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The Lords of Order

Order is a new faction I originally proposed using in my alternative cosmology for Nobilis. However, with the new edition, I have decided to add them to the "canonical" cosmology for my campaign instead.

The Lords of Order are not Earthly Imperators, and thus are rarely seen on Earth. Indeed, no true Lord of Order has ever appeared on Earth, or on any of the other worlds of Yggdrasil. Those Imperators who have appeared as representatives of Order claim to serve powers as high above them as they are above mortals. Like the Wildlords, the true Lords of Order are supposedly from outside Creation, and responsible for its formation. Imperators of Order, however, rise from particular events that occur somewhere on the World Tree (much as True Gods and Imperators of Light and the Dark spring on Earth from reality-altering events). They are somewhat abstract to an Earthly mind, but they oppose the Execrucians and one or two Imperators of Order are now resident on Earth.

The Lords of Order apparently believe in perfect, total ordering of all existence. The proper state of creation will only be achieved when every minute particle and thought follows a prescribed path, preordained from the beginning of time until the end. To say that Order is opposed to free will is like saying that the angels dislike ugliness. Free will and randomness are the antithesis of Order. Thus, while compared to the Lords of Chaos, the Lords of Order may be seen as "good" by Earthly Nobles, this is a dangerous misconception. The Lords of Order harbor no malice towards Earth or humanity, but their ultimate objective would turn creation into a place where humanity would cease to exist in any meaningful way. None of the other factions particularly like the Lords of Order, but they also believe that they will probably never achieve their objectives, and in the meantime, they are powerful allies against the Execrucians.

There are not many Nobles on Earth who have subscribed to the Code of Order. Many say that following Order requires even more hatred of mankind than following the Dark, but this is inaccurate. The few who do find it an appealing philosophy point out that they would put an end to doubt, uncertainty, and pain, for everyone, even the Fallen, and make creation so immutable that the Execrucians could never again threaten it. They wish to preserve Yggdrasil and even the Lands Beyond Creation, unchanging for all eternity. Still, it requires an inhuman mindset to truly embrace Order.

The Code of Order

  1. All of creation must be preserved.
  2. Chaos is a blight upon creation. There is stability only in order.
  3. Randomness and choice represent chaos.