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Sneaky Little Creeps

This is a variant on the weenie-bleed deck I haven't seen before (which means it's probably not that effective...). The primary disciplines are Obfuscate and Auspex. The Crypt has enough Princes/Justicars to make it likely you'll draw one in your starting Crypt -- you only want one. Then while he's using Third Tradition to create more weenies, bring out the smaller vamps from your Crypt, who will use Night Moves to lay the way for Spying Missions. Pulse of the Canaille, Laptop Computers, and retainers let you increase the bleed potential, and a couple of bombs are a good deterrent against blocking a weenie (who's going to go into torpor if he gets into combat anyway). You get a little bleed defense in the form of Telepathic Counters and Deflections. Combat consists of dodging and running away.

I am still working on this deck, and haven't played it yet. (Any advice?) I can already see that a rush combat deck will kill it quickly, and I doubt it will really be able to fend off any determined predator very well, but it should be fun to play. I just think the usual Presence-weenies or Protean-weenies or Ventrue Dominate-weenies are so passe....

The Nosferatu and Malkavian Justicars are there because you just might get lucky enough to be in a situation to pass them...and if not, they at least give you an extra vote to throw in during a political action.


Size: 12

Basil (Pander: 1) -- obf
Normal (Malk: 2) -- obf
Dimple (Nos: 2) -- obf
Dan Murdock (Cait: 3) -- aus, obf
Regilio, The Seeker of Akhenaten (Nos: 3) -- aus, obf
Zöe (Malk: 3) -- cel, obf, AUS
Dollface (Malk: 3) -- obf, aus
Gilbert Duane (Malk. Prince: 7) -- AUS, DOM, OBF
Nikolaus Vermeulen (Nos. Prince: 7) -- ani, for, obf, POT
Murat (Nos. Prince: 7) -- ser, OBF, POT
Selma -- The Repugnant (Nos. Prince: 8) -- ani, for, OBF, POT
Sheldon -- Lord of the Clog (Nos. Justicar: 9) -- for, ANI, AUS, OBF, POT

Average Crypt Size: 4.5833
Smallest Initial Crypt: 8
Largest Initial Crypt: 31

Disciplines (inf/sup/total)
Auspex: 3/3/6
Obfuscate: 8/4/12


Size: 90


Auspex ×3
Obfuscate ×4
Blood Doll ×4
Effective Management ×3
Slum Hunting Ground
The Labyrinth
Inbase Discotek, Frankfurt
Guardian Angel ×2
Tribute to the Master ×2


The Third Tradition: Progeny ×4
The Fourth Tradition: The Accounting ×2
The Embrace
Computer Hacking ×4
Kindred Intelligence
Night Moves ×6
Destructive Secrets ×2
Pulse of the Canaille
Nosferatu Justicar ×2
Malkavian Justicar


Cloak the Gathering ×6
Spying Mission ×6
Marked Path
Scrying of Secrets


Telepathic Counter ×4
Telepathic Misdirection ×4
The Second Tradition: Domain ×2


Behind You ×2
Swallowed by the Night ×3
Quick Exit ×3
Dodge ×2
Fake Out ×2


Bomb ×4
Laptop Computer ×2
Leather Jacket


J. S. Simmons Esq.
Tasha Morgan