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Ash & Chrysanthemum -- Angelic Imperators

Excerpt from "A Young Noble's Primer"

You may be surprised to learn that many of the angels enChancelled on Earth actually bear familiar names from angelic lore: Gabriel, Raphael, Israfel, Raziel, etc.

But of course, this is because it is only those angels enChancelled on Earth whose names are known here. Gabrezane, Wyjine, Jail, and Othiziel are as mighty as the dreaded Uriel, but having enChancelled themselves on other worlds of the Tree, it is not surprising if you have never heard of them.

The number of angelic Imperators on Earth has not remained constant throughout history, but it usually numbers about twenty. Gabriel and Raphael are the highest-ranking of the angels on Earth. Angels are very hierarchical beings and they are split into numerous Orders. However, it usually isn't necessary for a mere Noble to worry about an angels's place in the celestial hierarchy, since they all consider themselves to rate much more highly than you.


Angel of Revelation, Resurrection, Vengeance, and Mercy


Angel of Healing, Science, and the Sun


Angel of Mysteries, Libraries, and Fruit