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This page attempts to be a resource for roleplaying gamers of all kinds. I will add to it as time allows. If there are any dead links, or if you have suggestions or links you think I should add, please e-mail me.

  • Mekton Zeta: Mecha design sheet -- Mekton Zeta was a very cool anime/mecha RPG published by R. Talsorian Games once upon a time. I don't think any other game came as close to capturing the feel of sci-fi anime or mecha combat, and the design system was pretty cool. So I designed this Excel worksheet for designing a mecha. (The file is zipped.) Maybe it will be of some use to someone somewhere. (My only experience running Mekton Zeta was an abortive online game, based on the War of the Worlds set during World War II. So the Martians were invading with their tripods in 1939, and the U.S., not yet at war with Germany, was uneasily collaborating with the Nazis to build mecha to fight them...)
  • Fudge Survivor -- Fudge rules for playing a game based on the Survivor reality show.
  • The Shield -- Fudge rules for playing a game based on The Shield.