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Jyhad/VTES Decks

My deck philosophy tends to be simpler is better. I use mostly cards from the original set (as I only have a few cards from the various expansions), and I tend to stick to the basics rather than trying esoteric strategies relying on combos using lots of rare cards. One thing I am constantly testing is the ability of decks using basic, common cards to stand up to decks based on rare cards and the expansions (Ancient Hearts, Sabbat, etc.). So far, VTES holds up very well in this respect.

Below you can find some of my favorite decks, or decks I am in the process of testing and improving.

Nosferatu Decks

I just like the Nosferatu, so I'm usually tinkering with one Nossie deck or another.


Tournament Decks

I've only been to one tournament so far: Praxis Seizure 2000: Dallas. I took second place with this deck. I started out calling it a "Prince Intercept" deck, but it's really more of a "Princes keep waking up and foiling whatever you're trying to do" deck, so I named it "Princes Just Say No".

(It was inspired by this article on intercept decks.)