RPG Characters

This page displays all the characters and scenes I have rendered for my games. I can't draw, so I use Poser 5, by Curious Labs. Poser takes a while to learn, but it's not terribly difficult (as you can see, since I have gotten decent results and I am not a graphic artist). If you are thinking about buying it for yourself, it is much cheaper at Amazon.com. Warning: Poser can be addictive! There are a number of websites dedicated to selling Poser characters, props, textures, etc., and I have wound up spending well over the purchase price of the software on additional items to use for my scenes. However, there is also a wealth of free items available on these sites, and many of the characters and scenes below use mostly free props I downloaded.

Almost all of these pictures were created for roleplaying games I am GMing or playing in on Dreamlyrics.

Other Character Illustrations

I also have a number of other illustrations for some of my other games, produced by my players, or in a few cases commissioned by a professional artist.

Vampire Slayer Amelia

Vampire Slayer Amelia is my "Shoujo Buffy" game.


Such a cute little girl. (The second image is a badly-Paintshopped illustration from a manga.)

Shikibu-chan, out past her bedtime Shikibu-chan



Heroes or Villains

These are characters (NPCs and my PC, Daniel Kim) from Blaze's HOV game.

Daniel Kim

Daniel is a 12 year-old half-Korean gang-banger. He is a genius and natural-born leader, and leads a large mixed-Asian gang called the Dragonz.

Daniel Kim Daniel in a dangerous situation

A badly-hacked image using Paintshop Pro on an old Korean war photograph.

Daniel Kim

Chao Shi

Daniel's senior lieutenant.

Chao Shi

Hee-Soo Seo

Hee-Soo is an 11 or 12 year-old street urchin (until recently), sold into slavery from a village in North Korea and brought to the U.S. Daniel has been trying to take care of her.

Hee-Soo Seo Hee-Soo Seo

An earlier rendering.


Hyun-Joo Cho

Hyun-Joo is a 21 year-old college student, would-be med student, and former member of the Dragonz.

Hyun-Joo Cho Hyun-Joo Cho

More earlier renderings.

Hyun-Joo Hyun-Joo... getting dressed?

"Family Scenes"

Daniel, Hee-Soo and Hyun-Joo at a Buddhist temple Daniel, Hee-Soo, and Hyun-Joo in their apartment

Daniel's Girls

Sheila Jang and Chin Lee

Sheila Jang Chin Lee

Battlestar Galatea

These characters are from Phoenix Prime's "Battlestar Galatea" game.

Captain Stryker

My PC. Stryker of Aries Colony is a hotshot Viper pilot, formerly Red Leader on the Battlestar Prometheus.

Captain Stryker, striking a pose Stryker

Ensign Artemis

Artemis is Stryker's sister, a Viper pilot who recently graduated from the Colonial Academy (just before the Cylon attack). She is Blaze's PC.

Lieutenant Artemis Artemis

The Tomb Robbers Club

TRC is Zebekia's GURPS IOU game.

Lila Burgesse

Lila is my PC. She is an honors student in the Department of Inobservable Physics at IOU. She is also a goth chick with unusual dietary requirements and a strong aversion to sunlight....

(I had to hand-paint her eyebrows in PSP. You can tell....)

Lila Burgesse Lila

Unity X

Unity X is Kit's "Troubled Teens in Space" game.

Riku Jann

Riku is my PC, a bully and would-be terrorist with a grudge against aliens.

The first picture is when he originally arrives at Unity Station. The second is after he's been made to let his hair grow out a little.

Riku Jann

The Shield

TSH is Amber's police drama based on "The Shield" TV show.

Detective Raphael Gutierrez

Raphael is a my PC, a member of the elite (and crooked) "Strike Team."

Detective Raphael Gutierrez Raphael

Kiss The Sky

KTS is Sivad's Feng Shui game.

Kris Onezumi

Kris is my PC, a Transformed Animal (hint: "nezumi" is Japanese for "rat") who once served the Ascended as a Pledged assassin.

Kris Onezumi

The Chiltrion Campaign

CHC is my near-future superheroes campaign, set 50 years after the original CHC.


One of the most powerful metahumans in the world.

PaladinPaladin vs. X
Paladin Paladin vs. X


The only metahuman who was almost Paladin's equal in strength and power, a psychopath who devastated Atlanta, Georgia, and then razed Tokyo and killed over 100,000 Japanese.


Lisa Chang, aka Tien Lung ("Heavenly Dragon")

Lisa Chang, aka Lisa Chang

April May June

A San Francisco P.I. and owner of a personal security service.

April May June

Ashiya and her daughter Ayasha

AyashaAshiya & AyashaAshiya

Sebth Delegation at the U.N. Plaza

Sebth delegation

Lucy Golden, aka "Lucretia"

LucretiaLucy Golden, aka Lucretia

Lucretia vs. the Beast

Lucretia vs. the Beast



Cindy Cornoe

Cindy Cornoe

Terrence Shaker and Nathan Tan

Nathan & Terrence



Ash & Chyrsanthemum

AAC is my Nobilis game.

David Worldshaker, the Duke of Gravity

David Worldshaker, Power of Gravity