Djinn Captain of the Game

Thane, Djinn Captain of the Game
Corporeal Forces — 4Strength 10Agility 6
Ethereal Forces — 4Intelligence 6Precision 8
Celestial Forces — 5Will 10Perception 10
Vessels: Human/4 (male), Cat/1
Role: "Mack Grady," Deputy Chief of Police/5, Status/5
Skills: Detect Lies/4, Driving/4, Fast-Talk/3, Fighting/4, Knowledge (Dallas/5, Law/3, Police/4), Language (English/3, Spanish/1), Lockpicking/1, Move Silently/1, Ranged Weapon (Pistol/4), Savoir-Faire/2, Small Weapon (Police Baton/4)
Songs: Healing (Corporeal/4), Shields (Corporeal/3, Celestial/3), Tongue/5, Wings/2
Servants: 2 mundanes (Gary Reed/5, a Sergeant in the Northeast Operations Division, and a Dennis Collier/2, a Captain in the Plano Police Department)
Artifacts: Reliquary/2 (badge), Nightstick/3 (corporeal artifact)

Attunements: Djinn of the Game, Humanity, Rule of Law, Captain of Integrity

Thane is the ranking Servitor of the Game in Dallas. He is a Deputy Chief in the Dallas Police Department, in charge of the Assault Unit. This gives him an excellent Role for covering up celestial brawls, especially since he has many other members of the Investigations Bureau under his thumb... though not the Bureau Chief. As a highly-decorated police officer with an outstanding reputation for integrity, he is almost untouchable in Dallas. Other Asmodeans obey him without question, and no diabolics would dare to face his wrath.

The angels in Dallas know who he is. From time to time there has been talk of "taking him out," but the angels of Stone are against such a preemptive strike, and Paulinus considers it a last resort -- after all, better the devil you know...

Thane mostly covers for diabolics in Dallas, and manages Asmodeus's network of Soldiers and other minions who have infiltrated most of the local police departments. He doesn't do much investigative work himself; he'll certainly pursue any demon he suspects of wrongdoing, but more likely he'll assign one of the other Asmodeans to the case. The fact that he spends so much of his time actually fulfilling the functions of his Role means that, ironically, he doesn't catch a lot of traitors or dissonant demons, which means for the time being his upward mobility in Asmodeus's ranks is probably limited as well.

Thane is not a point of contact for angels who need to speak to the other side. He'll talk to any angel who approaches him, but he's very unlikely to be helpful.

As Mack Grady, the demon is a large, beefy black man with a football player's build and buzzcut hair, balding on top. He's physically intimidating and has a drill sergeant's temperament. Mack is married, to a mortal woman who is completely and utterly cowed by her husband. She does not actually know what he is (though she's heard enough over the years to know he's involved in some kind of odd conspiracy). Mack doesn't abuse her physically, but she's terrified of him nonetheless.


Seneschal of the Dallas INS Office
Impudite Knight of the Game

Lareglium, Seneschal of the Dallas INS Office
Corporeal Forces — 3Strength 6Agility 6
Ethereal Forces — 5Intelligence 12Precision 8
Celestial Forces — 4Will 9Perception 7
Vessels: Human/3 (male)
Role: "Lorne Endale," INS District Manager/4, Status/4
Skills: Computer Operation/2, Detect Lies/5, Dodge/2, Driving/1, Emote/2, Fast-Talk/2, Knowledge (Dallas/2, Immigration Law/3), Lying/2, Savoir-Faire/3, Singing/2
Songs: Charm(all/3), Harmony (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/2), Nemesis (Ethereal/4), Tongues (Corporeal/4, Celestial/2)
Artifacts: Cup of Refreshment/2 (coffee mug)

Attunements: Impudite of the Game, Humanity, Argument of Casuistry, Knight of Judgment, Seneschal of the Dallas INS Office

Special Rites: Lareglium gets 1 Essence for using his offices to help incarcerate or deport an angel, Soldier of Heaven, or dissonant demon.

Lareglium was an infernal plant in the INS, using the agency's resources to screen human minions, Soldiers, and the occasional celestial who passes through their offices by means both legal and illegal, either to enter the country covertly or to establish a Role. He was a capable, reliable Servitor, but not exactly on the fast track. He seemed pretty happy with the daily flood of immigrants he was able to feed off of, and produced reliable, informative reports, showing good analytical skills. He was in about as "cushy" a position as a low-level Demon of the Game could be in.

Then he noticed the growing infernal echoes resonating through the INS District Office in Dallas. He paid close attention, wanting to make sure before he contacted Asmodeus, and dutifully refrained from using any Essence. The smoke became a flickering flame, and a Tether to the Game formed. Lareglium was right there to notify Asmodeus. The Prince of the Game was pleased, though he would have been happier with a larger Tether, and he Knighted Lareglium and gave him a choice between being appointed Seneschal, or being transferred to another corporeal location of his choice. Lareglium's choice to become Seneschal speaks of his conservatism and desire to stay where he is comfortable. If Asmodeus was disappointed at the Impudite's relative lack of ambition, he didn't say so.

Lareglium and Thane between them have access to a lot of resources in the Dallas area, and can make almost anyone's life miserable. While the INS can't touch U.S. citizens, any angel or Soldier with a (legal or illegal) alien friend has a vulnerability Lareglium can exploit.

As "Lorne Endale," the Impudite is the INS District Manager. His employees consider him an excellent boss; most of the applicants he meets consider him to be a fair and reasonable man, even when their cases are decided unfavorably. He likes to go out and meet and greet all the people who wend their way through the interminable lines at the office every day. No wonder so many find visiting the INS to be an ennervating experience.

Lareglium rarely leaves his Tether, but is constantly surfing the web and making phone calls and staying in touch with field agents and other federal agencies.


Shedite of the Game

Gorjan, Shedite of the GameGorjan possessing a ticket agentGorjan possessing a TSA screener
Corporeal Forces — 3Strength 5Agility 7
Ethereal Forces — 3Intelligence 6Precision 6
Celestial Forces — 4Will 8Perception 8
Skills: Computer Operation/2, Detect Lies/2, Dodge/2, Driving/3, Escape/1, Fast-Talk/5, Knowledge (DFW Airport/6), Lockpicking/4, Lying/2, Move Silently/4, Running/1, Savoir-Faire/1, Singing/2, Small Weapon (Knife/2)
Songs: Attraction (all/2), Form (Corporeal/2, Ethereal/4, Celestial/3), Tongues (Corporeal/4, Celestial/2)

Attunements: Shedite of the Game, Sense for Betrayal

Gorjan is the Asmodean who works at the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. With no fixed role, or body, he moves from host to host, spying on everything and everyone. He knows the airport inside and out, and recognizes most employees as well as frequent flyers and airline personnel. He is often aided by Hellsworn mortals who get jobs at the airport, though these tend to have a high turnover rate -- the Angels of Trade who work at DFW always engineer firings for Gorjan's "helpers" as soon as they identify them. There are several mortals whom Gorjan prefers to possess, including a TSA manager, an airport cop, and several baggage handlers. Over time he has accustomed them to suddenly wandering about the airport and nosing around in places they shouldn't be, but other than that he hasn't corrupted them much -- when he wants to indulge in his Shedite habits, he chooses people who are just passing through. Gorjan's angelic adversaries know who most of his favorite hosts are, but they don't target the humans since they are (mostly) innocent, and they figure it's better to have some idea of where the Shedite might be at any given time.

Gorjan's job is mostly to be aware of any celestials passing through the airport, which isn't always easy. He spies on the Traders a lot to see who they are talking to. He also investigates any disturbances around the airport, and will assist in detaining suspected Renegades, as well as hindering any known angels who pass through.

Gorjan is also the Asmodean with the job of talking to angels when there is a need. (In Dallas, this isn't that common.) Partly for this reason, Asmodeus chose a Shedite who was more level-headed and less psychopathic than most. Gorjan is technically subordinate to Thane, but in practice Gorjan carries out his responsibilities without any need for input from Thane, and only talks to the Djinn when he's picked up some interesting information. Gorjan almost never leaves the airport, and thinks of himself as its virtual "Seneschal." Even though it is not a Tether, he will still be quite officious and bossy when dealing with any infernals who enter the airport.

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