a large vampire with one strike, and a Taste of Vitae makes that go down very nicely. :) If you have Tusk out and The Barrens, your combats will go fantastically well, since you always know just which card in your hand would be worth discarding right now to get the next one in your Library.

I will probably replace Ebanezer with Beast next time.


Size: 12

Koko (Nos: 2) -- pot
Tommy (!Nos: 3) -- ani, pot
Duck (Nos: 3) -- obf, pot
Agrippina (Nos: 4) -- pot, OBF
Sammy (Nos: 4) -- ani, obf, pot
Grendel (Nos: 5) -- ani, pot, OBF
Tiberius (Nos: 5) -- ani, cel, obf, pot
Tusk (Nos: 5) -- ani, pot, OBF
Sebastian Marley (Nos: 7) -- aus, obf, pot, ANI
Ebanezer Roush (Nos: 8) -- pro, ANI, OBF, POT
Selma (Nos. Prince: 8) -- ani, for, OBF, POT
Calebos (!Nos. Bishop: 8) -- cel, ANI, OBF, POT

Average Crypt Size: 5.25
Smallest Initial Crypt: 12
Largest Initial Crypt: 31

Disciplines (inf/sup/total)
Animalism: 6/3/9
Obfuscate: 4/6/10
Potence: 9/3/12


Size: 90


Potence ×2
Short-Term Investment
Minion Tap
Blood Doll ×2
Effective Management
The Barrens
Slum Hunting Ground
Storm Sewers
The Labyrinth
The Spawning Pool
Gangrel De-evolution
Sudden Reversal ×2


Hidden Lurker
Bum's Rush ×4
Army of Rats ×2
Computer Hacking ×3
Night Moves ×4
Kindred Intelligence
Destructive Secrets


Faceless Night ×2
Lost in Crowds ×2
Mask of 1,000 Faces ×2
Spying Mission ×4


Elder Intervention
Wake With Evening's Freshness ×2
Cats' Guidance ×3
Guard Dogs ×2
Rats' Warning ×2


Boxed In
Taste of Vitae ×5
Canine Horde
Drawing Out the Beast ×4
Song of Serenity ×3
Burning Wrath ×3
Increased Strength ×3
Fists of Death ×2
Pushing the Limit ×3
Immortal Grapple ×3
Undead Strength ×2
Thrown Sewer Lid
Growing Fury
Shattering Blow


Laptop Computer


Raven Spy
Murder of Crows