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Nobilis Summary

Below are some tables summarizing information in the rulebook, particularly regarding character creation. See Character Creation for a quick character creation summary.

[Attribute Ranks] [Miracle Point Costs] [Miracle Difficulties] [Gifts] [Limits] [Imperator Qualities]

Attribute Ranks

2LegendaryViscountRealm's HeartIncandescent Flame
4CelestialDukeTrue King/QueenConflagration

Miracle Point Costs

Miracle LevelMP CostDifficulty
Simple Miracles0< Attribute level
Normal Miracles1< Attribute level +1
Hard Miracles2< Attribute level +2
Deep Miracles4< Attribute level +4
Word of Command8*< Attribute level +8
* also inflicts a Serious wound

Miracle Difficulties

0Easy*Estate-driven divination
1High-level humanGhost miracles
2World record**Lesser Divinations
3ImprobableLesser Preservations
4Very improbableLesser Creations
5Humanly impossibleLesser Destructions/Major Divinations
6Universally improbableMajor Preservations/Lesser Changes
7Impossible (local)Major Creations
8Impossible (global)Major Destructions
9FabledMajor Changes
* The Sight is a level 0 Aspect miracle for Nobles
** Guising is a level 2 Aspect miracle for Nobles


Simple MiracleLocalComprehensive -1
Normal MiracleSingleLimited -2
Hard MiracleSelfOne trick -3
Gift can affect a large category of Estates×2
Gift can affect any Estate×3

Sample Gifts

Gifts of AspectCostMiracle Level
Character ages very slowly and can survive indefinitely without food, water, sleep, or air
Character will never die of natural causes
Character is very tough to kill
Character is almost indestructable and cannot be bound indefinitely
The character's appearance fills onlookers with a particular emotion (fear, awe, inspiration, love, etc.)
Mythical creature abilities (breathe fire, fly, shapechange, etc.)1various
Assorted standard supernatural schticks
Character is hard to injure and heals all wounds within a day -- usually combined with one of the curses below
Anyone who harms or interferes with the character will be relentlessly pursued by an avenging nemesis creature of some sort
Anyone who harms or interferes with the character will lose all good fortune
Curse of Dust10-205+Penetration
Anyone who harms or interferes with the character is cursed so that anything he touches crumbles to dust

Gifts of DomainCostMiracle Level
Character can see into and through secret places, and can sense them from miles away
Wayfinder, + ability to step from a chancel's gateway to any point within, and out again
Character can create a two-way gate into a chancel from any road leading into it (in the Mythic world)
Character may assume a body made of the Noble's Estate
Sovereign's Gift36
Character can manipulate his Estate in simple, obvious ways for 1 MP each
Perfect Timing2/54/7
Character is never late and never misses opportunities. Second version means character transcends linear time and can always be "on time" except to actually alter an existing event

Gifts of RealmCostMiracle Level
Devoted Populace37
The inhabitants of the character's Chancel are universally devoted to him and would willingly sacrifice their lives for him

Gifts of SpiritCostMiracle Level
The character can spend 1 SMP to generate a major lucky event (under the GM's control)
Unblemished Guise1-54+Penetration
The character's Guise can't be seen through by other Powers


Below are some sample Limits.

Limits of Aspect

Dead (3 MPs)

Character has no physical body and can only work Aspect miracles through an Anchor. If all his Anchors die, the character expires.

Disabled (1-2 MPs)

A physical or mental disability (blind, crippled, schizophrenic, etc.)

General Limit

Focus (1 MP per 3 character points invested)

Attribute levels, Gifts, or Miracle Points can be bought through a Focus, some object which can be taken away and thus deprive the character of the powers invested in it. (Lost or stolen Foci usually return to their owners . . . eventually.)

Limits of Realm

Hated (1 MP per Realm level)

The inhabitants of your chancel don't like you, and the higher your Realm level, the more they hate you and the more organized is the conspiracy against you. They may not act openly against you (since you are a Noble, after all), but any time they might have an opportunity to screw you in some way large or small, count on being screwed.

Unseen (2 MPs)

For some reason, you must maintain anonymity at all times (except to your Familia Caelestis). No one knows your true identity and you must hide your face. If your identity is revealed; you lose 1 MP. If you reveal it voluntarily, you lose 3 MPs.

Limits of Spirit

Light Touch (1 MP per Spirit level)

You cannot directly control your Anchors, and cannot work miracles through them without their consent. Better stay on good terms with them . . .

Uninspiring (1 MP if your Spirit level > 2)

Normally high-Spirit characters have inspiring, forceful personalities. With this Limit, you don't — you get all the other benefits of Spirit, but you don't awe mortals. You seem perfectly ordinary to them.

Limits of Domain

Manifestation (1-2 MPs

You are vulnerable to things directly opposed to your Estate (light vs. darkness, water vs. fire, lies vs. honesty, etc.). Your powers cannot directly affect such things and/or they do you more harm.

Small Estate (1 MP per Domain Level)

You can only wield your Estate in a very narrow manner; you have control over its literal manifestations, but not any metaphorical ones. You cannot "stretch" the definition of your Estate when trying to come up with creative Domain miracles.

Imperator Qualities

Honorable -- Imperator will never ally with Hell or Execrucians. His Nobles can sense deception and lies, and also recognize servants of Hell and the Execrucians on sight2
Principled -- Imperator will never ally with the Execrucians (but some Fallen Angels are Principled). His Nobles are resistant to corruption and can recognize Execrucians and servants of Hell1
Degenerate -- Imperator isn't much better than an Execrucian, and he and his Nobles are very susceptible to corruption-1

Unfathomable -- Imperator is considered insane and incomprehensible even by other Imperators. As below, plus it is impossible to give an accurate descreption of his Nobles.2
Soul-Twisted -- Imperator is difficult to comprehend. His Nobles are invisible to the Sight, and cannot be forced to speak the truth.1
Straightforward -- Imperator is solidly rooted in this reality, which makes him and his Nobles very easy to predict.-1

Clear-Sighted -- Imperator understands his Nobles and rarely demands more than they can deliver. His Nobles also have a knack for seeing hidden things and spotting clues.1
Sympathetic -- Imperator actually cares about his Nobles (which doesn't mean he won't sacrifice them), and they have the gift of empathy, able to read emotions in others.1
Cruel -- Imperator is sadistic and cruel, and tends to demand more of his Nobles than they can deliver.-1

Mystery CultCost
An Imperator with a Mystery Cult has an organization of mortals who serve him (knowingly or not) on Earth, thus providing his Nobles with a network they can call upon as needed.
Cult is empowered -- The cult is assumed to be multitudinous (below), and the cultists also have some supernatural abilities, small magics that can aid a Noble.2
Multitudinous -- The cult is large and wealthy1
Corrupted -- The cult has been corrupted; it no longer serves the Imperator, and its members can twist miracles and evade detection by the Imperator's Nobles, basically making them an enormous thorn in the Powers' sides.-1

Guiding HandCost
Prophetic -- The Imperator has the gift of prophecy, and will share his visions with his Nobles (though they may not always make sense...)1
Advising -- The Imperator is usually willing to talk to and give advice to his Nobles. His Nobles also have a great deal of "common sense" (i.e., the GM will usually warn you if you're about to do something stupid)1
Demanding -- The Imperator is a meddlesome micromanager who constantly expects the impossible from his Nobles-1

Optional PointsCost
Optional Points are reserves of energy. Any Noble of the Imperator can draw on these Optional Points and use them as bonus Miracle Points -- but they don't replenish.
25 Optional Points1
Harvest -- There is a way of replenishing Optional Points. At least one Noble will have to spend most of his time performing some activity to do this, which adds 2 Optional Points to the Imperator's total each session.1
Great Harvest -- As above, but 4 OPs per session2
Failing -- The Imperator is slowly fading, and over time will lose qualities or gain negative ones, or even drain power from his Nobles-1

Granted GiftCost
1-pt Gift -- All the Imperator's Nobles get a specific 1-point Gift, and an accompanying Handicap1
1-pt Handicap -- All the Imperator's Nobles have a specific 1-point Handicap-1

Bright Warding -- The presence of the Imperator's Nobles causes agony to Execrucians and their minions, and disrupts their magics2
Dim Warding -- As above, but not as strongly1
Bright Warning -- Execrucians can automatically sense the proximity of the Imperator's Nobles within about half a mile.-1

Transcendant -- As below, and the Imperator's Nobles are so inspired that they will almost always succeed, even against impossible odds.2
Inspiring -- The Imperator inspires his Nobles, and they always have high moral and are almost immune to fear1
Unshining -- The Imperator's Nobles don't have the usual Noble resistance to fear of the supernatural, and Execrucians will terrify or cow them with their presence.-1

Respectful -- The Imperator considers his Nobles very important, and never assigns them trivial, menial, or degrading tasks (unless he's really pissed at them...)2
Considerate -- The Imperator values his Nobles, and usually assigns them only to important tasks. He will also sometimes send aid when they need it.1
Disrespectful -- The Imperator treats his Nobles like menial servants, and talks to them like they are stupid, disobedient children-1

Fervent -- The Imperator is madly passionate about his causes, and this affects his Nobles. Each Noble may choose one extra Affiliation of his Imperator, and gains double MPs for service to it (and loses double MPs for disservice to it)2
Passionate -- As above, but not quite so strong (not double-strength)1
Cold -- The Imperator inspires his Nobles only with fear, never with glory. They gain no MPs for service to their Code, but lose double MPs for disservice-1

Scholarly -- The Imperator spent a day studying some skill, and all his Nobles are now preternaturally adept at it1
Polished -- The Imperator spent two days studying a skill, and his Nobles are natural masters of the skill2
Untalented -- There is some common and useful skill that the Imperator cannot comprehend, and thus his Nobles are completely incompetent at it-1