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Ash & Chrysanthemum -- The Council of Four

The Council plays the same role as described in the book, but their membership is slightly different.

Lord Entropy

"The Darkest Lord," "The Bloody Imperator." Lord Entropy is mostly as described in the book, but forget the illustrations. He is rarely seen in person, preferring to speak from shadows, and when he is seen, he is shadowed himself, and in the shadows one can never be sure whether one sees the figure of a man or some insectile presence.

Entropy has three Powers: Scorn's-Regal Joktan, Desecration's-Regal Meon, and Destruction's-Regal Baalhermon (whose friends just call him "Baal").

The Chancel of Lord Entropy described in the book, an island in the Atlantic, is merely a rumor, since no one but his Powers has ever been to Lord Entropy's Chancel and returned.


"The Lord of Expectations," "The Emperor to Come." As described in the book, as is his Chancel, the Cityback.

Amadán na Briona

(This is not vanity. ;) I have always been fond of this character, since reading Raymond Feist's novel Faerie Tale.)

Amadán na Briona, also known as "the Fool," replaces Ha-Qadosch Berakha from the main book. (Literally — Ha-Qadosch Berakha was once one of the Council of Four, but fell to the Execrucians early in the Third Age.) Like his predecessor, he is a Wildlord.

The Amadán is capricious and generally unpleasant — he gets along well with Magisters of Hell and the Dark, having little love for humanity. However, he has some appreciation for beauty and even nobility, and so does not always vote in Entropy's favor.

His Chancel is Tir na Og, accessible from beneath the hills of Ireland. The faerie race are the primary inhabitants of his realm (but it is a mistake to think that the Amadán is a faerie himself). It is the Amadán who leads Hunts against Nobles condemned in the Locust Court (not Entropy's Powers, as described in the book).

The Amadán has no human Powers, and his Estates are not entirely known. (Speculation includes Rivers, Youth, Disease, Circles, Hunters, Magic, Trickery, and Faeries — certainly he is not the Imperator of all these things.)

The Amadán can be approached by Powers wishing a favor, or hoping to sway him in the Council, but he is rarely cooperative, and if he does offer to help, his price will be very high, and usually involves lasting suffering for someone close to the supplicant.


As described in the book, a very conservative and hidebound Imperator, rarely willing to speak to Powers not her own.

The Locust Court

As described in the book, the Locust Court is held in the chancel of the Darklord Medan.