Gaming Utilities

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GURPS Character Assistant

A very cool shareware program for Windows that allows you to design GURPS characters, calculating all costs, skill levels, and attribute modifiers, taking into account Advantages and Disadvantages. With customizable data files and a companion program for customizing printed character sheets, it does everything for you!

GURPS Character Guru

A freeware "rival" to GCA (above), with more support for templates and equipment. It's a larger download and installation than GCA.

Steve Jackson Games Computer Aids

This page has a variety of other freeware and shareware programs for SJG products, such as GURPS, Car Wars, Ogre, and Illuminti.

Wintertree Software Wintertree Software TableMaster

No Longer Available -- anyone know whatever happened to Wintertree Software?

Makers of TableMaster, which besides being a good dice roller, can generate results from any random table you create. You can make tables from your favorite RPGs (like hit location, random encounters, statistic generation, etc.) or have it generate anything from dragon hoards to weather reports to Japanese names. It comes with lots of sample tables, and there are several useful and cheap add-on packs (for scifi and fantasy genres, mostly.) There is a DOS and Windows version.

Wintertree also has some font collections and other shareware and freeware downloads for gamers.

Chess & Go computer games

I particularly like the The Ibuki Trading Post.

The IGO game is a nice introduction to go. I haven't checked out the other stuff they have available for download there, but it looks interesting!

The Many Faces of Go -- one of the best Go-playing programs.

More tools

I haven't checked out them out, but this page has links to several other gaming utilities.